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  1. Thanks, I agree that it's probably best to just get a bunch of samples of the big names. Invista seems like a good starting point. edit: KQD, thanks for those links, you posted while I was making my reply
  2. Hey all, I was wondering if there are any good up to date resources on soft-goods design and materials? Best I found so far (haven't been searching for long) is this one, and that's not a whole lot: http://www.whitemountain.com.au/backpack_c...faqs_index.html I realize that most of those materials are brand names, but since I've done already a few projects where I needed to work with fabrics, it would be good to have a bit more than just 'rough nylon fabric', right?
  3. I read on the Hypershot forum that SWX textures and mapping don't transfer to Hypershot (yet?).. it's a known problem and they're working on it I believe.
  4. Yeah I really like it.. it doesn't really push the boundaries of realism like other render engines, but for 90% of the time it is more than adequate and it's just so nice to work with something that can talk with my other 3d software and doesn't have too much interface clutter. Most of the time there just isn't the time required for other 3d software to do everything you want. This model was made in 3dsmax and exported as obj.. but most of the time I work in Rhino.
  5. Renzsu

    Show us your wheels

    Over here you need a special license for motorcycles.. license requires lessons.. and lessons are really really really expensive. Expect to pay around 1200 euro's for a license + lessons + exam. Then there is the cost of a proper motorcycle, insurance, speed (I'd just kill myself) and convenience (scooters are so much more practical for city use). Yes, they are expensive, but if you just want cheap transport, there's plenty of other scooters (cheap aircooled 2-strokes for example). The Zoomer is a 4-valve fuel injected 4-stroke scooter, very good fuel economy and imho the only scooter that looks cool. It's a bit of a hobby project of mine, keeps me entertained All hobbies cost way more money than can be justified rationally
  6. We use 1 Pro license of Hypershot and at home I have a web-license. I just save the Hypershot file and then I could render it out at work when I need a high-res image.. A test render I made with an older model I made:
  7. Renzsu

    Show us your wheels

    maaan, I want a zoomer sssooo much! Fel in love with them first time I saw one. They cost around £2400 -$4800 which is just way more than I can afford so its looking very unlikely :ermm: Yeah, they're pricey.. I messed around with it a bit more.. it'll have discbrakes on the front soon with a matching rim
  8. Renzsu

    Truck Sketch

    Truck software? I think you're in the wrong place then... for sketching use any software like photoshop, sketchbook, painter or whatever, for 3D cad.. well, pro-E or Solidworks or any of those serious cad suites..
  9. Renzsu

    Cintiq Sketches

    To give an example of feedback, Cash68, your sketches are very dynamic, fun to look at, but I think to properly train yourself using a tablet it would be good to try and do some more controlled stuff. I'm thinking of perspectives, constructions, stuff like that. Also, try and work on a higher resolution, try and get the same kind of line thicknesses as you would have in A4 or A3 sized drawings. You'll notice it'll be much easier to get a proper non-messy looking sketch that way.
  10. Renzsu

    Cintiq Sketches

    I've removed some posts here, cleaned up the topic. To everybody: Please keep in mind that it's perfectly fine for people to post their opinions and feedback as long as you don't insult anyone. Remember that it's perfectly possible to know what's wrong with images without being able to do it well yourself.. everyone is an art critic, remember.. Please keep future feedback on topic.
  11. Renzsu

    Gamepad Tutorial

    Fantastic work Ragde!
  12. Renzsu

    Motorcycle Rendering Tutorial for Photoshop

    Heya Grubb, I don't really know what you mean unfortunately, but yeah, I made all my paths (not shapes!, they are different ) in one paths layer. It doesn't really matter on which photoshop layer you are when you make your paths, but when you start drawing a new path, make sure you go to the paths panel and have the paths layer selected, otherwise you basically wipe out all your previously made paths.. photoshop can be very annoying in that respect!
  13. Renzsu

    Show Yourself

    Ah cool pics everyone! Nice pipe
  14. Renzsu

    Game Or Photo?

    Found 15, nerd here as well..
  15. Never think the sketch or drawing is perfect.. it might be good enough for what it's meant for, but keep looking for ways to improve yourself. For the rest I would only repeat what's already been said

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