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  1. ROA890

    Sketch Of A Inkjet

    Nice Sketch, i like the fact you used the background color with the sketch, did you used sketchbook pro or photoshop ?
  2. ROA890

    Photoview 360 Renderings

    HI Thanks Dastardly_Dave I do find photoview 360 to be unrealistic and it doesn't matter how much you chance the settings youll never get that realistic look. I just started to learn Rhino 3D but i havent got to rendered anything yet. but i do like the fact that Vray has a bigger selection of materials, can wait to render!! I also heard of bunkspeed shot works great with solidworks have you used it?? if yes is Vray better than bunkspeed, what you think.
  3. ROA890

    Sreet Furniture

    Great concept, i like the fact that it doesn't get wet or filled up with snow. By the way what software did you use ?
  4. Hi Guys Im new to this forum and wanted to share some stuff i had done in SW 2010 and rendered with photoview 360. Let me know if there is any improvement i could do, i will greatly appreciate.
  5. mmmmm sketching ahhhhggggggg


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