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    admin reacted to GonzoInventor in Designing A Chess Set For The Blind In 10 Days   
    I am about to attempt to design a chess set for the blind in 10 days as an experiment in showing a "live" product design process. I have to fit it in around so-called real design work, so it might be a bit erratic, but if you wish you can try and follow my progress here: http://duncanmckean....uct-in-10-days/
    Wish me luck.
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    admin reacted to Ronnie_Space in Final Year Project Prototypes.   
    Came across this article with tct magazine,
    Ogle model and prototypes built a prototype for a students final year product.
    Excellent model by Ogle of course, but I thought this was a bit of a cop out..?
    Just remembering a good 6 weeks as a student of blood, sweat and tears making my final year prototype, which included RP, milling, lathe, vacuum forming, fabrication, electronics etc. excellent educational experience.
    This article came across a bit like- 'oh here, you make it'...?
    I may have this wrong, just putting it up for discussion. Perhaps the emphasis on this course/project is not the model making.
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    admin reacted to Lowe9 in Andrew Lowe Web Portfolio   
    Looking for any and all feedback on my portfolio website. Any all comments welcome. I would rather frank discourse than sugar coating.
    I'm gunning for a junior designer position. What do I need to improve on to really wow hiring managers? If you saw this portfolio, would you have me in for an interview?
    Thanks all,
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    admin reacted to vander in Fellow Furniture Designers, Which Cad Software Are You Using? Solidworks Or Autocad?   
    Its actually quite easy to build entire assemblies as parts, you can simply check or uncheck the merge box when creating new features, or only selectively add which parts will be joined, cut, or modified.
    If it is not an overly complicated assembly I find this can actually be quicker, as you can use existing references to build additional parts without having to go back and forth between the assembly and individual parts. Also in this way I can also design multiple components that are referencing certain control dimensions that can easily be modified, which allows the whole model to update all at once.
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    admin reacted to sedesign in Doodles And Other Thingies   
    Quickie semi truck sketch

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    admin reacted to RDVB1980 in Flip Vossen Dutch Industrial Designer Dae Portfolio   
    Hi Flip
    If I may say, it took me a while to figure out that the different menus where on the left. What got me confused was that, when you come in to the web site on the left it says "welcome" in different languages, and there are a few detail shots off your work in the middle (which I immediately clicked to see if I could browse) so when I went into the portfolio, I assumed that on the left was just a description off what I was looking at and not a menu for different projects. I think there is a small discrepancy as you browse through different parts off your portfolio. I would suggest keeping a small detail image off the different projects that you can go into with a click.
    Another thing was the lack off sketches. You have nice final models, some nice renderings, but I would say maybe to much renderings sometimes, and a distinctive lack of sketching. Sketching is a very important skill that you should add to your portfolio.
    I did like the 0 to 10 scale on the computer experience in your cv, but would recommend adding a hyper link to your email address so it is easier for you to be contacted by possible employers.
    But I did enjoy your portfolio.
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    admin got a reaction from AspizeSiskill in The Fourth Maier S. Coop. Design Competition   
    The "Fourth Maier S. Coop. Design Competition", organised by the company Maier S. Coop with the collaboration of the Mondragón Corporation, the Innovation and Financial Promotion Department of the Bizkaia Regional Government, the Department of Industry, Innovation, Commerce and Tourism of the Basque Government, Eide (the Basque Association of Industrial Designers), IED (the European Design Institute), Mondragon Unibertsitatea, UPV-EHU (University of the Basque Country), Escuela Superior de Diseño de La Rioja and ELISAVA (Higher Design School) has become one of the most important design competitions in the automotive vehicle sector.
    With its long, highly qualified list of participants, extensive media coverage, substantial prize money and a prestigious jury whose members are from the design departments of the main European automotive vehicle construction manufacturers, the "Maier S. Coop. International Design Competition" has become an established leader in the Design Competition domain.
    The Competition Organising Committee therefore encourages designers, engineers, students, amateurs and professionals alike, to take part in this year’s competition, presenting their creative and innovative design proposals.
    View the full article
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    admin got a reaction from AspizeSiskill in THE NEW SPARK:PRO AWARDS   
    Exciting news–The Spark Design & Architecture Awards, also referred to as "Spark Pro," will now focus on work that has been built (produced, realized or in pre-production). This competition no longer includes design work in the idea or proposal stage, which now can be found in a dedicated competition called Spark:Concept.
    Both competitions continue Spark's core mission, Criteria and Categories.
    Please review the important sections below for information on the registration process—they answer almost any question you can think of.
    Thanks for your interest in Spark. Please tell your friends—there's a new home for Good Design!
    The New Spark Awards will divide the former competition into two new awards series for design entries, determined by their degree of “realization.” This division will allow for greater focus and dedicated resources for each type of design. Spark is international in scope and accepts entries from all designers, everywhere.
    a. Spark Concept Design, for work that is essentially an idea
    b. The Spark Design & Architecture Awards, for work that has been built (produced, realized or in pre-production)
    Spark:Pro will continue on the annual schedule established in 2008, with a Call For Entry February 1, and final deadline, Jury and Awards Celebrations in late September.
    The Competition will be judged along the same lines as earlier Spark events—same Criteria, Categories, website and branding. They are multi-disciplinary and multi-level. Spark is a two-phase competition. There are two pricing tiers–one for companies and professional designers, and a second for NGO's and non-profit organizations (Status must be provable with to win a Spark).
    Spark juries are new for each competition, international and come from across the spectrum of design disciplines, media, educators and experts.
    Entrants will initially upload three low-resolution, 72 DPI images of their work, plus Finalists will send one high-resolution (300 DPI) image sized to fit an A0 board (sent to our Hi-res partner-site). Entrants will also supply a short description (synopsis) of up to 125 words, and a longer description of up to 1,000 words. All entries and their descriptions must be in English.
    The Phase One jury will review entries at each deadline (Early and Standard). Status will be announced on a rolling basis, as judgments are determined. Finalists will pay a "hanging fee" to proceed in the competition, and send their work (or high-quality display board) to the Jury site in San Francisco, California.
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    admin got a reaction from rhitlyWooli in Forum tip: how to post links/images/videos   
    Read this topic to get help with posting images and videos:
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    admin reacted to roger in Win A 50 Usd Prototyping Voucher!   
    50 USD Voucher Prototyping QUIZZ
    Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!
    To have a great start of the new year 2012 we, Prototypingchina.com by Triple-c will start a promotional quizz. The winner will get a voucher worth of 50 usd to make a rapid prototype (or prototypes) at our company. It is very simple: you just have to answer 4 questions and who has answered them all correct (or is the closest) will get the voucher!
    1> what 3 types of prototype services do we deliver?
    2> who's the partner of the owner? ( full name)
    3> Where and what did the owner of Prototypingchina.com study?
    4> What other related service to prototyping delivers Triple-c and what is their website?
    please send you answers before the 12th of january 2012 to roger@prototypingchina.com
    any questions you can post here, thanks!
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    admin reacted to Bwaugh in Brad's Sketchbook   
    new tablet!

