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  1. Hi, I would like to show contemporary version of the Syrena - which was the Polish cult vehicle many years ago. And here http://www.flickr.co...N03/3735484893/ you can find the oryginal photo of FSO Syrena. What do you think?
  2. Pawel Keska

    Configurations In Driveworksexpress

    Mayby ask here http://www.driveworksxpress.com/index.php/community/forum. In Sw with Excel you can manage your model as well, bacause driveworksxpress has some limitation.
  3. Pawel Keska

    Solidworks Draft Edge With Fillets

    DratXpert should resolve this, but not sure if in this case can do that... See SW Training Files - Essential > lesson 8 > case study and draftXpert.sldprt example.
  4. Pawel Keska

    Help Please! (Solidworks Loft)

    I think best would be to split the face in this smaller part becasue connectors (under RMB when you click on face/sketch) should have their counterparts in oposite side. Hope that helps, if not post your file then I can show you what I meant.
  5. Pawel Keska

    Solidworks 2010 Materials

  6. ok, you're right ... I am an engineer and looking from a different perspective at some things. Therefore, if I see an animation on webpages looks like a photomontage I don't like that. Sometimes when you show a completely abstract deformation can spoil the effect... @cash68 - if you need any problem with SW animation I will try to help you
  7. Ok, but this animation using flex feature cannot show realistic deformation - it needs mesh and FEA calculation. YOu cannot show colours as well, which presents strong enough areas... It is my opinion.
  8. You cannot view the results of analysis in real-time, all time must be re-calculated. So, there is no option to set HQ renderings like in PhotoWorks/PhotoView. Of coure you can display model with mesh or not, you can set deformation scale and choose colours etc. And animations settings. I'm not sure what you exactly try to do, show k-factor or displacement?
  9. You should use Simulation add-in (from SolidWorks Premium) not flow... Example here>>>
  10. Pawel Keska

    Pc Mouse Design Using Solidworks

    you cannot use a search command? Surfacing a Computer Mouse
  11. Yes, use decals with mask: To better understand this idea go to the Rob Rodriguez site and download Card Reader By: Lin Shaodun.
  12. Pawel Keska

    Modeling Mannequin Form

    Hi, You can insert new planes and using intersection curve from menu tools > sketch tools, in such a way that you create a profile which you need. After modification use loft or other feature to create new surface body. Hope that helps.
  13. Pawel Keska

    Modeling Mannequin Form

    Pls find attached. Of course there is no specyfic dimensions, you can scale up the model. SW model you can download here>>>
  14. Pawel Keska

    Modeling Mannequin Form

    Hi, First - I think, you should decide where the parting line will be. Tomorrow I will post some draft model. Good practice is to learn existing models - examples here
  15. Pawel Keska

    Offsetting In Solidworks

    I think the easiest way is to create a new assembly with virtual components. Then you can copy and paste those parts. Why in assembly? Because very quickly and easy you can manipulate in 3D space, and at the end you can save assembly as multibody part and next combine all bodies if you want. See attached. Assem1.zip
  16. Pawel Keska

    How To Model This In Solidworks

    Hi, Have a look at attached example (SW 2010). It is not a perfect but you can find some ways to do similar like this. starship.zip
  17. Sorry, comments in Polish only.
  18. There is not another way. You can force rebuild CTRL+Q if assembly was not modified.
  19. Pawel Keska

    Best Computer For Solidworks?

    Hi, You should check out webpages:http://www.solidmuse.com/benchmarks/solidworks-benchmark-punch-holder/ & SolidWorks requirements It depends on what are you going to do, I think min. is 4GB RAM, graphic card Quadro or FirePro and CPU min. 2,5GHZ core duo.
  20. Pawel Keska

    How To Use Solidworks Indent Feature?

    Sometimes you cannot use indent feature directly...so, you can find my example. Test2.zip

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