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    admin reacted to IceCalibre in New Sketch, Opinions?   
    Looks good!
    It seems from the other sketches that you can cover a fairly wide range of styles which is beneficial; everyone has a different look they prefer. If you're going to school for this sort of thing you'll probably pick up that certain professors like certain styles - sometimes you can use this to your advantage.
    The perspective on the wheels and things look mostly spot on, but on a few the car body geometry is a little bit lopsided. Minor things, keep sketching and working the little kinks out. You seem to be figuring it out, there is a difference between what I assume are older and newer sketches.
    I'd say you're on your way for portfolio pieces. The website might be pruned a bit (taking out older, weaker sketches etc.) and perhaps professionalized (statements like "That's all folks" seem a wee too casual).
    Keep sketching, you're on your way.
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    admin reacted to Pawel Keska in Modeling Mannequin Form   
    Pls find attached.
    Of course there is no specyfic dimensions, you can scale up the model.

    SW model you can download here>>>
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    admin reacted to BBrandDesign in How Can Consumer Products Be So Inexpensive?   
    All the expensive products are always high involvement products because a consumer pays attention to buy them. Shipping costs reduce the price advantage of online merchandise, though depending on the jurisdiction, a lack of sales tax may compensate for this. Shipping a small number of items, especially from another country, is much more expensive than making the larger shipments bricks-and-mortar retailers order. Some retailers (especially those selling small, high-value items like electronics) offer free shipping on sufficiently large orders.
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    admin reacted to BBrandDesign in 3d Printing   
    Three Dimensional Printing can substantially reduce the time to market for new products, enhance product quality by improving the coupling between design and manufacturing, and lower product cost by reducing development and tooling costs. Plastic films have outstanding properties as heat stability; transparency and durability allow successful vacuum metallizing, and offer tremendous potential for developing new products.
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    admin reacted to Cyberdemon in How Can Consumer Products Be So Inexpensive?   
    If you're interested in this it may be worth taking a business class at a local college.
    In general the process goes like this.
    At the beginning of any project, whether it is a laptop computer, or a trash can the business case needs to be looked at carefully and understood.
    If I'm making a widget I need to know:
    -How much will the NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering/Expenses) be? NRE includes the money I have to pay all my engineers and manufacturer for research, development, and tooling costs associated with a project. NRE is money that includes all of your big costs up front to get the product to market, and is the reason most designers come on these boards with a "Brilliant" idea that never goes anywhere, because they don't have the capital to pay for all the NRE. This usually gets all laid out by a business team or program manager.
    -How many widgets can I sell in a year? To what markets? How will I get products from my warehouse onto store shelves, or websites, or TV commercials. This is typically the responsibility of a marketing person. They dictate the business case and say "it will cost us $1 million dollars to make our widget, but we can sell 500k a year and make $5 profit on each one".
    Generally there is also the idea of margins - which dicate how much profit you want to make on a product. Certain products may have higher or lower margins depending on the space.
    For example - if you sell low run, highly proprietary bike parts you can probably charge very high margins. You know you will sell fewer of them, so you need to make more money on each one to pay for your business. As long as this price will be supported by the market, you may be able to sell something that cost $100 to make for $500.
    Some products have very low margins. If I am selling paper plates I can't expect to sell them for 5 times what it costs to make them. I may have to sell a $1 plate for $1.50, but I know I'll sell millions so the profit will be realized and I can still be competitive.
    There are business models that are even more complex these days.
    For example - it may cost Apple almost as much to sell an Ipad as it does to make them. But - they can afford to do this because the Ipad is only a gateway to other services. Now for every iPad sold, Apple may realize an extra $200/year in music downloads, app sales, etc.
    Oh yeah...I knew I had answered this question before...haha
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    admin reacted to Constantin in Bicycle Parking Design   
    Hi, the concept is good but I think way too much material is used. It would be a lot cheaper if the design had a mesh or some sort of grid between the bikes, not an entire wall. I'm thinking of this from the cost perspective.
    Also, I think the aspect would gain from this change. In my opinion, it would be friendlier object to use.
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    admin reacted to MichaelB in Pontiac And Other Vehicles   
    I'm not sure if you happened to read a comment I left for you only a few weeks ago. But if you didn't then here ya go. I don't see any inspiration or basic understanding of how renderings work. Here's a challenge for you. In your next post, show us that you know a process of creating form. Try drawing something OTHER than a vehicle, like a spray bottle or a pair of sunglasses. Oh, and here's the catch, don't do it on the computer. Do it in pencil, or pen and marker. And like I said in my previous reply to one of your post, in the past few years that you have been throwing up sketches, I haven't seen a whole of improvement. Here's just an example, I'm a graphic designer but I dive into other things to keep my mind working.

