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  1. imran_othman

    Myermoto Air

    http://s3images.coroflot.com/user_files/individual_files/original_161739_gykpq8ugqpqhj3tedlrmcg3ja.jpg http://s3images.coroflot.com/user_files/individual_files/original_161739_cu9yfds0w3y4zvtfqnjlprpqs.jpg http://s3images.coroflot.com/user_files/individual_files/original_161739_ibkfwhcgpgtgqkgq0tgk9qapu.jpg http://s3images.coroflot.com/user_files/individual_files/original_161739_xey7ltvxx4kjkuctrqbvqgojc.jpg MYERSMOTO AIR A one seater electric car tend to be fast, quiet and nimble and this might lead to an accident. Other road user are unaware of these "pesky" environmental car overtaking on the road. MyersMoto Air. An electric car that engineered like a whistle. Its presence is literally define by sound. The car is aerodynamically designed to allow air passing thru and release a high pitch sound. The faster it goes, the louder it makes. It's high pitch sound inflict awareness for other road user and this alert other road user MyerMoto Air is approaching thus preventing accident.
  2. imran_othman

    Getting Wet!

    200+ views with no comment?
  3. imran_othman

    Getting Wet!

  4. imran_othman

    Getting Wet!

  5. imran_othman

    Getting Wet!

  6. imran_othman

    What Drives A Man?

    Thanks, Moog....... 800+ views but only one comment?
  7. imran_othman

    Blow Me!

    thanks for the comments, guys.... appreciate it!
  8. imran_othman

    What Drives A Man?

  9. imran_othman

    Blow Me!

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!
  10. imran_othman

    Blow Me!

    Thanks! Yeah... i think so too!
  11. imran_othman

    Blow Me!

    Thanks........ its just a concept and .... yeah, it a no Cool! Thanks!
  12. imran_othman

    Just Design, No Bullsh!t...

    ... cool! thanks for the advice
  13. imran_othman

    Blow Me!

    @Matthew cool.... thanks its kinda like DYson + biKE @cyberdemon Thanks for the advice on sending the resume. I will take note. @advancedboy thanks for the explanation i appreciate it! @Moog cool.. thanks I too think it might work... Thanks!

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