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  1. vahid

    Sreet Furniture

    Good idea! Some points to consider. It should be easy to open for seating. Over time the mechanism should not become hard to operate. Maybe some sort of lever or something. the gaps between the wooden plant will collect dust, dirt and other sort of junk. The advertising area is prone to defacement/vandalism, intentional or otherwise (used chewing gums, graffiti, scratches etc) You could add swivel legs for the front on the side of the seat in case the two rear legs are not sturdy enough. But overall I think it has good potential.
  2. vahid

    Planned Obsolescence

    is it available in english?
  3. Have you considered Japan, Singapore or even India? Why would you want to distance yourself from memories (unless they are bad ones of people you don't like)? IMHO memories are what make you who you are.
  4. Color Materials Finish. Most large design organizations such as car companies, cell phone companies will have entire groups dedicated to those 3 areas. It's the reason expensive plastic cell phones with elaborate in mold textures, metallic finishes, and soft touch paints feel so much more high end than a cheap phone that might just be all flat molded plastic. Look at car interiors, phones, and other similar products to see where different use of materials can really enhance the experience. oh. ok, I had seen the Discovery Channel program Birt of a sports car, In that also the BMW team was checking the look and mood conveyed of various colors under different lighting conditions.
  5. these are some really good ideas and insights that you'll have provided. @cyberdemon whats is CMF?
  6. i like the color and material breakup idea. But what about products that are produced in low quantity and made of sheet metal. for example products used in industries and niche segments (like oscillometers or other test equipment). although aesthetics is not the selling point in these products it can be a key differentiator if other features in competitor products are alike.
  7. Hi all, I was wondering what are the ways to make a product look more expensive or high value without adding much cost to it? An example might be to change to finish from gloss to matte or vice versa. any thoughts, ideas or comments?
  8. vahid

    Filleting In Alias Tutorial

    @kevin yes, it is frustrating. during initial stages we use surface fillet or freeform blend. once the form is frozen we then do the final modeling using the method shown.
  9. vahid

    Filleting In Alias Tutorial

    thanks. yes. i mentioned at the end of the tutorial the unextended option. but that is a bit tedious and since the parts that we work move on to icem for refining and parts that I work on are also interiors and textured this method makes more economical sense. I guess for exteriors they must be using the unextend method. Do you know anyone here on pdf who works on class A in Alias on automotive exteriors?
  10. Hi all, OK, this is just the basic workflow aimed at beginners on how you go about building fillets in Alias. Although Alias has some tools for creating quick fillets which can be used for creating conceptual models it is preferable to manually build the fillets as you will have more control over the shapes of the individual fillets as you move toward the Class A creation. This tutorial assumes basic knowledge of Alias terminologies like marking menus,etc. Any clarifications please ask. What I have shown is just one method. There are other methods, depending in which company you work. Some give more importance to spans and degree, some give importance to highlights and some to both. Maybe Cyberdemon can make a more detailed tutorial for advanced surfacing. just a few patched with focus on the methodology for patching up critical areas.
  11. Hi, Has anybody heard of or knows anything about the vistablet? is it better/worse/same as wacom? Thanks Vahid
  12. if you think you are good, then make a portfolio or upload some of your work here for feedback. Have you done any freelance work?
  13. vahid

    Doodles Sketches

    Kayak. Next letter K again
  14. nice work. I like the chair(sofa?) the best. whats the blue thingy?

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