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  1. vander

    The 79 Coupe

    Always love your work! Looks like that would have been a fun project to work on!
  2. vander

    Lifering Rocket

    How does the ring actually deploy out of the rocket? Anyways seems pretty good!
  3. vander

    Chess Set For The Blind-Inspired

    Great job! I think this is very clever design. I also thought the issue of "reading" the board without knocking over pieces was a real issue they must face, but this works beautifully with the flat surface. This would allow them to "read" it in a natural and familiar way as they do with brail. Congrats!
  4. Just thought I would share my competition entry for the MEME and Samsung integrtated camera support competition now that the winners have been announced. Unfortunately I didn't place but it was a fun project. The idea is that a foldout tripod is stored behind a double flip rear LCD screen. The legs can be set at any position or angle, the camera can also be positioned at any angle vertical or horizontal, and the LCD screen can face forwards or backwards at any angle, horizontal or vertical. Anyways let me know what you think
  5. I've never heard of black nickel plating used for non-stick applications, but teflon would likely be a safe bet.
  6. vander

    Pininfarina Dodici

    great job, and congrats on being featured on the Coroflot design genius gallery!
  7. vander

    Andrew Lowe Web Portfolio

    You've got a pretty impressive portfolio for just graduating, real nice professional work! My only comment would be that when I first navigated to your site I expected to be able to click on the thumbnail images, but it wasn't a big deal. I really enjoyed checking out your projects and I think you've got a promising career ahead of you. Best of luck!
  8. Understanding how to design in a variety of materials and processes comes with experience, but there are a lot of good resource materials out there. If you have a particular material in mind that you would like to work with your can always search for design guides in that material. Suppliers of materials often have resource material which tell you how to design products in a given material. If you have questions regarding which material might be suitable to use, I might be able to steer you in the right direction. I have worked with too many materials to even list off so chances are I can probably suggest something that will work for your application.
  9. vander

    Business Idea

    shoe polishing lol ... chair, shoe polish, add customer done! Just kidding ... how low of a budget are you talking about?
  10. vander

    Need Help With Evaluations

    Hi Mike Send me a PM with your email address and I'll see what I can do to help you out. I have some contacts for investment, manufacturing, and retailing, including big box stores like Walmart and Canadian tire. Before you send anyone your idea though you should always have them sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to provide you with some protection.
  11. vander

    Ferrari Toccare 4G Mouse

    Beautiful design and great use of materials! I think your packaging and presentation is spot on as well.
  12. Its actually quite easy to build entire assemblies as parts, you can simply check or uncheck the merge box when creating new features, or only selectively add which parts will be joined, cut, or modified. If it is not an overly complicated assembly I find this can actually be quicker, as you can use existing references to build additional parts without having to go back and forth between the assembly and individual parts. Also in this way I can also design multiple components that are referencing certain control dimensions that can easily be modified, which allows the whole model to update all at once.
  13. vander

    Blow Me!

    This looks like a fun project, and you have some nice renderings, but the idea is simply not practical in the slightest. Quite simply a motor connected to a wheel is many times more efficient than any kind of propeller or a ducted design, even with an "air multiplier" (which actually does nothing to increase the thrust created, it simply allows a greater volume of lower pressure air to flow through). The amount of thrust that is necessary to even get you moving forward on a 400lb+ bike plus the additional weight of the rider would be tremendous, not to mention very loud. Essentially you would need the thrust equivalent to that of an ultralight aircraft, and it would create about the same amount of noise as well. In addition a single wheel design isn't very practical either, this has been attempted many times, and even with gyroscopic stabilization they have never really worked out too well. Even the UNO has now been made into a kind of 3 wheeler in order for it to be practical at any kind of speed.
  14. very cool! In all the years of using Solidworks I'm surprised I've never used this feature
  15. vander

    Website From Keen Amateur

    I really enjoyed seeing all your different projects. I can definitely see your passion for designing things and coming up with innovative ideas. The fact that you actually fabricated all of them is great, too often ideas stop with the concept and never make into a tangible piece. I look forward to seeing more!
  16. Actually the thicken feature is working as it should, but because you have the handle feature terminating a sharp point the thicken surface is protruding through the back side. You need to alter the handle contour at the intersection point so that it already has the desired thickness at this point or create the entire piece as extruded/lofted surface (or solidbody) and cut-extrude/trim away the areas you don't want
  17. vander

    Retro Coffee Maker Rendering

    much better!
  18. vander

    Desperate Solidworks Help Needed

    create a sketch above the model in the shape you want the window to be, then go to insert > curve > splitline then in the options select projection, and then select your sketch and then the face you want to apply it to. Simalarly you can use the split function ( insert > features > split) if you already have a shell and you want to make the window a separate part.
  19. vander

    Retro Coffee Maker Rendering

    lol Nothing wrong with giving the viewer a sense of scale by including an individual in the rendering. This is actually quite tame compared to what you see in a lot of advertisements these days...
  20. vander

    Retro Coffee Maker Rendering

    yes I agree with Moog, the focus should be on the product and not the background. Way too much going on in the background.
  21. vander

    Autogyro Or Gyrcopter Project...

    Looks like a fun project! The new renders are better than the originals which made it look a bit like a toy gyrocopter, but I think they could still be improved a bit. What rendering sofware are you using? Is there a reason the background is so pixelated?
  22. From what you have there it looks pretty straight forward to do in solidworks. Its alsmost easy enough that you could to do it as a simple extrude and add fillets afterwards, but I do see some curvature there that would probably better suited doing a simple loft and cut loft. Just make one side profile, then copy that sketch on to an offset plane, and then connect with guide curves to define the in between curvature. Create loft, then repeat the same steps for creating the inner cut loft. If you have a bunch of these that you need to model and are looking for some assistance with 3D SolidWorks modeling feel free to shoot me a PM. Best of luck
  23. vander

    Slimmest Touchscreen Reseach

    Thin Film Transparent solarpanels
  24. vander

    Slimmest Touchscreen Reseach

    They are currently developing graphene based touch-screens which are incredibly thin (as in the thickness of sheet of paper) They still require some kind of display behind them, but they are actually developing graphene enhanced OLED's and LCD panels which could work in conjunction with the touch screen. With this technology it is entirely possible to have a ultra thin touch screen and display less than .5mm thick, which could even include a thin film transparent solar panel that could continuously trickle charge your device Prototype graphene touch screen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sAc4nqAbOs Flexible LCD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDuP8PtDJbE&feature=related
  25. vander

    Help! (Portfolio Feedback)

    Very nice professional work! The research and progress development on your projects is great. I particularly like the adjustable angle grinder, although the idea of the power being transferred via a flexible shaft like a dremmel seems a bit far stretched as those flexible shafts typically aren't designed to transfer high power and torque all that well. This might be better suited to a pneumatic powered grinder. Anyways keep up the good work

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