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    admin reacted to mizbot in Body Armour Concept   
    Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to show you guys my Body armour project which i called... Evo "falcon". This project was a mixture of my branding and product design capabilities, its been a while since i finished it but itd be nice to get some thoughts, ideas and comments
    I started off with a brand name which I called EVO Equipment, the idea being that EVO creates revolutionary sports gear that is versatile and high tech. The idea came for the armour was a mixture of car air bag tech and how it could be integrated into motor cycle jackets, then i went a bit further and thought well if you made it light enough and flexible it could be used in any sport situation and so the EVO falcon body armour was born...
    The idea is that when a high impact is detected on the surface of the armour, the braces around the front that surround the chest and back inflate. Air.. Co2, shoots from a cannister behind the wearer into the bags inflating them instantly. I wanted to be realistic in the sense that there is only certain size CO2 bottle that a person could carry whilst doing sports and the size of the airbags and that there had to be as little restriction to movement as possible, so there are gaps in the armour before the bags inflate but after were looking at full body protection.
    anyways thats the idea...i didnt want to spend too much time creating the armour in a 3d package so i rendered them up in PS, i might 3d it up soon if i get time...

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    admin reacted to Cyberdemon in Why Is The Forum So Slow?   
    Great news...is there any way of automating this so that it automatically pairs up anyone's old account with the new account assuming they haven't changed screen names?
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    admin reacted to vander in Random Auto Sketches   
    First of all I would strongly recommend that you lose the attitude ... it really isn't going to get you anywhere. Most of the users on this board are only trying to help each other to improve their skills. Whether the comments are positive or negative they are intended to push you to further your skills, if you can't deal with that fact then industrial design really isn't for you.
    I actually agree with a lot with what cyberdemon had to say. If you google industrial design sketches you will notice that none of the sketches look like the ones you have posted. The reason you do not see sketches like the ones you have posted is mainly due to efficiency, in ID school they teach you to communicate a design as quickly and efficiently as possible, hence the emphasis on line weight and minimal shading in sketches. Additionally we are taught to create lines in a single stroke as opposed to going over the same line many times to get it right.(often referred to as chicken scratch) This is the primary reason ID sketches have a particular look to them.
    In regards to them being refereed to as highschool sketches, its not that they are trying to put you down or suggest you lack skill, its because the style in which they are drawn is what is taught in an art class, typically highschool for most of us. This is exactly the kind of comments we all received when we entered ID school. What you need to take away from this is that ID sketches have a particular style to them which we are all taught, and now we are only trying to pass this knowledge on to you.
    So keep up the good work and hopefully you can put your ego aside so that you can gain some valuable knowledge from some of the more experienced users on the site.
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    admin reacted to mart2010uk in +++Questionnaire. Design For Portable Technology Accessories 2011+++   
    Hope not too late, just done it.
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    admin reacted to streamliner in Need Some Ingenuity. Convertible Sofa Design For Rv   
    Do they not use the cushions as the bedding mattress in this situation? Where will u place the mattress during the day and where will you put the cushions at night?
    I would be look at a different opening system something similar to that of a drawer mechanism but cheaper. Could you do something with box metal that inserts into its self or would that be still too heavy?
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    admin reacted to Cyberdemon in Why Is The Forum So Slow?   
    Losing the accounts sucked, but that really isn't the end of the world. I've been on several forums where they've lost the complete database (all original posts) when transferring things over. So when you say "nothing was saved" - everything except your accounts was salvaged. All of the posts, all of the attachments, etc. It stinks to see "guest_cash68" in front of your old content but it's all still there.
    It sucks, but accidents happen and the reality is it comes down to a bad situation with a web host who wasn't properly backing up data. Had nothing to do with transferring over the site data, the site data transferred over fine but the member DB was lost after that.
    Forums aren't mutually exclusive, if you like Core77 then post there too. But the only way the forum will not be slow is by people contributing. So if you don't contribute because people aren't contributing then it's just a self fulfilling prophecy I'm afraid.
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    admin reacted to cash68 in Why Is The Forum So Slow?   
