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    admin reacted to deldesigns in Solidworks Beginners Tutorials   
    Ive started my own Youtube channel ( http://www.youtube.com/user/HendiSolidworks/videos?view=0) with beginners Solidworks tutorials check out my channel and tell me what you think . I've done tutorials on -
    - Bottle Opener
    - Table
    - Door Handle
    - Picture Holder
    - Marker Pen
    - Axis
    - Apple Magic Mouse
    - Simple Fan
    - Compressor /Turbine Fan
    - Rope Wire
    - Compression Spring
    - Drain Pipe
    Some of the rendered Images attached
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    admin reacted to ben collette in A Blog For Designers And Process Lovers   
    Hey there.
    I've been putting together a videolog called product by process
    you can find it there: www.productbyprocess.com
    It contain already more than 300 videos about processes ,materials, interesting manufacturing ideas and so on.
    It's been a passion of mine since a while now and i thought that sharing those videos could help and inform a lot of us here that are passionate about their job and about processes in general.
    Don't hesitate to visit it and "like" it on facebook to receive any new video directly on facebook .
    ps . i used to have a profile here under the name benko in 2004 but i cannot find it anymore. oh well
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    admin reacted to The Crazy Swede in The 79 Coupe   
    Every now and then I try to make time for a personal project, to strengthen my brand and evolve as a designer. By entering my own lab, I can experiment with new techniques, workflows and indulge in an area that inspires me. It is very useful to go into the gym and define certain muscles even more. Creativity must be fun, it must be a positive challenge - something that triggers you to continue to work hard. Cause it sure is hard work. Everyone working in the creative industries have different ways to get back to the starting point that once made us decide on this as a career. It is so important to recognize your own triggers.
    Sometimes you get one of those ideas that simply needs to be born and realized in some way. This is one of those.
    This project started out pretty small, but ended up pretty big Starting out by showing a couple of concept renders.

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    admin reacted to The Crazy Swede in The 79 Coupe   
    A few renders from the first race. Great light on a beautiful track in so-cal.

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    admin reacted to w i l l in Doodles And Other Thingies   
    Upright printer thoughts....