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    admin reacted to FusionMark in Fw3011 Carbon Racing Sleigh   
    Hi Guy's,
    Check out my entry for the 3DPrintUK December competition! The brief was to create Santas sleigh for 3011! After a couple doodles I knew this was a great opportunity to create something fast and with no design constraints! The model was created in Solidworks and took about a week to produce.
    More details can be found on my website: fusionweld.com, let me know what you think!

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    admin reacted to caraulani in Giving Back To Productdesignforum   
    3 years ago this forum gave me all i needed to create my portfolio. That portfolio helped me study at one of England`s top design universities. I now feel that i need to give back to the community that i always lurked around and learned.
    I recently created my blog, and I intend to share it with people that seek what i always searched for in the past years, what i always hoped to find in one place, and had to fight for. My output (or as some call it , portfolio) will be presented in a organic structure which hopefully will reveal more than a end result, but the process that always remains hidden.
    Hope you find it useful as i did.
    ps. yesterday i was featured a article on productdesignhub, and because it resonates with what i said here, i urge you to read and share.
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    admin reacted to Cpt_Mar in Engineering In Design?   
    Hi ZexeL,
    the main reason why it is so important to have an appropriate background in fundamentals of engineering is simple.
    A designer is mainly one of the first entities in the product development chain.
    By his draft he defines the initial conditions (material of choice and geometry) of the future products. Hence all necessary manufacturing and production technologies are pre-defined by these initial conditions, too.
    In turn, like claimed in all construction methodology classes, the industrial design of the product (materials and geometry) determines more than 70% of the total product development and manufacturing costs, because the product design can hardly be changed subsequently within the following product development chain stages.
    To generate sustainable and eco-efficient design fundamentals in engineering (physics, mathematics, materials etc.) and especially production technology is necessary for a successful product designer.
    Hope this was helpful?

