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  1. JenJaw

    Shoe Sketches

    Cool thanks for the tips will bear those in mind on my next project for sure
  2. JenJaw

    Shoe Sketches

    I'm still totally new to this to be honest, I'm doing an art course at the moment so i guess thats the creative side. I have too much stuff going on in my head and sometimes i go overboard on smashing it all together, i suppose this is an example, though it was really just a sketching and rendering exercise to begin with. But i do really appreciate your comments, they can only help me get better
  3. JenJaw

    Shoe Sketches

    Thanks What ones would you say are confusing? Also i rendered up a pair that i liked on photoshop, what do think of them?
  4. JenJaw

    Shoe Sketches

    Hello, I'm really trying to work on my sketching atm and I did a little self project on a shoe design for women thats mixing the idea of urban hi-top trainers and walking shoes as an exercise. I just wanted some feedback really, where could i improve and anything that I need to focus on. LINK: Thank you!
  5. JenJaw

    Portfolio For University

    Thanks for your opinions I have taken off all the OTT formatting, I got a bit carried away with that (i think because I have a bit of a graphics background) so I'm just printing of the sheets of work as they are on to A3. The reason I have the writing bit on there is because some of the uni's asked for a piece of writing in my portfolio. I will try and put some more sketches in there too, try to make it a bit more rounded and that.
  6. JenJaw

    Portfolio For University

    Thanks for your help I had an email from one place saying: "around 20 pieces of work in your portfolio, which might include examples of your drawing, use of colour, 2D and 3D work and anything related to the subject you are applying for. Photographs of larger or fragile work are acceptable instead of carrying everything with you! Please also include a piece of your recent written work and sketchbooks that show how you think and develop ideas." and another one has portfolio advice on the website: http://www.ntu.ac.uk/adbe/document_uploads/94891.pdf I tried to match what they want to see and I have weekly feedback sessions from my tutor as well as looking through coroflot portfolios from people at the Uni's. To be honest I find the more feedback I get the better I can make it. I was also wondering what you think of the idea's? I know they could be more original, but of what I have done, I worked through in my own way to develop the products in my own style (if that makes sense).
  7. JenJaw

    Portfolio For University

    I am applying to uni in the UK For product and industrial design and I am doing a Foundation diploma at the moment which is the first time I have art/design since I was 14 (now nearly 19) so all my work is self initiated or work from my current brief for my course. I really want my portfolio to be as good as I can get it because I cant wait to design for a living Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You! LINK: http://jenniferwatling.carbonmade.com/projects/3019473#1 (Formatted For print A3 sized)

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