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    Project "cleanclip"

    This would have been absolutely perfect for me when I used to do lots of cutting and sticking into my old art books. The only concern I'd have is that for smaller, more fiddly shapes or indeed thinner paper, the product wouldn't have the level of precision - perhaps the product could have a dual usage, one side for larger pieces of paper and the other for smaller, more precise shapes. Aesthetically, if you were branding it as a Pritt product, I think you'd want to perhaps put more thought into their specific styling; I see that there are some aspects that have been incorporated already (i.e. the triple extrudes), but I daresay the colour and shape of the actual product could be developed further.

    Presentation Tips...

    @Brian That is an awesome looking brochure, from start to finish. I especially like the way you seamlessly overlaid the images over the rally car photos.

    apple console

    Bump from an old topic much? I daresay this guy designed the Wii before Nintendo did. Especially design #6, it's almost harrowing how much that looks like an Apple version of the WiiU. That said, I think when creating devices that connect to televisions, products are more based around an easy-to-use interface as opposed to unique design, hence why a lot of DVD players, Blu-ray players and games consoles tend to follow the basic box shape. It's always cool to throw a few nice curves and indents in there, but ultimately, they're fancy cuboids.

    Maserati Fractal

    @Krabbenkoenig I agree. Very impressive work, but it's hard to understand the actual form of the car itself. I really like the flow of your sketches, but imo you're putting too much on each presentation board. That said, I really like your work.

    Laptop Bag

    It's a good looking product, but personally, my laptop bag is filled with bits and pieces, so I'd prefer as much storage as possible. The two issues that immediately spring to mind are the size of the product and the material; most carry cases are made of fabric, enabling differently shaped and sized laptops to fit. If your product is made of aluminium, it won't allow that level of 'give' that fabric has. It's also not very shock resist should the product be dropped. I'm not sure I like the idea of my laptop rubbing against aluminium in the first place to be honest. I also think the handle looks a little uncomfortable to hold, perhaps some padding and some more ergonomic design might help here. Or expansion points for a shoulder strap could be incorporated.

    Multi Use Chair - Please Leave Feedback!

    It's definitely a nice design. The framework does look better than the other images you've posted, but that might be down to material choice and colour scheme (I for one am not a fan of red and grey). If it was black and white with the same design however...

    Portfolio For University

    I remember when I was asked for a portfolio when I went to my Universities' interview. I took a digital copy along with me, but the lecturer didn't look at that, he was more interested in the works I had with me, that he could flick through. I took specific Art & Design works and printed off any digital work that was relevant, all mounted on A2 board. Everyone else's portfolio was A4 size. I think I intimidated other people a little hah. Your work seems very focused on model making, and these images are your strongest in the portfolio. That said, it is always good to see a variety of different techniques in a portfolio, especially hints of digital 3D modelling experience. This is just my opinion, but I hate seeing white sketch sheets on a black background. It's much cleaner to use either pastel colours or leave the background white with a nice border. I have a tendency to use block colours. Also, a key point to remember is to not include too much writing (such as in the first page). Keep it simple. The interviewer will most likely flick through your work, looking at the pretty pictures and not the text. Last criticism (I swear!), and this may be more to do with a touch of OCD, but I really like seeing images displayed in perfect geometric shapes, such as squares or circles. Then, align them to give more structure to the page. Good luck with your interview!

    Prima Elegance ~ Interface Design

    Yes. The one thing I didn't expand on was quite how the display was going to work, or what it was in fact going to display.
  9. These are my final presentation boards for my last Unviersity project, working alongside the built-in appliance company Prima. The focus of the project was on the interface, especially looking at semantics and semiotics. I tried to aim my final design at an elderly audience, going for a more mature style (in fact, the design was influenced by the form of a violin).


    I agree with the idea of changing the thickness of the lines, for each different unit of measurement. Like a heavy line for hours, and a thin line for seconds. As well as this, changing the colour of the lines would work nicely too. I really like the mismatching colour scheme in the second image, adding variety to the watches (which isn't in the first image, making it seem a little too plain). Also, how would the clip work? It looks a little flimsy, perhaps you need something adjustable for different sizes wrists, something that semantically tells the user it isn't going to fall off.

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