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  1. !NerVouS!

    1930 Ford Model A Coupé Hot Rod

    No, that's it enclosed the finished model here also as downloadable model http://grabcad.com/library/finished-1930-ford-model-a-coupe-hot-rod-1
  2. Hi guys, I want to show you my current WIP. I start this project 2 weeks ago and this currently status. Hope you like it.....cheers. btw, modeled and rendered in Solidworks 2012, without any kind of post processing
  3. !NerVouS!

    Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Rabbit

    Cool i had a similar idea some time ago, but......hmm......i like the DUB-Style. When i have some minutes, maybe i would start this project again
  4. !NerVouS!

    Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Rabbit

    So, these are the next and last final render of this project, both created in Solidworks and gimp 2. One question, is this forum dead? Only viewing, no critics or comments, it's boring
  5. !NerVouS!

    Little Kill-Bot

    So mates, here the final scene for this little troublemaker. Rendering Solidworks, postprocessing gimp 2, hope you like it.
  6. !NerVouS!

    Little Kill-Bot

    Hi mates, i wanna show you my current WIP of a little "Kill-Bot" that i created. The base for this little troublemaker is the mascot of GRABCAD, the "Grabby". I wanted to create another interpretation of this mascot, but i think it's a complete new character. All stuff created in Solidworks but the textures are a own creation by myself. Original render in Solidworks With some postprocessing
  7. !NerVouS!

    Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Rabbit

    So mates, here some final Renderings created in Solidworks 2013 Photoview. Hope you like it!
  8. !NerVouS!

    My New Urban Punk Design Project

    Wow, nice design i love it. Where can get some of this cool looking shirts?
  9. !NerVouS!

    Need Modeling Help?

    Yeah and in the second too
  10. !NerVouS!

    Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Rabbit

    I used Solidworks 2012 SP5.0 for modelling this this golf. In this moment i uploading the model to GrabCAD. https://grabcad.com/library/finished-golf-mk1-rabbit-1
  11. !NerVouS!

    Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Rabbit

    So mates next update, i try some different settings in this rendering. It's not perfect but this is only a test to create good renderings with SolidWorks.
  12. !NerVouS!

    Audi R10 E-Tron Quattro Concept

    Very nice mate....
  13. !NerVouS!

    Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Rabbit

    Long time ago, but here are the next updates. I was cancel this one of 3 first models and start a new one, because too much critical surfaces and impasses. @ralphzoontjens: i spend a lot of time in this model, so i think that is not easy for me to share this model on this time....sorry for this. But on Grabcad i show other stages http://www.grabcad.com/library/wip-volkswagen-golf-mk1-1 Yes i use Solidworks 2012 SP5.0 for this model.
  14. !NerVouS!

    Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Rabbit

    No feedback ...hmm...whatever. But here is another progress .
  15. Hi Guys, i want to show you my new Project that i started a few days ago. It's a model of an 1978 Golf MK1 Rabbit, i love that car and i think it's a cool project for some weeks. I hope you like it, cheers!

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