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  1. ragde

    Some Bottle Design Tricks

    Hi Friends: Here we are again with a new Tutorial (maybe it is not a real tutorial!). It is going to deal with Bottle Design details, like ornaments, grooves, depressions, angled necks, special bottoms, etc. I want to point out that all this stuff can be done in many ways, I am going to present just one way to do them. So, be prepared! See you...
  2. Dear guys: Some friends sent me some e-mails asking for more info on the piercing (and some other) relationships and their use on lofting, so I prepared this little tutorial for them. I know that this does not cover all the possibilities, but I hope that them get some help from this... So, let's begin...
  3. ragde

    Jewelry Modeling

    Dear friends: Let's model this: See you soon
  4. ragde

    Chess Knight Break Down

    Hello Friends: Here we are with the process breakdown for the first Chess Knight trial that I made for the November 06 3D Modeling Challenge. I hope this would help some friends... See you around guys. Ciao and... Good Modeling!!
  5. ragde

    Small Bottle Modeling

    Hi friends: Here we are again with apparently a very simple bottle, but when you come to decide how your are going to model it, you have to face some practical challenges. Lets see...
  6. I was hanging around on the forum and I found the Gas Mask 2D Sketch Challenge. And really I couldn't wait to model this... So, what do you think? Do you want to give it a try?... Ciao.
  7. ragde

    How To Use Solidworks Indent Feature?

    Here another help. Little Indent feature Video Ciao
  8. ragde

    Exotic Flower

    Dear Friends: We are going to start a new tutorial about this exotic flower...
  9. Dear friends: Nro 3. won the poll for March 3D Modeling Challenge... So lets' get started... Ciao Ragde
  10. ragde

    "twisted" Perfume Bottle

    Hey Friends. This time let's do a Twisted Perfume Bottle as the one on the image... Use the "equal" relationship for all the sides of the square Remember: Just ONE Curve per Sketch Of course you can do this with the Lofted Boss feature instead (solid)
  11. ragde

    Milk Half Gallon Tutorial

    Hello friends: For the colleagues that enlisted for this tutorial... and for all of you, here we are... This is the project for this tutorial, so be prepared... We are going to start in few hours from now See you all !!
  12. ragde

    October 3d Modeling Challenge

    Nice Moseleys3 ! The only thing: Would be nice to see more of the model. Choose another angle of view for the image. Ciao. Congrats!
  13. Dear friends: The Diving Knife won the poll, as you can see: In short we will be posting the technical drawings and images of the Knife. Be prepared!! Ciao
  14. Dear Friends: Here we are for the 3D Modeling Design Challenge for this month of September. Here we posted the Image and Drawings for the Headset 3 (The Item winner in the last poll)... So. GET STARTED and Enjoy Modeling!!... As always, this is not a tutorial, but we can share methods, ideas, advices, etc.. Headset Front... Headset Right view... Headset Top... Notes: You can modify the sketches to include details not shown in them but visible in the image. You can infere the missing dimensions from the sketch itself. See you all, and... GOOD MODELLING !!!
  15. ragde

    October 3d Modeling Challenge

    Hi Yarcee: Try this: From Ragde's Site Ciao
  16. ragde

    October 3d Modeling Challenge

    Mark: Just Perfect!! ri cc: Thanks
  17. ragde

    Gamepad Tutorial

    Dear friends: Here we are... Let's model this Gamepad... so stay tuned!! ciao
  18. Dear Friends: Here we are again for the April 2007 3D Modeling Challenge. This time, thanks to friend Daan, we are going to have a "double" challenge: One Advanced and the Regular one. For those who feel that can deal with the Advanced Item, then go On!.(Start right away!). THE REGULAR CHALLENGE MODEL WILL BE THE NUMBER 2. For the mouse here's the layout file supplied by Daan... http://www.it.fnt.hu.nl/~pde/files/Files%2...e_layout.SLDPRT See you, and... Good Modeling!!
  19. ragde

    Small Bottle Modeling

    Hi Roger: Excellent job!. That thing with the overlap is very interesting. The point is that with PhotoWorks things are not so easy, if I overlap in PhotoWorks the outcome is not good. So that's why I use the gap. Whatizhisname: I reccomend you to download the model in my website, so you can check all the details. (Sorry, but now I have a lot of things going on, and the time for me has become "fugitive"). Hi Domo! Oh my God! I did no see your post until now (I was very busy!). Sorry. Very nice work!. I think I used plastic too. Ciao
  20. ragde

    Small Bottle Modeling

    Wao! Very nice render Mikahb
  21. ragde

    Small Bottle Modeling

    Aaron: Very nice work!. Ciao
  22. Hi friends: I think this is a good 3D challenge!... See you...
  23. ragde

    Simple Bracelet Modeling

    Nice Work Mark! ciao
  24. ragde

    Gamepad Tutorial

    Very nice Cris. Congrats!

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