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  1. ragde

    How To Use Solidworks Indent Feature?

    Here another help. Little Indent feature Video Ciao
  2. ragde

    October 3d Modeling Challenge

    Nice Moseleys3 ! The only thing: Would be nice to see more of the model. Choose another angle of view for the image. Ciao. Congrats!
  3. ragde

    October 3d Modeling Challenge

    Hi Yarcee: Try this: From Ragde's Site Ciao
  4. ragde

    October 3d Modeling Challenge

    Mark: Just Perfect!! ri cc: Thanks
  5. ragde

    Small Bottle Modeling

    Hi Roger: Excellent job!. That thing with the overlap is very interesting. The point is that with PhotoWorks things are not so easy, if I overlap in PhotoWorks the outcome is not good. So that's why I use the gap. Whatizhisname: I reccomend you to download the model in my website, so you can check all the details. (Sorry, but now I have a lot of things going on, and the time for me has become "fugitive"). Hi Domo! Oh my God! I did no see your post until now (I was very busy!). Sorry. Very nice work!. I think I used plastic too. Ciao
  6. ragde

    Small Bottle Modeling

    Wao! Very nice render Mikahb
  7. ragde

    Small Bottle Modeling

    Aaron: Very nice work!. Ciao
  8. ragde

    Simple Bracelet Modeling

    Nice Work Mark! ciao
  9. ragde

    Gamepad Tutorial

    Very nice Cris. Congrats!
  10. ragde

    October 3d Modeling Challenge

    Hi Pavla: The original dimensions we put in the first drawing are in mm. But they are just as references, so feel free to modify them. Ciao
  11. ragde

    Ragde's Website Is Up Again!

    Thanks guys. No, a friend of mine did the layout, I just managed to change little things. I am just learning and playing around with Dreamweaver. Ciao
  12. Dear friends: After a disaster I managed to build almost everything on my website. Need some further adjustments. So hope to see you there! Ciao Ragde
  13. ragde

    Gamepad Tutorial

    Very, Very Nice Felke! ciao
  14. ragde

    October 3d Modeling Challenge

    Very Nice work Damir! ciao

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