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  1. Hi, welcome to the new soon-to-be mega-thread of doodles! Post your ideas and doodles and other random mess here, who knows, it might inspire (or amuse) someone else! No rules (as long as it's decent), and feel free to comment! Chairs, cars, phones, jackets and even vacuumcleaners are welcome! I'll open this thread off with a slightly older doodle I made; yes, it's a rubbush looking chopper! Notice the obligatory flames to be continued... (yes I'm looking at you, post!!)
  2. Well, starting January the sketch sessions will be back, this time montly instead of weekly. We've covered a few topics in the weekly sketch sessions, and I thought it would be cool to have you guys suggest topics this time as well. So, here goes, lets hear it
  3. Renzsu

    Tips for creating a portfolio

    I think I will start with this link here. http://www.coroflot.com/public/portfolio_tips.asp Please post your comments about this here and feel free to give additional tips here that we can all use. Individual portfolio feedback can be done in his or hers portfolio thread. Of course, if the problem in that portfolio seems to be something we all struggle with, feel free to discuss it here. We're all here to help eachother out and learn from eachother.
  4. Hey all, I was wondering if there are any good up to date resources on soft-goods design and materials? Best I found so far (haven't been searching for long) is this one, and that's not a whole lot: http://www.whitemountain.com.au/backpack_c...faqs_index.html I realize that most of those materials are brand names, but since I've done already a few projects where I needed to work with fabrics, it would be good to have a bit more than just 'rough nylon fabric', right?
  5. Renzsu

    Setting Up Photo/render Shots

    These tutorials cover photography of various products in studio environments amongst others, as such very useful as well for product rendering. http://www.photoflexlightingschool.com/Lig...Life/index.html
  6. This is a very detailed manual for students at Industrial Design Engineering faculty of Delft University of Technology. For non-dutch speakers you can probably copy/paste parts into babelfish to translate it, though the manual itself has cool content to be interesting in itself. Main manual (edit: link updated) Addendum (Addendum with package drawings and tools discussions) (edit: link updated) Highly recommended downloads!!
  7. Sunglasses this week. You might find it easier if you look for a picture of a face to draw the sunglasses over. Good luck!
  8. Ok, welcome to the first of the productdesignforums.com weekly sketch session (good idea gilty)! Idea is to give you a subject which you can use to make some doodles and sketches which you can attach with your post in this thread. So basically, all sketches you want to show of this subject, please post them in here. We might make a new subforum in the Sketches & Renderings forum if this idea is successful, but lets try it this way first. So, this week we'll start with some human input devices for your pc. This can be anything from mice to keyboards.. If you prefer to do a games controller, you can do that as well.. Please also give some explanation to your sketch(es) if you thought of something that isn't really obvious. This is a thread where you can relax, learn, ask questions, you name it.. you take advantage of it the way you want to So, let's go! I'll make sure I post something as well! edit: In case you were wondering, I will not lock this thread after this week, so feel free to post even if new sessions are opened.
  9. Alrighty, the design challenge #2 has come and gone, it's time to fill the time till our next comp with some sketch session action(s) This time the theme is a snowboard boot, try to come up with a cool boot for either normal walking or on the actual board, it's your choice. As extra sketch practise, try to sketch the boot from both sides. Here's a fun example photo to get you all started:
  10. Ok, here's something you don't get to do everyday.. the focus of this months (sorry for the delay there) session is small aircraft, I'm thinking not much bigger than a Cessna airplane: Now please remember, these sessions are not about design, they are about sketching. So try to come up with a quick design, nothing too fancy (of course, if you feel like it, go knock yourself out ) and try to sketch it in an interesting way. Now with these airplanes, they're bigger than a person, so perhaps you can think of some dramatic perspective. Don't be worried whether your design should be able to fly or not, there's tons of movies fillet with cool looking planes that probably wouldn't fly in the real world. Here's something wacky, just to show that even weird shapes might just fly fine:
  11. Ok, new month, new sketch session! This month we're going for a headset. This can be a phone headset or perhaps mp3 headset. Perhaps you can think of some other functions to add. Try to find a good picture of an ear for reference which you can sketch over. Side views are probably the most effective here, so when you use side views, try to come up with good values and contrast to suggest depth. Lets go!
  12. Ok, lets make some speakers... and try not to make them square and wood These can be hifi speakers, car speakers or pc speakers, take your pick!
  13. Hi there and welcome to my second tutorial. Perhaps weird to do so, but I would like to open with a word of advice. My mind can be quite chaotic at times, during this tutorial it certainly was. I made a number of silly mistakes and I'll show them to you in the course of the tutorial. So please read through the whole tutorial first.. you'll notice some things that I would change from the start if I were to make this image over again. If you don't quite understand what happened in a certain step of the tutorial, just read on, there's a chance that I will explain in a later step to prevent having too much text with some images. If you're familiar with the field of concept design, you'll probably have heard of a guy named Scott Robertson (website drawthrough.com). He has produced an excellent set of tutorial dvd's for The Gnomon Workshop, one of which shows the process of rendering a futuristic bicycle. My tutorial uses the same techniques, though perhaps my approach will differ here and there. Anyways, Scott gave me his permission to publish this tutorial, for which I'm grateful. Right, lets get this thing on the road. In the Photoshop screenshot below you can see I have started out with a background and an enlarged rough sketch that I prefered to render out. Between the really messy sketchlines you'll probably see some cleaner lines that I imported from Rhino. They were traced from a Yamaha R1 motorcycle sideview. I used these to make sure my proportions wouldn't be too far off. Put the sketch that you want to render out on a seperate layer and set the layer to Multiply and turn down the layer opacity so that it is just visible enough to be usable for tracing. The background you see is very typical for studio photographs of cars and other vehicles. In the renders I made below you can see the effect I tried to accomplish. Making this background is really easy, you could do the whole thing with a simple gradient, I simply used some big soft airbrushes from the default Photoshop palette. Try to avoid using the opacity of 100%, if you turn it down you can achieve much softer effects if you make a couple of passes with the brush (think of it as using a tissue with chalk powder).
  14. Here's an interesting suggestion made by member Heewack. Sketch a product that could make life easier for an animal of choice. The idea is not to create cyborg spiders or killer hippos, but more amongst the lines of tools for these animals. The topic is kind of late this months, and to make up for that I thought we'd go with something pretty wild. Hopefully this will be a fun topic!
  15. This week there's something in the air... gas that is.. Try to sketch a gas mask, it doesn't have to be a full face covering mask, it can just cover mouth/nose, it doesn't really matter. Perhaps cool to try to make it a bit less intimidating to look at, or, if that's your cup of tea, make it even more scary to look at.. It needs to have a filter obviously, it's up to you whether you hide it or not, you'll need to take into acount that it needs some space of course, and that it needs holes for the air to pass through. For the sketch you can just sketch the mask, would be cool if you can find a picture that you can sketch over. Have fun, I'm sure you'll come up with something cool!
  16. Ok, thanks for Travisimo for the topic of this months session: http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.p...indpost&p=13691. We're going to try to work with this basic laptop layout, meaning, some way of charging that thing with human power (winder, peddles, etc. ), a display area and an input area. You can think of any layout you want, but try to show a convincing arrangement in your sketches (be careful with the angles that you chose so that you can emphasize what you want to show). Have a nice (belated) session!
  17. Hi everybody, in this topic we will be asking you to upload sketches for a new project like the sketch sessions. This time the idea will be that you upload sketches that you think could need improvement. We will pick some of those sketches that we think have potential for a nice session and then post them in a new topic where you can then show your improved version. So basically, this topic will be the sketchdump thread for the 'bad' sketches. For those who will reply here, we ask you to only upload sketches that you have put some serious effort in.. so if you have a sketch that you kept reworking and then gave up, post it here.. if you have something that you are very proud of, but still feel that it's wrong in some areas, post it here. Good luck and happy posting! We will open a new Sketch-over Session topic soon!
  18. Thanks, I agree that it's probably best to just get a bunch of samples of the big names. Invista seems like a good starting point. edit: KQD, thanks for those links, you posted while I was making my reply
  19. Renzsu

