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  1. hiyomijo

    Modeling Mannequin Form

    Hey Pawel, Thanks for the post. Your model looks very good. I just wonder how one might be able to properly apply the shoulder dimensions from the first image and maintain the overall shape of the form? Any thoughts?
  2. hiyomijo

    Modeling Mannequin Form

    @Kevin Thank you for the suggestion; I do think that would be a good approach in some instances. However, I feel that this model is something that can be developed through surface modeling alone. Plus, it's good for the skills.
  3. hiyomijo

    Modeling Mannequin Form

    This is the form that I've developed thus far. It's close, but it's just not there. I started by creating a boundary surface from the base up to just below the shoulder. Then I did another boundary surface from there up to the neck. The shoulder area is too narrow from the side view and not accurate to the dimensions. Also, the bust line is too pointy; it should be more boob-like. Overall the surface is just pretty poor. You can maybe get a better sense of it from the curvature view. It's not very "smooth" overall. The biggest challenge that I had was making the transition from the front of the form to the side (most especially at the shoulder). I'd love for you to try this out as a modeling exercise and let us know the best approach. You can start by using the previous mannequin images as reference sketch pictures.
  4. I have been trying to model this mannequin form recently. I am finding it a bit troublesome around the shoulder area. How would you approach this model using surface modeling is Solidworks?

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