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    Sreet Furniture

    Aesthetically simple solution, contains many technical problems. The first and main problem is the special hinge for this purpose which must meet the following requirements: - should be strong - should be interchangeable, which means that is mounted with screws - must have a limiter for a turn of only 90 degrees - should have a ring that provides lifetime lubrication - should be waterproof - should have a torsion spring to return the seat to its original position - and to be elegant and safe to use Another problem is the seat. - should be easy to open and replace the poster. - should be waterproof - and at the same time to maintain its strength Finally, such a product should have a competitive price.
  2. batalela

    Sreet Furniture

    Modeling and rendering was done in 3ds max
  3. batalela

    Sreet Furniture

    My link This is my Design and patent named Billboard bench. Billboard bench is the new medium of outdoor advertising. Innovation is its use-value. When a Billboard bench is not used for seating, the seat is in a vertical position and reveals an area for advertising. When used for seating, the seat is in a horizontal position. After using the bench, the seat itself back into a vertical position under the influence of gravity, and reinvents the advertising area.Unlike most "multi-practices"solutions, Billboard bench combines two functions on the advanced mode, in which no billboard or bench "does not stumble" with each other. On the contrary, Billboard bench brings new features such as:-Taking up little space in the exterior and interior (waiting rooms, bus and metro station)-The seat is dry after rain, and snow days.Because of these advantages, Billboard bench is a very useful commercial product, which aims to provide citizens a quality and a modern bench. The city will not spend the funds for setting up new and maintaining old seat, but the bench to earn funds for the city.

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