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    Similar to this: http://walyou.com/ipad-usb-typewriter-keyboard/ I just don't see it happening. With all the cool vintage typewriters, there isn't a need for one. I hope no one posts any steampunk versions!!
  2. j6studios

    Design Books Recommendations

    Just got this today and it's a Great book! http://www.bispublishers.nl/bookpage.php?id=170
  3. j6studios

    Exploded View Of Toy Camaro

    The background is a problem. Waikit had all the right answers. Also your use of space doesn't seem to get the most out of the page. Your Logo should be much smaller and not take up 1/3 of the space. Don't feel like I'm picking on you but your logo isn't that great. The "tag style" lettering isn't done well. Unless you do graffiti and do it well, you should go with something different. I think the "A" by itself is a much stronger symbol!! The underside of the car looks really nice! Good luck! -
  4. j6studios

    Kia Proport - A Super-sport Kia

    I know absolutely nothing about KIA but your car looks great! -
  5. j6studios

    How To Illustrate And Design Concept Cars Book?

    Cool! Thanks! Waaaassssaaaaappp Danny!!!! :thumbsup:
  6. Anyone know anything about this book other than what's on Amazon?? http://www.amazon.com/How-Illustrate-Desig...8869&sr=1-1
  7. j6studios

    How To Illustrate And Design Concept Cars Book?

    over 200 views and no one knows anything?? -
  8. j6studios

    Need Some Help

    Take a look at the top of the tire compared to the bottom of the tire. The bottom is way bigger! Also, the 3 ellipses you use to make the tire and rim aren't in sync with each other. The wheel cap is also out of wack. Where are the perspective lines you used to make the tires? The tire should fit within a box that you made. You can eye it after a while but your not at that step yet. Trace some tires out of magazines or print some car pics off the net. Draw the Minor Axis and some perspective lines to see how the ellipses are made. You have to do some homework on this!! Trial and error.
  9. j6studios

    Need Some Help

    I made this a while back but it also applies to tires. http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z60/j6studios/elipses.jpg There's a million ellipse tutorials out there. Do a search here or on Google.
  10. j6studios

    Need Some Help

    Use some construction lines and get your shapes in perspective!! Learn to draw ellipses in perspective. Bad wheels can ruin an otherwise OK drawing. Don't try to make a finished drawing, Sketch a few hundred cars in a sketchbook using 1 or 2 pt perspective. It will help you advance so much faster. Don't erase any lines!! You can use a BIC pen so you won't be tempted to erase. It will also help you work on your line weight. -
  11. Now a days i just use marker! Back then, I used anything that I thought went with the project. I used paper or texture that I found inspirational. We had a color xerox so I used that a lot. School was fast paced so I didn't have too much time to think about it. I just threw stuff together. I wasn't really drawing at the time either so I used a lot of xeroxed images or photography. On the HELL page, the piece on the right was all done as a collage, then photographed. The piece on the left was done in the computer. The mouth was mine and I xeroxed it. This next set is from my Blue Bic Pen phase. All done at lunch or in my spare time. -
  12. Here are a few pages. 1. The top piece were music posters for 4 different types of music. I used the theme of struggle to tie them all together. 2. This piece was a mailer for a church student ministry. The pastor was a sci-fi fan from the 50's. The spacecrafts are flattened apples with a bubble added. 3. The 3rd piece was a flyer for a visiting lecturer Stephen Farrell. The left is my original idea but the size changed so I had to modify it and make it smaller. The final postcard (front/back) is on the right. 4. The next poster dealt with a random quote we pulled out of a hat. "Hell is not a place, it's a State" by T.S. Elliot. I used the different states of matter and the different states of an insect among other things to give the quote different layers of meaning. 5. Seed Packaging. I originally wanted to do drug packaging but the teacher complained to much. I was going to use zip lock baggies etc. - -
  13. Then you have a scrapbook! Please don't drink and sketch! Throw the beer mats out! Just kidding! That's what I do! Here's an old sketchbook from the 90's as an example of what mine looked like. -
  14. Why hasn't chrisfrenchntu posted a response? I guess he wants us to do his debate for him!! :sorry: -
  15. Why are you wasting your time responding to such a useless topic?? Shouldn't you be designing axes or something??
  16. Why not? In my opinion, process is the most important thing. A good sketchbook shows the process better than a final glossy print. Of course I was a student and didn't have real world projects to show either. If I was an established designer with professional work, I would show that instead but as a student, I think it's perfect. -
  17. I always carry a sketchbook! Everyday!! I draw whenever I get a chance. I have about 15 full sketchbooks. I went to Chicago for a graphic design seminar as a student and all I brought was my sketchbook for the portfolio review. I had a small picture of each final piece at the end of all the sketches. I was told by every reviewer that my portfolio was the most innovative and thought out one they had seen. They were big names in design also so I was stoked. Almost everyone else had either the lame plastic insert type portfolios or they had them mounted. No one brought their sketches, only final pieces. -
  18. First off, no one thinks this way. It does seem very much like a teacher's assignment. It's really not even debatable. If you want to debate, give me a few reasons to support this statement. Without this, you just get opinions and not debates. -
  19. j6studios

    Clearblue Rendering

    Great Renders! I thought they were photos! -
  20. j6studios

    New Memeber's Sketches

    Cool concepts Mason. You should start adding construction lines or a perspective grid to your work. You seem to have good ideas, now try to get the basics of construction down. If you can do that at your age, you will have a great advantage as you get older. The 2 biggest things are perspective and ellipses. If I have time tomorrow, I'll sketch up one of your ideas with a grid so you can see what I'm talking about. -
  21. j6studios

    Taro's Sketching & Rendering

    An Ellipse is very different from a circle. It's a circle in perspective. I believe a sphere is a 3D object and a circle is 2D. Here's a good link for Ellipses: http://www.khulsey.com/perspective_ellipse.html -
  22. j6studios

    Taro's Sketching & Rendering

    Since you have the ellipse on the side of a box, it has to be drawn in the correct perspective. Your lines go to a vanishing point or at least off to one direction (left), Your Minor axis of the ellipse has to follow that direction. Drawing the 4 points is good but you have to line up the minor axis also. Your Minor axis goes off almost horizontal rather than to the VP like it should. -
  23. j6studios

    Taro's Sketching & Rendering

    Here's what I was talking about on the corners to make them look more rounded. It's rough but you can see what I meant. joe row, those ellipses are very sketchy. You should do them in a more gestural, smooth manner. Plus the ellipse in the box is the wrong angle. The minor axis should point to the vanishing point. -
  24. j6studios

    Taro's Sketching & Rendering

    Yes. Some of your sketches sort of have it but it needs to be defined more. It also has to be in the right spot. I've seen some people add a thicker line in the shadow areas and thinner on the reflection side. Contrast in line weight will help define the form better. I read somewhere that if you can put something behind an object, it should be a darker line. Also, I was looking at the 3/4 camera view you drew. The top looks like it has a hard edge because you used 1 line straight across. You can make it look rounded by using 2 thin lines . I'll see if I can sketch an example.

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