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  1. thdudesign

    A Full Hubless Bicycle

    a little update with homemade rims and handlebar :
  2. It is a minimalist car – no door, no built-in dashboard, no hard roof, only one color, cheap materials for a minimalist price and weight. Full hybrid car with gasoline, compressed air and electrical energy – wheels can recover energy from the wind. Lightweight : recycled cardboard for the body recycled plastic for the chassis no hard roof and no door for you to be close to the environment no built-in dashboard, but you use your iPad to manage car-D-board narrow airless tires bubble rim (air is trapped in lot of bubbles) an engine limited to 400 cm3 accepts gas and air maximum speed of 120 kms/h and weighing less than 300 kg Energy: wind is an important energy in the world future gas station will be built around wind turbines the same engine can also use gasoline in case you haven’t enough compressed air and low battery. an independent propeller is inside each wheel to create an additional source of electricity generation Thierry Dumaine / t h d u d e s i g n 2013
  3. thdudesign

    Lochness Chopper

    yeah, i love hubless me in the real life
  4. thdudesign

    Project City 2046 Mcd For 2012

    in full resolution at : http://www.michelinchallengedesign.com/MCD_2012/mcd_2012_gallery_d17.php
  5. it's my project for Paris jeweline design is based on a concept of luxury and privacy It was specially designed for Paris city The body is like a diamond Its transparency makes it little intrusive All the vehicles which move in the city are as the precious stones of an immense necklace - body completely symmetric - 4 wheel steering - small electric motor in each wheel - airless tire - 4 fully adjustable seats - no steering wheel - platform with energy induction system - discreet guide rails jeweline can be totally automatic by following the marks on the ground If you want to take back the controle, you drive it as in a kinect game Paris is a very beautiful city with numerous monuments People prefer to admire the landscape rather than to concentrate on the driving Paris is considered as capital of the fashion and the luxury People will have pleasure to move inside a jewel With jeweline, I wanted to associate the practical side ( automatic vehicle and virtual touch screen ) with the comfort (flexible sieges), the beauty and the luxury with its diamond body and the four fine white leather couch Jeweline is a summary of technology ( automatic drive and energy induction system ) and style (effect diamond and inclusive work of art)
  6. thdudesign

    A Full Hubless Bicycle

    a little up :
  7. thdudesign

    A Full Hubless Bicycle

    one year later i take a little ride of . . . 10 m and i see because of the design ( grrr... i hate design ) of the rear part of the frame ( too close from the tire ) when I pedal, the frame is deformed and touch the tire and that brake ! more I pedal, more that brake and my fork is too complicated and not enough rigid to pilot easily my front wheel the answers : just rebuilt the frame and the fork ! between theory and practice, there is a world again, I put so much time to design and manufacture especially (with the errors, I make several times the same parts) that I have almost never time to test the bike over my digital camera passed away and it took a disassembly / reassembly for full resurrects short videos I've recovered : entire view of the problem : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=961q7CpsSe0 and my son who quit his z1000 to ride it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6V35jeTlZw for sure, there will be a maximum of adjustments and other development to be done to make this thing riding easily
  8. thdudesign

    Project "quatrelle"

    my view of a new design of renault 4 inspired by 4L "plein-air" - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - this is not a new renault 4 but his state of mind She will accompany you to the beach or the market with discretion and class the discretion thanks to its lightness and the class with the choice of materials used a classical body with future material and technology no roof and no door for you to be close to the environment no built-in dashboard, but you use your iPad to control "quatrelle" big wheels to integrate a large fan that regenerate battery as a wind turbine but narrow airless tires to save energy body with High-density polyethylene to recycling it 4 little electric motors in each wheel maximum speed of 100km / h and weighing less than 300 kg to minimize its impact on the world thdudesign
  9. thdudesign


    my 3 projects for this contest : colissimo one of them is my favorite, which in your opinion ? thdudesign
  10. thdudesign

    Project "cleanclip"

    When I use a glue stick, i have 2 problems : When I stick to the inside of the paper to protect the desk, the glue does not go on the edges, and when I stick the sheet, the edges come loose because they have no glue when I stick to the edge of the paper, I put the glue on the desktop and it's very dirty and I have fingers glued my solution : I imagined a small clip that attaches to the stick of glue, then slide the paper into the clip and slide the clip along the edges, the glue starts to edge of paper and the excess is blocked by the underside of the clip the office is clean, the sheet is fully glued and your fingers only touch the clip the clip is made of a flexible plastic and a small spring adjusts the resistance of the clip no mechanical parts, reusable with multiple glue sticks, very simple to make, very low cost, very simple to use In your opinion, what are the errors in this project ? thx thdu
  11. thdudesign

    Project " Hand² "

    my project for henkel group I associate with a tube of glue existing a suction cup and a paper clip in the shape of hand. The shape of the suction cup adapts itself to the cork of the tube. The suction cup maintains ready the paper clip and the tube. The cork being maintained by the suction cup, you can unscrew the tube of a single hand.
  12. thdudesign

    Project "sandyou"

    here my project for a resort runabout car who can go on the beach and both on the sea with human force add to an electric motor and if you want you can comment and especially vote for sandYou
  13. hi, happy new year 2011 and i show you my project at michelin challenge design you can see the whole project here
  14. thdudesign

    Miss Courant D'air

    just an update of "miss courant d'air" in front of "ventile" which will displayed at michelin challenge design 2011
  15. thdudesign

    Miss Courant D'air

    my project : " miss courant d'air " it is a bicycle which has fun with the air and the wind its characteristic is in the use of large fans these fans are placed within the wheels and the frame when the bicycle is stopped, the wind can make turn the 3 fans they make turn a generator which produces electricity which will be stored in a small battery when the bicycle runs, its displacement starts the fans which produce the same effect the fans are coupled with a small engine placed in the wheel the force of the wind thus makes it possible to provide the power and to help the engines to run the transmission is done by cardan joint the brakes are integrated in the hub the frame is manufactured with a translucent material this allows the bicycle a great discretion because it lets guess the environment through him thdudesign 2010 nice, france

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