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  1. Moog

    What Drives A Man?

    Tires need some work but I love the rest of it.
  2. Moog

    Retro Coffee Maker Rendering

    Funny vander.....see what I found on your site. For some reason I hardly even notice the jetski. Hmmm.
  3. Moog

    Retro Coffee Maker Rendering

    Yeah, holy cow! The colors the colors! Unfortunately my eye goes from all over the place to the light in the bottom right hand section of the drawing. I find peace there. It seems there is way too much going on in the image and the coffee maker gets lost in the scuffle. Tone it down if you can. Try to eliminate much of the background or make it much lighter than the main focus of the project which should be the maker. Just my two cents.
  4. Moog

    Blow Me!

    I love this idea. I think with a lot of inginuity and a long discussion with the Dyson engineers this could actually work. Think of a turboprop engine on an aircraft how it pulls the vehicle forward while on the ground. Could be cool for racecraft. Another example would be a swamp craft propelled by a huge fan. You would have big issues with wake behind the craft. Do some more concepting on the idea.
  5. Moog

    Clothes Peg Project

    better late than never I always say
  6. Moog

    The Smart Keyboard

    Ummmm...interesting concept however...I would like to see the screen while typing. Also the keyboard would have to be pretty hefty so as to counterbalance the weight of the phone. Otherwise the whole thing tips over every time you lift up fingers from keyboard. Nasty little pinch points as well. Should also eliminate access to the spring. Maybe add some cool shock system or an arm that folds out from the center bottom?
  7. Moog

    Wave - Secure Modular Bicycle Parking

    Why not take the vertical portion of the design and bolt that to existing structures? Part of the problem with current bike systems is that they take up way too much horizontal surface area similar to what has happened with parking lots. Bolt the roll on frame in your image to the side of buildings, around light poles, attached to trees? I say that with the utmost respect for nature of course, you know...roll up your bike and stand it vertical approach eliminating the visible impact somewhat and minimizing cost of installation. Just some thoughts....
  8. Moog

    Wave - Secure Modular Bicycle Parking

    In my opinion there is way too much visible impact on the surrounding environment. The aesthetic sensibility looks cold and obtrusive. Kind of stands out like a sore thumb. The idea is nice but what can you do to open it up a little? Individual pods with gaps in between the installation to see whats on the other side maybe? Minimize the plastic wall and closed surfaces? Just a thought. Also swingin up might present a hazard with either pinch points or individuals getting bonked on the head. Can they swing in from the side? How tall would you have to be to raise it all the way up to the point that it doesnt fall back down? Is there a gearing system to keep it fixed based on how much it is lifted? As mentioned before I like the concept but the execution needs some refinement
  9. Moog

    Adidas Versus

    Dont see an image

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