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  1. Mr.Black

    Alias Design Bottle Label.

    http://www.autodesk.com/techpubs/aliasstudio/2010/index.html?url=WS73099cc142f4875517f3d58115275fd1cb-5cf1.htm,topicNumber=d0e25834 Hope this is what you want.... Happy learning
  2. Mr.Black

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    hello kevin, balance is the shoe model ? and only soles designed in Solidworks ?
  3. Mr.Black

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    Thank you very much for the reply Well, i gave constraints allowed to fail later, after that i can't select because the loft feature is disabled so the curves inside also gets locked. I think suppress and unsuppress always creates problems in solidworks ! and its difficult to explain to company boss the behaviour of softwares also there are many bugs in catia, proe, UG ! My other doubt is How you make the overall shapes ? i tryed making Industrial design curved parts from scratch but i can't get the surfaces or the layout correctly from the sketches. as you know the automotive design we always get surfaces from alias / icemsurf surfaces ! I modeled the same ladle but i am not geting the shape of what matt modeled ! (attached is the show image)
  4. Mr.Black

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    well, the image i posted was from google ! its about a shoe don't know thats modeled or scanned... but i think its a good thing to try ! i also have few questions, the sketching in solidworks is driven by curves and the SW feature tools like where sweep,loft, boundary,fill used.. is there any rule of thumb ?.. how the stylish curves are drawn.. matt lombart ladle example.. if you redit the cad model of the loft feature it showns only curve1.. but when i try it says atleast two profiles ! http://media.wiley.com/product_ancillary/33/04702582/DOWNLOAD/Chapter%2015.zip you want to know body in white ? i think the last link and the video sum up what it is !
  5. patrick, i have used Rhino.. i don't have the software now ! pretty much anything is possible in rhino ! Approach is do the one side and mirror the other ! or you can do quarter and mirror that 2 times !
  6. Mr.Black

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    Yep, i am catia V5 user for past 2 years ! Working In Body in white Catia Is good but hard to find good surfacing do's and dont's. can You do this one ? ..... I want to know your approach thanks Mr. Black.... I have not really used Catia V5.. I only played with it.. had one chance to really use it but regretfully decided to step back from the gig. only wish I had more clients which had it. And you?.. are you a Catia V5 user?
  7. Mr.Black

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    good work Paul ! .... you are always skilled thumbs up for u ! you know catia V5 ?? by any means ??
  8. Mr.Black

    Sketch To A 3D Model

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38VDJHfrD-U i was expecting a reply like this !!
  9. Mr.Black

    Sketch To A 3D Model

    Hello, How you people interpret sketches while u convert them for a 3d model ? I hope this helps beginner to learn them the basics.. Please use images / screen shots to explain any software to describe I found this image from the other topic. Ciao Black !

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