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  1. streamliner

    Sketch Challenges: Suggest A Topic

    What about weapons/weapons systems? ..... maybe too much of a red line for some of you oO
  2. streamliner

    Alpha Bottle

    Nice design Mark, and great renderings too, but should that cap be moulded into the top part of the bottle in case someone ends up losing it, or would that matter. Good luck with your product.
  3. streamliner

    Make The Boat More Modern

    Hey snoopy Is this an assignment for college or have you recently bought a catamaran and planning to update it?
  4. streamliner

    How To Draw Shoes Sketchbook

    Your that Mark Kokavec guy..... hELLO Ya i bought some of your rendering DVDs before, Your book looks good please add more pages Good luck with it.
  5. streamliner

    Save A Designer

    Hi Veronica, vote me.... this sounds like you're a politition or something. No doubt that you are a talented designer but what do you want me to save you from? I think you should have said vote for your favourite design rather than vote for me and forget the rest.... I am questioning this competitions democratic system... Why? because you can vote more than once. Should it be one person one vote?
  6. streamliner

    Online Education?

    Hi there Lostn30. Is your current work related in any way to the creative industrys? To be honest with you I would be a bit skeptical about doing an online course in Industrial design, mainly because the quality of the design education may not be up to standard. You would probably need to be living in the correct designing/learning environment i would think. No I haven't come across any I.D online courses but maybe they do exist, ..... but lets throw the cat among the pigeons here, If you do an online design sketching course then a online 3d course followed by a weekend Design thinking course does that make you a designer? I would probably tell you to go to a great I.D college and learn there.
  7. streamliner

    A Shovel Designed With Ergonomics In Mind

    Hi Nice idea, but I think I would prefer some kind of retrofitted adjustable handle (because people have different handle height requirements ) that could add on to my existing shovel. Is there any possibility your rotating mechanism would be damaged and stop working, and if that were to occur would this product become obsolete sooner?
  8. streamliner

    Swan Basin

    Hi, It looks elegant, but would there be any problems accessing the hot and cold tap when you’re at standing height looking down on the basin. Will they be visible or would the swooshing spout be hiding them?
  9. streamliner

    A New Website Of Online Car Designing School

    Hi, this is an interesting idea, but how does the online learning system compare to a live Design Studio environment? Is this course accredited with any international recognition or certification?
  10. streamliner

    Measuring Scale Of A Jug

    Hi Mark Just wondering, what software are you using? If its solidworks these youtube videos might help, with the calculating of the jug volume. I couldn’t find any video that actually inserts a measuring gauge. That might be a good tutorial for someone to do and post up on this forum. www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFK_KzkM858 www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCu1aCae9Ug wCu1aCae9Ug eFK_KzkM858
  11. streamliner

    New Products :)

    Hi Mark You design, make and sell your own products, that’s great. Sixteen products is a lot to work on. Have you decided what material you are going to use? I like the stackable hangers, cutlery set and packaging design but I think the rest of your product forms look very simple, was that the look you’re going with or did you have a design theme in mind. If I was going to create them, I would try to sculpt them a bit more and make them look as part of one family…. but that’s what I think. The legs of the colander and the jug look like a cad protrusion after thought, I would probably try to integrate them more in the body of the objects or something like that. Will there be a problem with the handle design of the jug? Your handle design allows a hole to be embedded into the curving wall of the jug and it’s positioned below the pouring spout, so if you where to fill the jug to the brim (top) with water it would pour out of this handle hole. In addition, would your mixing jug require a measure gauge?
  12. streamliner

    Interesting Salt And Pepper Shakers

    It does look nice and slick, When I first viewed this, I thought it reminded me of a pen drive/ key disk or a broadband dongle. but could the fact that it doesn’t look like a salt and pepper shaker be a problem for some people ? I think the text could be a little bit bigger also. If you didn’t post up the second image would people get that the pepper section pops out like that. If I tapped it with my finger, will the container fall over because it has a narrow rectangular base? On the other hand, would it sand up straight because it has enough weight in it?
  13. Starting to learn some mandarin.

  14. streamliner

    Ostoure The Super-Street Bike - Unveiled At Bigboystoys Uae

    Amazing, love the stance it reminds me of a raging bull, horns down in an attacking charge.
  15. streamliner

    Strolletor: Futuristic Stroller

    Hi Amirikano Sorry I was unable to read your French text, yip need to learn French again . I get the cartoon styling your going for, but will that form convey strength,protection and reliability? Who will be buying this after all, the toddler or the stressed out parents? Would you be able to fit a 3 to 4 year old into it? I’m not sure when a child stops using a stroller you know….need to google it. Can your design be folded up and placed easily within a car boot for transportation purposes? Also how would it move around a busy shopping centre? From looking at your nice 3d views the wheelbase looks very long does that mean you will need a larger turning axis? How easy can the user (pusher) access the under body shelf area, normally I think they are within reach of the steering handle and accessed from the back, or does that matter? Good job so far
  16. ICSID ANNOUNCES THEME FOR WORLD INDUSTRIAL DESIGN DAY 2012 What is Industrial Design? http://www.icsid.org/news/year/2012_news/articles1489.htm

  17. Looking for design gurus,design bloggers @ http://www.sketchforsketch.com/

    1. admin


      Looking for them to join your forum? Well, you can try here..

    2. streamliner
  18. Why does Irish business think mechanical engineers are the only people who can design products? They tend to forget about the industrial designers, product designers. So its no wonder then, that Irish products look substandard, now is it???? Ahh yes lets cut corners and get the quick fix.

  19. Hi PagoAC Yes, I myself have messed around with pegs in the past. However, I wouldn’t encourage kids to see them as toys, mainly because they will end up all over the place. So when its time to hang out the washing, you would be lucky to find one peg. The peg design itself looks very large @ 0.21 and alien like; maybe reduce the size and use clean lines. I would actually prefer a peg that was robust, long lasting and is permanently fixed to the washing line. Nevertheless, that’s my opinion. Hope it helps.
  20. streamliner

    Designed Products That Haven't Been Used.

    Apple Newton Nokia N-Gage DeLorean DMC-12
  21. streamliner

    Research Question For All Designers

    Light Boiling sound Ready click
  22. streamliner

    Project "cleanclip"

    Nice idea thdu, but I agree with LGH it makes sense to incorporate it into the lid.

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