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  1. Hi all, I am looking for possible directory or listing of Industrial Design companies in China for a university research project. I have tried Core77 Design Directory, but still require to look into more companies. I was wondering if anybody know or any other websites that I can go to find it. Thanks. Cheers, Joseph
  2. JooL

    Jool Portfolio

    portfolio updated! take a look. anyway i am currently waiting to enter army for national service and 2 years later off to a University. Hmm.. was wondering if any recommendations of good university dealing with lifestyle or furniture design and design thinking modules? Anywhere is fine, cause i am looking for a scholarship. Free feel to leave a note and your comments. Thanks alot.
  3. JooL

    Jool Portfolio

    Thanks Jeroen i didnt noticed that. haha will make the change. Btw, you got a nice portfolio as well though there is not alot of products. But i like the "Dog" speaker. thats cool. Cheers.
  4. Yup thanks cooperkid. i did some research on bendywood for my project but it was not right for my project. Anyway i didnt use bamboo plywood in the end. i used ash plywood and walnut. Thanks everyone for your help.
  5. So you exported your rino file into 3Dmax for rendering? I have always wanted to get rendering like that. waaa.
  6. JooL

    Jool Portfolio

    Thanks benko. Btw, thats is a free online portfolio website. @ www. carbonmade.com Hey guys, dont mind download the PDF ver. to get a much wider view of my portfolio. i will be updating my carbonmade. one too. maybe at coroflot too. Cheers. JooL
  7. JooL

    Jool Portfolio

    So what do you all think? Any areas to improve on?
  8. JooL

    Jool Portfolio

    Thanks Mechanism Man for your reply. value your opinions. rasied some areas that i need to improve on. Anyway my portfolio have been updated. check out the PDF version of it. *link deleted Again, critics and comments are greatly welcome. Question to all, " Are my standards able to get me a ID job?" Cheers. JooL
  9. JooL


    Guys what about oli wax? does it produce the same results?
  10. I think it is difficult is because ply made from bamboo is only available in small pieces and they have to be joined and glued together to form a sheet. And because they have to be glued together, it makes it hard or impossible to bend or steam bend it. To do so, you will ahve to do it in every individual pieces, and that will be very labour- intensive. i feel, what you guys think? Cheers.
  11. So there is no way for me to glue or use the existing ready made bamboo panels are steam bend it to bend it into the desired shape i want? as it is already glued together with many panels. if bamboo cant be used, any suggestions for another wood that is sustainable and high-end? i am planning to use teak. is teak able to to be made into ply and then steam bended? i am using these material for a chair design i am doing and i need the materials for prototying or i will be using some other material or RP. Thanks.
  12. Hi, i would like to know if bamboo plywood can be bended like other plywoods? Or is there any other methods you guys know that is able to bend bamboo plywood? like in 3D? I need help in this area as i am planning to use bamboo plywood for my project and is unsure about this matter. i cant find any furniture made from bamboo plywood that can be bended in 2D or 3D? Hope you guys can help. JooL
  13. Hi, i would like to know if this works the same for bamboo plywood? Or is there any other methods you know that is able to bend bamboo plywood? Hope you can help me. Thanks.
  14. Hi, i would like to know if this works the same for bamboo plywood? Or is there any other methods you know that is able to bend bamboo plywood? Hope you can help me. Email me or reply back. Thanks. Btw, Nice tutorials and projects.
  15. JooL

    Rendering Speed

    what about ATI graphic cards? noone seems to mention about them? How do they compare to Nvida? i am using a ATI X1600 card. JooL

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