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    admin reacted to Cyberdemon in Modify Gforce Laptop To Quadro For 3D Cad   
    Keep in mind soft modding was primarily around desktop cards - so it doesn't help if you're trying to use it on a laptop.
    A modern Geforce card is plenty capable for most applications. And if you need the dedicated workstation support you're stuck forking over the cash for a workstation. If you want to be more budget minded look for a refurbished Dell machine on their outlet site.
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    admin reacted to zxys in Modify Gforce Laptop To Quadro For 3D Cad   
    yeah, if you can downgrade, you may be able to get it to work but... looks like nVidia did not like this and worked more to lock out the mod options..
    .. it was http://www.guru3d.com/ .. but, may be this can be of some help??
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    admin reacted to vander in Rotomoulding   
    where are you located? I know a few companies in North America
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    admin got a reaction from Betty Li in Visions of Future Boating   
    We are looking for future visions of leisure time boating. The contest is open for students and design-enthusiasts around the world. We are searching for radically new concepts and meanings of future recreational boating in diverse cultures around the world. Three winning entries will be granted a cash prize award. The total sum of awards is € 6000.
    The group is interested in envisioning and conceptualizing future ways of boating in design-oriented ways. Social changes are regarded as important as technological enablers in shaping the future of recreational boating.
    How would YOU like to spend time on the water?
    Over time, recreational boating has shaped into different modes around the world. In some regions, recreational boating has been regarded as a privilege of the upper class. Owning a boat might be expensive. Sustainability of motor boating is questionable. Lifestyles are changing; modern life is busy and urban. Do we have the possibility to spend time on the water anymore? What could be the sustainable ways of boating?
    Recreational boating can be seen as an empowering activity. When boating, one has the opportunity to relax in direct contact with nature. Boating has the potential to provide a huge variety of experiences – from memories of spending time together with friends to intensive experiences of discovery and surviving.
    How could the future of boating look like? How would YOU like to spend time on the water? What kind of experiences could boating offer you and your close ones? We encourage you to take into account your local circumstances and culture and envision your own boating dream. Choose one of the themes described below. You can also mix themes, if needed.
    We are open to radically new ideas. It is not necessary to focus on technical or hydrodynamic details. We ask you to envision a new meaning for boats and boating. To inspire you, we offer you design drivers and enabling technologies. You can find this inspirational material here: design drivers and enabling technologies.
    View the full article
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    admin got a reaction from Dastardly_Dave in Sketch Rendering Tutorial   
    Use the polygonal lasso and paint bucket tools to color the red surfaces

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    admin got a reaction from streamliner in Sketch Rendering Tutorial   
    Dear members,
    I have recently done a quick sketch rendering demo in my company, and I have prepared a step by step screenshots tutorial that I'd like to share here with you all.
    Basically it is showing what tools and techniques I use to render a quick concept sketch line drawing using the mouse only. No pen tablet is needed, really.
    The time I spent for this one is around 1 hour, including making the screenshots.
    In my daily work, I think I must be able to render 8 of these illustrations in one day. They can be used for internal concepts reviews, or even reviewing with the client in the early concept stage.
    Of course you can spend more time on more details, but for this demo the purpose is to quickly render the basic coloring,shading,lighting and highlights.
    I have used the Eton Axis radio for this tutorial. This product is absolutely a great object to practice your sketching skills. It has basic geometries like cylinders and boxes. Actually I did a sketch demo for this one too, but I don't think I should cover that, as there are many good sketch demos available online already. By the way, my sketch is not perfect (ellipses are off), but it should be good enough
    The following 4 Photoshop tools are the most important ones for this particular tutorial:
    - Layers :separate the different materials/colors
    - Polygonal lasso + Paint bucket : color large surfaces
    - Brush : color smaller surface
    - Dodge + Burn : lighting and shading surfaces
    All right, so here we go.
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    admin reacted to jj-mo in Why Is The Forum So Slow?   
    I do belong to other forums unrelated to design...and something that is very useful is emails... When i create or contribute to a thread, I am emailed daily about what is going on in that thread. If there are no responses then I am not emailed BUT even if it has been a week without action, it will still email if there is a response.
    To whoever runs this forum: the forum i am referring to is thumpertalk, it is a dirt bike forum, i dont know, if you wanted to contact them and ask how they do this they may help you...really helpful guys it seems.
    I see a lot of potential on this forum bases on the views!...but i must ask, do none members count as views? if so, it seems you need to entice people do sign up, maybe by restricting what none members can do even more that what you already do.
    thats just my 2 cents
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    admin reacted to Rietveld in Spring Semester Ipd   
    Sorry for the late reply. The 2nd semester starts indeed at February 6th. There might be some master introduction however for the people starting. This could be in the week before that, but I am not sure about this.
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    admin got a reaction from 08002991@napier.ac.uk in Especially For Designers, Hilarious Read   
    Today a colleague of mine share a hilarious read:
    I have shared this on our Twitter network and Facebook fanpage,
    and I thought I should post it here if you have missed it.
    So funny
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    admin got a reaction from streamliner in 1Hdc Winning Super Soaker Concept Sketch   
    Hey folks,
    Just want to share my Super Soaker Concept Sketch here, cause I won my bragging rights with the August 1HDC:
    Check the announcement HERE
    And there is a new 1HDC running now. Join and win here
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    admin got a reaction from emo angel in Design Feature Which Attaches Wheels To A Trolley And Allow Them To Be Easily Removed?   
    Well, check out the casters from infant strollers. Most of them have removable wheels.

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