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  1. Hi darrin, Here is an extract from Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended 9 help, If the geometry of a 3D model is converted using a PRC B-rep conversion setting, you can export and use it in CAM and CAE applications. Geometry is translated directly to standard file formats that comply with published specifications: IGES, ParaSolid, STEP, VRML, and STL. Cheers
  2. DannyT

    Keyshot Learnin

    Sure can, here you go.... http://www.keyshot.com/downloads/
  3. High end Siemens NX The rest http://www.tech-edv.co.at/lunix/CADlinks.html some of these might be unsupported now or obsolete. Cheers
  4. Hi Mark, you could start with Hanser Publications they produce a good source of technical books for the plastic industry. https://www.hanserpublications.com/categories.php?cid=623 Cheers
  5. Hi patywagon, You can take the screen shot anytime you want it doesn't matter that it is still cooking, once it reaches the point you feel satisfied you can save it at that point. As for the decals on clear, just model a surface the same size as the logo with your drum and place the decal on that. Just one more thing, you're better off asking these questions on the Bunkspeed forum or go through the video tutorials they have, i believe there is one on decals.
  6. Hi patywagon, Keyshot does most of it's calculations via CPU it will utilise all the cores you have, so the more cores you have the better. The Antialiasing setting is under the Render tab just above the Shadow setting, what I would suggest is that you go through the settings and see what each setting does or go to the Hypershot forums and search for the things you want to know, Keyshot was Hypershot so the answers would relate http://hypershot.hyperboards.com/index.php Cheers
  7. DannyT

    Tape Measure

    Hi cell, Just one question, I've seen digital readouts on laser 'tape' measures and they take the body into account when measuring, I'm just curious, being a physical tape where would your datum point be in relation to the digital reading? I also have to agree about the trap door, IMO it would be an annoyance.
  8. DannyT

    Chevrolet Bearclaw

    I can't sketch for the life of me and personally you've done a not bad job, but I do have eyes and it does look a little out of proportion, I do agree with the other comments as it does look skinny and the view angle is probably not the best view, but hey I'm not an expert, I would research car photography on the net to get a feel of what view angles are the norm or in vogue at the moment, keep it up and keep posting because the more comments you get the more you learn I had a fiddle in photoshop with the transforming tools to try and show what I felt was more pleasing to the eye, hope you don't mind. Cheers
  9. Hi patywagon, You have two shadow settings in Keyshot, the first in the 'settings' tab is for preview mode and the one in the render tab is for the final render which will give you a more refined image, if you leave the preview/screen view cook long enough you end up with a pretty good image, depends what you want to do with the image that governs if you want a good enough image or a better finer render, try it out and see the difference, if your happy with the screen shot then you've saved a bit of time.
  10. Hi Eric, This might help http://developer.apple.com/programs/ipod/cases.html Cheers
  11. This! There's isn't anything better that can handle most common CAD formats and output the cleanest meshes by far for rendering.
  12. DannyT

    Hypershot Is Dead. Wtf.

    Yes, I believe so. Just check out their site. Cheers
  13. DannyT

    Hypershot Is Dead. Wtf.

    'Move' is a rendering and animation package. Hypershot was just static renderings you didn't need Hypershot to run Move or visa versa. Cheers
  14. Adam, just Google images Technical Drawings you'll get the idea. Cheers
  15. Obviously not! Hi Adam, Autocad is a fully featured mainstream cad program, for someone not in the cad world who just wants some basic lines and dimensions Autocad will be too overwhelming and expensive. Depending how detailed you what to get or what info you want to convey, if it's really simple stuff have you thought about your office software like Microsoft Office or OpenOffice they have your basic drawing tools providing you don't need oodles of dimensions. If you want to go more into the CAD specific software that is simple and free, I would suggest you start HERE or you can check this freebie HERE if you want 2d and maybe dabble in 3d later on when you get the feel for CAD.

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