    Quick Sketching In Painter

    Proud to present the first in what I hope will become a series of tutorials. Click the image below to open the tutorial: Enjoy!
  20. Ok, so, obviously you like working or studying design.. and although it has it's bad sides, we stick with it for the fun rewarding stuff! So, if you look back, what has been the most fun you've had with design so far?
  21. This week we're hitting the water, jet powered style! Show us some sketches of jetski's this week. For those who don't know these things, they're the nightmare of every swimmer/diver, but good fun nonetheless. Try to come up with something fun!
  22. I read on the Hypershot forum that SWX textures and mapping don't transfer to Hypershot (yet?).. it's a known problem and they're working on it I believe.
  23. Yeah I really like it.. it doesn't really push the boundaries of realism like other render engines, but for 90% of the time it is more than adequate and it's just so nice to work with something that can talk with my other 3d software and doesn't have too much interface clutter. Most of the time there just isn't the time required for other 3d software to do everything you want. This model was made in 3dsmax and exported as obj.. but most of the time I work in Rhino.
  24. Renzsu

    Show us your wheels

    Over here you need a special license for motorcycles.. license requires lessons.. and lessons are really really really expensive. Expect to pay around 1200 euro's for a license + lessons + exam. Then there is the cost of a proper motorcycle, insurance, speed (I'd just kill myself) and convenience (scooters are so much more practical for city use). Yes, they are expensive, but if you just want cheap transport, there's plenty of other scooters (cheap aircooled 2-strokes for example). The Zoomer is a 4-valve fuel injected 4-stroke scooter, very good fuel economy and imho the only scooter that looks cool. It's a bit of a hobby project of mine, keeps me entertained All hobbies cost way more money than can be justified rationally
  25. We use 1 Pro license of Hypershot and at home I have a web-license. I just save the Hypershot file and then I could render it out at work when I need a high-res image.. A test render I made with an older model I made:

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