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    admin reacted to w i l l in Doodles And Other Thingies   
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    admin reacted to Bwaugh in Brad's Sketchbook   
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    admin reacted to parel in Need Advice To Make Fake Pills And Sushi   
    You can always buy fake sushi from places that sell fake food for restaraunts http://www.justdezineit.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1
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    admin reacted to Creative Juice in Advice On Direction   
    Hi, Hopefully these advice counts -
    You don't have to have a day job to build a career on design, and I disagree that material science does not offer room for creativity. Robert Kiyosaki would have hated me for this, but you should finish your material science degree - you can build a career from that and there are no bars to limit your creativity about that. As for your design career, you can market your designs in the internet and start out your company and learn from there. You will most likely be starting from scratch but at least you will know your true capacity and no one will ever limit what you want to do.
    At the end of the day, if you don't really like your course, start out a new. If you don't see any fulfillment, go quit and start with a course at design.
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    admin reacted to boonendesign in Wacom Inkling, The Ultimate Designer's Sketching Tool   
    I have an Inkling Wacom and it is very useable. You can now take first idea sketches on paper and import them into PS or sketchbook designer (as vector!).
    Some thoughts about this tool: fast sketching is a problem; the sensor can't follow fast movements. You can't use every surface of your paper; the sensor isnt wide enough to follow the pen. ALso is the sensor quite big. The next gen inkling would be thinner and less heavy.
    But for a primus product in this categorie is it very impressive and cool to use. Mostly i use it when i'm traveling or on vacation. You have it always digital!
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    admin reacted to FusionMark in Fusionweld 2012 Chopper   
    Hey Guy's,
    I have also created some YouTube clips that show some of the "Technical" Solidworks stages and a clip on my "Design" process. I would love to know what you guys think!
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    admin reacted to GreatStar in Made Better In China   
    I think so. More and more chinese brands have strong competitiveness in the international market.
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    admin got a reaction from twonedigital in I Am A Product Design Student And I Need Help!?   
    'Design of everyday things' by Donald Norman
    Google it and more books about design by him.
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    admin got a reaction from Cristhian in Bathroom Sink Organiser (Need Feedback Urgently!)   
    I would make the corners less sharp and put the prototype in the real bathroom environment near the sink to see how it fits with the rest
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    admin got a reaction from Cristhian in Bathroom Sink Organiser (Need Feedback Urgently!)   
    I would make the corners less sharp and put the prototype in the real bathroom environment near the sink to see how it fits with the rest
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    admin reacted to R.P.S in Poll: Crowdfunding Here? Yes Or No?   
    yes i know that page is filled with more or less useful ideas from housewife to fisherman unfiltered regarding the IP situation or existing products and funny they pay 10 dollar submission fee they could easy save by asking google.
    And this part here quote:
    "▼ What happens to intellectual property when I submit an idea to Quirky for consideration?
    By submitting your idea to Quirky, you grant a license in all IP in the submission to Quirky and the Quirky community of users to consider and comment on your submission within the Quirky platform. If Quirky accepts your submission for further development and possibly eventual commercialization, you assign ownership in all IP in the submission to Quirky."
    Sounds not realy good to me. Anyway i still think here would be the right place for Design related crowd-funding.
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    admin reacted to designworks in Black Teflon Coating Vs Black Nickel Plating   
    Black nickel plating is said to be an alloy deposit from nickel and zinc... the corosion resistance is somehow questionable because basically, nickel plating is just the conversion of the coating of the nickel's surface. However, in terms of accuracy and due to the fact that the process is inexpensive because it is readily electroformable. On the other hand teflon coating or PTFE is widely used in different ways, from the kitchen to the outer space, it is weatherproof and self lubricating it may also be considered cost effective. Teflon is moste commonly used for nozzles so with this two I think it is more practical to go for teflon.
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    admin reacted to R.P.S in Designing A Chess Set For The Blind In 10 Days   
    Very nice project. Thats close to be right and ready. The version with the cubes are the right way now you have to solve only the biggest problem that is to overview the chessboard/battlefield the cubes should be just flat rectangular buttons 8mm high with the identification on the face and the black and white play-fields has to be movable up and down ( you know the magnet clips for glas-doors push them once they close push them twice they release) the result would be an flat play surface the blind player could "overview" the whole field and figures before doing his move by pushing on (example) tower and move it to the new location. I would as well consider rips between the black and white fields to identify the coordinate (A,7-A,2) just my thought on it.
    good luck
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    admin reacted to designworks in Industry   
    It generally depends on where you are and your target market. Do a list of your expertise VS your target by then you can at least do a narrower approach on where your skill will be much needed, therefore, you will be benefited more too
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    admin reacted to designworks in How To Get The Clients From Linkedin?   
    To make the most of linkedin and find clients I suggest you do the following:
    -complete profile
    -previous job details
    -emphasize you strengths
    -Do not forget to include your portfolio and your website's link
    -participate and communicate with people in that virtual community as much as possible. This is basically because you will be able to communicate with fellow clients, seekers and vendors. By having a broad connection, you will also be able to be ranked when it comes to searches.
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    admin reacted to designworks in Online Education?   
    Online classes give you much flexibility on your schedules... It is a great option considering your current situation. However, I also agree with daninspire... so if you ever get to such scenario make sure to exert extra effort to fill in the gaps.
    Good luck
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    admin reacted to Daniel Bailey in Conceptkicks.com - Footwear Design Digital Magazine/resource   
    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to share a new digital magazine dedicated to all things footwear design. From sketches, renderings and samples to inspirational images and tutorials, ConceptKICKS tries to shine the spotlight on the many amazing footwear designers in the industry, as well as inspiring and helping the next ones up.
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    admin reacted to Annelca in Post Graduation Degree In Product / Industrial Design   
    i recently graduate from Politecnico di Milano (bachelor degree), and being visiting Helsinki on persone, because i was interesting in a Master degree over there.
    Abut the master of european Design, i know that (at least from Politecnico di Milano) you have to be enrolled to the first year in Milan or other university, apply for the program, being selected, if you are selected you can choose 2 schools among six of the network where you will spend one year during the 3rd year of university and one during the 4th, unluckly it might be that you don't get in the selected university or that you can't combine the 2 that you want, if depends,
    About studying at Politecnico i would say that it depends also about you Italian skills, they are putting Master degrees all in english language since next year or the one even after, but as far as i saw from some friends taking part to the existing master degree in Englihs, the english level of (really old sometimes) teachers is often not understantable, or mechanical and difficult to follow.
    About the first years of the bachelor they are only in Italian.
    Politecnico di really good for theorical lectures, there are some really interesting, and from my exheprience, the material course with Cigada is one of the best and most usefull course i ever took, but they are stull working on getting a better program, when i was in the first year we had to take 10credits course of MAths, that i felt after 3 years completely a waste of time, considering that we had NO couse of free hand drawing and sketching at all! instead we had a course of HAND techincal drawing for 10 credits, and just few lectuer of autocad. the year later 10 credits of Autodesk alias, no Rhinoceros teached yet.
    Off course if you are an amazing drawers and sketcher, you wont need those courses, if depends what you want to learn, and if you go for the european design master, you might be able to choose more courses. the limit of Politecnico is just 2 or 3 elective course during the bachelor and 1 or 2 during the master degree.
    Hope that those random information were usefull.
    I'm a bit critical towards Politecnico somehow, pro and con in every university you know.
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    admin reacted to retrospec in 'pik Me' Salt And Pepper Shakers   
    ‘PiK ME’ is a set of hand made porcelain salt and pepper shakers that I designed myself. Resembling enthusiastic kids, these little guys are constantly fighting for your attention to pick one over the other. Guaranteed to be a conversation starter at your dinner table.
    I have made a website for them that you can purchase them at: http://www.osdesignstore.com/

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    admin reacted to Tore in Inspiration Database About Joining Methods   
    Hello, I share this link because it could be very helpful and inspirational for other designers: designtoconnect.blogspot.com
    When you designing products, one of the returning issues is "How to join different parts and materials." Physical connections in products are very important, they influence the assembly and manufacturing, the aesthetics of a product, in some cases the usability and the disassembly of the product.
    Finding useful inspiration about different ways to join parts in products is very difficult. This is why I decided to setup a 'joining inspiration database': You can search on geometry, materials, functions or joining methods. The database already contains almost 600 examples.
    You always can send me interesting joining methods or products with an interesting joining solutions. I will put them to the database and share them with the community.
    If you have comments or remarks about it, let me now!

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