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  1. Arizona Product Designer

    Design For Locking Plastic Piece

    You could do an annular joint with tabs on the side to aid in prying the pieces apart.
  2. Arizona Product Designer


    Cool design. I like the curves!
  3. Arizona Product Designer

    Design Books Recommendations

    I've seen a few people recommend the ulrich and eppinger book. I just finished reading it and am disappointed with the content. It's a long-winded definition of what product development is, not ideas for innovation or strategic thinking within the design space. I'd stay away from this one.
  4. Arizona Product Designer

    2 Legs Chair

    That's pretty funny. Looks like a good workout for those quads, too! It should be called the Halloween Fitness Chair.
  5. Arizona Product Designer

    If Only I Was Rich....

    Those statues are awesome. But the table?? Really? If you didn't need to worry about money that's what you'd buy? It looks like a broken candy cane ready to collapse.

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