    That is a good question. I think social networking has resulted in lower forum activity in general; why interact with strangers when you can find people you know on facebook? Secondly, due to the bang up job of transfering over to whatever forum software this is, everyone lost their accounts. No history. Nothing whatsoever was saved. I was a member here for years, and after that, it makes this place really hard to use if I want to reference/find an earlier post. In fact, it kind of ticks me off to the point where I'm not really sure I care if this place sticks around or not. Core77's forums are a lot better than they used to be.
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    admin reacted to Cyberdemon in Teaching & Learning Of Cad 3D Modelling Packages   
    In terms of learning 3D Software, the best way I've seen it done is a method a professor of mine used after I had already graduated. I didn't experience it firsthand, but discussing the methodologies and seeing the results made me feel it was much more effective than typical approaches.
    The approach used was very analogous to learning how to sketch.
    When learning to sketch, the best way is to start learning very simple objects (curves, planes, primitives, etc) - so this method was applied to the teaching of 3D software. Whereas typical 3D software teaches via tutorials which cover a large range of tools at once, this method would only step through and apply to very limited sets of tools at once. By starting with simple objects and repeating the steps it allows for quicker learning and absorption of skills and tools rather than following instructions to get to a desired result with the hope that those applications will be understood by the student. In this case, Modo was the 3D package used because the nature of sculpting polygons is more analogous to something students understand rather than surfaces and solids.
    Once those basics are understood than more advanced concepts like sculpting and manipulation can occur. From there the student has a basis around several tools on how to create 3D objects and can begin learning to understand the 3D form much better.
    At the end of that first class/semester class students would build something and export it to a 3D printer and there were some very impressive results. A lot of very complex objects and surfaces which would never be achieved by a first time student using a traditional CAD package. (Motorcycle fairings, other very organic shapes which even Class A surfacers would have a tough time with).
    After that the jump to more traditional CAD tools like Solidworks or Alias are more easily understood because the students have a better understanding of how to arrive at certain forms. That happens in a second class/semester.
    I am also a big believer that in order for students to effectively use CAD, it helps to have a solid understanding of some of the math behind things - especially when talking about surfacing. Explaining the differences between tangency and curvature continuity are complex, but can be easily visualized with real world product examples. Same goes for understanding the differences and applications between different curve degrees, etc.
    As a professional, 3D modelling is essential and is all handled in Alias. Freeform surface exploration can be quickly prototyped and felt in the hand. Once a real prototype is evaluated, the 3D Data can be modified and refined and is always directly related to the physical samples. Compare this to sculpting in foam or clay - you may wind up with a fantastic foam model, but the translation to 3D is never as refined or accurate as you would expect, even if working from 3D scan data.
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    admin reacted to Cadjunkie in Which Rendering Software Should I Learn?   
    Hands Down.....Modo, by luxology.
    Sub-d modeler, renderings, and animation.
    And as FYI, iRay is not new, it's the same rendering engine that Bunkspeed now uses. Keyshot use to be what Bunkspeed 'rented' but then switched to iRay. Also purchasing Catia just for renderings is INSANE!!!
    Just 2 cents
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    admin reacted to Kevin De Smet in Ty Nant Bottle Design   
    I'm thinking more like one big cylindrical surface, with plenty of control points and then a lot of pushing and pulling those control vertices. Solidworks may just be doable as well, create a cylinder and extrude it, then use the Freeform feature and add lots of curves and points on those curves, then push and pull.
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    admin reacted to Pawel Keska in Best Computer For Solidworks?   
    You should check out webpages:http://www.solidmuse.com/benchmarks/solidworks-benchmark-punch-holder/
    & SolidWorks requirements
    It depends on what are you going to do, I think min. is 4GB RAM, graphic card Quadro or FirePro and CPU min. 2,5GHZ core duo.
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    admin reacted to Constantin in Sports And Health Related Product And Equipment Design?   
    I would suggest to directly contact companies that you think you would like working for. Get the CV and portfolio ready.
    Also, do not stop at the "careers" web page. Even if the company does not have a job posted, they might be interested in you.
    Make the cover letter, send it to the appropriate person specifying you are interested in this kind of job. the least they will do
    is put you in their database.
    There are all sort of companies, the more you search, the more you'll see you will find.
    Try searching for the designers of a specific product. From their CV, maybe you will find out where they work, what companies are related to the one he/she currently works at, etc... On other words, try to exploit every information you have to might lead you to what you search.
