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  1. Bwaugh

    Keyshot Ugly Rendering Shade

    The image I'm seeing doesn't have much of a shadow. However, if you only want one shadow, adjust your shadow settings or check your hdri background. Include an image of the results you'd like to achieve and perhaps we can help you a bit more.
  2. I'm selling my copy of flamingo nxt. It's a commercial license and legal for resale. Comes with the cd, case, and booklet with cd-key. It goes new for 500 but I'll sell mine for 400 or a reasonably priced offer. PM me if you're interested.
  3. Bwaugh

    Brad's Sketchbook

    So I always look through other people's work and sometimes offer comments, usually not. I've decided to repent of my dissentious and often stoic demeanor and post some of my work. Some of it's design, a lot of it's not. Many of my clients don't allow me to show any of the work I do for them until it's been released. Anyway, behold!
  4. Your application of color is good (which can be hard with markers) and your highlights are good too. What I see very often from people getting into sketching/rendering is that there is a hurry to lay down color because, well it's gratifying to be honest. However, the best colored picture still can seem amateur if the proportions and perspective are off. I'd encourage you to keep working on your perspective as you determine your linework for the drawing. All in all, great first go at it!
  5. Bwaugh

    Brad's Sketchbook

    Thank you!
  6. Bwaugh

    Brad's Sketchbook

    A sign I designed for a company I worked for
  7. Bwaugh

    Illustrated Portrait Trouble

    You're making your irises and pupils too small which gives you this creepy wide-eyed look. The super bright green and the black lipstick effect doesn't help either. I'll try to sketch something over the top if I can get to it
  8. Bwaugh

    Some Of My Product Design Sketches

    this is fantastic!
  9. Bwaugh

    My Designs

    Go for it spit as as many drawings as you're able! Work on your perspective before adding color. Most of your motorcycle wheels aren't parallel in perspective and it makes them look like they're twisting. Also google car proportion and motorcycle proportion diagrams; if you use those as an underlay at first it will help your designs seem more believable. Great energy! Keep it up!
  10. Bwaugh

    Brad's Sketchbook

    A favor for a friend
  11. Bwaugh

    Dual Mode Headphones (Ear Buds) Sketches

    Great sketch! Next time, try to steer away from blue pen and notebook paper.
  12. Bwaugh

    Brad's Sketchbook

    much appreciated.
  13. Bwaugh

    Brad's Sketchbook

    Some lunch time sketches
  14. post the pic here, we're too lazy to follow a link and then come back
  15. Bwaugh

    Brad's Sketchbook

    based on the research I did, the Samsung series 7 slate seemed best. So far, it's pretty awesome but I'm still getting used to it since I keep on reaching for the hot keys on the edge.
  16. Bwaugh

    Brad's Sketchbook

    new tablet!
  17. Bwaugh

    Brad's Sketchbook

    not quite a sketch... but kinda cool
  18. Bwaugh

    Brad's Sketchbook

    Thanks! I had to dig through the annals of the forum to find my thread but I've got some work to post. Check it out
  19. Bwaugh

    Chair Sketch

    sketchbook and a good deal of experience
  20. Bwaugh

    My Car Design Sketches

    welcome back! Nice stuff!

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