    If you are in a position where an internship would be acceptable, and you would really want to work then, I'd say to give it a shot. If you are good, there is no reason why they wouldn't hire you after this period or later.
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    admin reacted to vahid in Sreet Furniture   
    Good idea!
    Some points to consider.
    It should be easy to open for seating. Over time the mechanism should not become hard to operate. Maybe some sort of lever or something.
    the gaps between the wooden plant will collect dust, dirt and other sort of junk.
    The advertising area is prone to defacement/vandalism, intentional or otherwise (used chewing gums, graffiti, scratches etc)
    You could add swivel legs for the front on the side of the seat in case the two rear legs are not sturdy enough.
    But overall I think it has good potential.
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    admin reacted to RICANJO in Portfolio For University   
    I remember when I was asked for a portfolio when I went to my Universities' interview. I took a digital copy along with me, but the lecturer didn't look at that, he was more interested in the works I had with me, that he could flick through. I took specific Art & Design works and printed off any digital work that was relevant, all mounted on A2 board. Everyone else's portfolio was A4 size. I think I intimidated other people a little hah.
    Your work seems very focused on model making, and these images are your strongest in the portfolio. That said, it is always good to see a variety of different techniques in a portfolio, especially hints of digital 3D modelling experience.
    This is just my opinion, but I hate seeing white sketch sheets on a black background. It's much cleaner to use either pastel colours or leave the background white with a nice border. I have a tendency to use block colours. Also, a key point to remember is to not include too much writing (such as in the first page). Keep it simple. The interviewer will most likely flick through your work, looking at the pretty pictures and not the text. Last criticism (I swear!), and this may be more to do with a touch of OCD, but I really like seeing images displayed in perfect geometric shapes, such as squares or circles. Then, align them to give more structure to the page.
    Good luck with your interview!
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    admin reacted to kapilv in I Need A Bit Of Help !   
    Hello guys! I would like to advise you that if you are deciding the subjects on the basis of demands then both have superb scope but in different field and can differ from country to country so i would like to tell you to look around the your local market. Only that analysis will give you right idea. as far as product designing field is considered I think that basic skills required in it includes generating creative and innovative ideas. Being a product designer you should be able to do research about your product and should also be able to understand popular marketing and manufacturing trends of the industry. If you think that you would love to watch yourself doing these kinds of things then go ahead, product design field can be yours. At last what is more important that choose a subject according to your capability not according to your needs because if you will your self as specialists in a field then nobody can stop you? I personally think this.
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    admin reacted to riege_st in Portfolio For University   
    your overall graphic design seems to be very prominent, maybe you could make it a little simpler - text doesn't need to be that large, especially on A3
    one thing i am concerned, that i don't get what some of your designs are doing(or what the advantages are) (but maybe its just me) and some stuff seems to overlap. so try to separate projects visually - e.g a final page which shows your product in action (so people understand what your product is supposed to do)
    the pdf mentions that they want you to include one or two sketchbooks > how is it coming along ?
    at least to me it seems that they want to see your original works, no(or at least only a view) digital prints 
    another overall impression, is that you need to put more effort into sketching, right now there is no need for marker stuff. e.g. the headphone pages are a little visually irritating. buy yourself some prismacolor pencils (or polychromes) and simply shade them.
    maybe you could also include a social inspired project(thats a very trendy topic ;-). think about, how could you make old peoples life better(ask your grand mother).
    link to one of the portfolios from students of that university, maybe we ca sort out what they care most
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    admin reacted to batalela in Sreet Furniture   
    Aesthetically simple solution, contains many technical problems.
    The first and main problem is the special hinge for this purpose which must meet the following requirements:
    - should be strong
    - should be interchangeable, which means that is mounted with screws
    - must have a limiter for a turn of only 90 degrees
    - should have a ring that provides lifetime lubrication
    - should be waterproof
    - should have a torsion spring to return the seat to its original position
    - and to be elegant and safe to use
    Another problem is the seat.
    - should be easy to open and replace the poster.
    - should be waterproof
    - and at the same time to maintain its strength
    Finally, such a product should have a competitive price.
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    admin reacted to riege_st in Portfolio For University   
    its always difficult to give a feedback on portfolios for universities
    do you know what the university is requiring you to show ?
    different universities, have different requirements
    it also helps if you have a look at portfolios which were successful
    maybe you can even meet a professor from the university, ask him whats important for them

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