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    admin reacted to Mark Marzouk in Alpha Bottle - Sketch To Mass Production   
    Alpha Designs Website
    Alpha Designs Facebook
    Alpha Designs Instagram
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    admin got a reaction from streamliner in Sketch Challenge August 2011   
    Good use of lineweight! Like the dynamic perspective of it.
    That's lovely.
    Here are some sketches of mine. Hand sketches with ballpen, scanned and colored on a grunge paper background in PS.

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    admin reacted to Alexey Avduevsky in Bear + Vodka + Balalaika   
    And that's a new one.

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    admin reacted to Bembli in 5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Sketching   
    Some people think that being able to draw and sketch is something you are born with. I guess I can agree to some extent but having talent doesn’t mean anything if you don’t nurture it. This brings me to step number 1 on how to improve your sketching.


    Now, this is probably the single most important step out of the five. Without practice, improvement is impossible. Draw everyday. Draw on envelopes, draw in the sand on the beach, draw something with your finger on the mirror in the bathroom after you shower. Draw, draw, draw and then draw some more. This step will also let you know if you really want to become better at drawing, or any skill for that matter, or if it’s just a wish you have. You have to put in the time, simple as that.


    Take a look around wherever you are. Try to draw that scene that’s in front of you on a piece of paper. Keep it loose and don’t be too serious about it. Try to block out the main elements of the scene. Is there a mountain or a hill nearby? Maybe a horse is watching you look around from the field over there? Or are you overlooking a skyline of a city? What are the main buildings? Keep it loose. When you feel like you’re done, turn around 180 degrees and now sketch whatever is behind you.


    Take an item that is close by. A coffee cup. Or a guitar. Yes, I am just looking at my desk right now and writing the things I see. A watch maybe? Take that item and put it on a flat surface preferably during daytime when you have natural light. Look at where the shades are and where the highlights hit the object. Is it glossy or matte? Shiny or dull? Try to sketch it. Put it down on paper. Now that you have a nice sketch of a coffee cup, try rotate it and rotate yourself around the object and sketch it from another point of view and in another light. Remember step 1.


    I have a lot of artist I look up to when it comes to their style. I want to have their style and combine it with my own. So I try to copy what they do. I study their work and try to figure out how did they do it. How did they get it to look like that and why is this here and what is that thing over there. Did they draw this thing first or maybe they started over here? After I’ve thought about it for a while, I bring out a blank piece of paper or canvas and I try to copy their style. The funny thing is that in this process, you’ll notice that you’re already coming up with new and unique styles without even knowing it. You are trying to copy one style but there’s nothing that can stop your own default style from affecting the result. This is how you find your own, individual style.


    Yes, I am shamelessly going to promote my own video tutorials on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/LexOrABenz). These are made for anyone who wants to learn about sketching and I try to cover as many areas as I can. If you want me to make a video about a subject that you are interested in just let me know and I will try and cover that in coming videos.

    Now, I hope these steps will help you unleash your inner beast of an artist. Remember to have fun, that is the most important thing. Otherwise you might as well stop and spend time on something you enjoy doing. But since you read this far, I assume you will at least try and draw a stick figure on the bathroom mirror after your next shower.

    Stay creative my friends!

    //Marouane Bembli


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    admin reacted to Alexey Avduevsky in Bear + Vodka + Balalaika   
    Hi everyone!
    As you can guess, I'm from Moscow, Russia. No, there is no any bears on the streets, but, yes, there is a lot of vodka and poor education. In my country there is only one university, that trains "sort of" industrial designers. There is also bad situation in any production process, yeah, all thanks to vodka and laziness.

    But, by the way, we are optimistic people. So, hope you like my portfolio — here it is:

    and, of course, behance page

    Nice to meet you!

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    admin reacted to MiroslavGeorgiev in Autogyro Or Gyrcopter Project...   
    Hey guys ,finally we hava made the prototype, we have modify it little bit from what is origanally on the renders, but the gyro looks pretty cool and flies perfectly. Here are some pics and video
    Link for the video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4760017329961&l=3463249565640578553

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    admin reacted to Liviu Tudoran in Mini Boost   

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    admin reacted to thdudesign in A Full Hubless Bicycle   
    a little update with homemade rims and handlebar :

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    admin reacted to deysc in Danny Chhang's Automotive Design Portfolio   
    Hello this is my portfolio for Art Center. For larger images goto http://www.coroflot.com/dannychhang . If you have any questions, just ask.

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    admin reacted to deysc in Danny Chhang's Automotive Design Portfolio   
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    admin reacted to Rishabh in From Engineering To Design. Please Help Me!   
    I have a bachelor's in mechanical engineering but I want a career in design because I want a career in creative and artistic field where I can use my creativity and imagination. Engineering study was fun but I don't like the job in factories and all plus I didn't graduate from a prestigious college.
    Now I am interested in transportation design and industrial design but I have heard that jobs in transportation design are very less as compared to ID. So, I was thinking about a masters in industrial design.
    Now comes the sketching part. I have attached some of my transportation design sketches as I haven't scanned my industrial design sketches yet. They would give you an idea of my sketching skills which are not too good to be honest but are okay I guess.
    So, all I am worried is am I doing right thing to go for a master design course??? Yes, I have the creativity, skills required to become a designer but still I wonder If doing a master course would help me. I wonder what if don't get a job after that which is my biggest concern.
    What do you guys think??? any guidance is appreciated.
    Also, please tell me some good schools for masters in industrial design which are not too expensive as I highly doubt considering myself for a scholarship because my ID portfolio isn't that strong because of no past experience but I can learn and learn pretty fast.

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    admin reacted to litmusbranding in Fellow Furniture Designers, Which Cad Software Are You Using? Solidworks Or Autocad?   
    Solidworks is good more furniture designers and below are advantages of it:

    Easy to Learn, Easy to Master
    Provides Powerful Insight
    Eliminates Prototypes, Sparks Innovation
    Optimized for Speed and Accuracy
    Enables Clear Communication
    Unrivaled Support

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    admin reacted to KnightofCups in Fellow Furniture Designers, Which Cad Software Are You Using? Solidworks Or Autocad?   
    Solidworks all the way!
    1. Form - I find that AutoCad does not give nearly as much control over form. I love the geometry drawings in SW, and with a good build in SW you can see how every part comes together and details that dont show up in a CAD drawing. Rhino does support a superior tangency tool, but I've never found a real need for it, and I find the user experience a bit squishy compared to sw.
    2. Fasteners, cut/weld lists, drawings all connected. Set up right you can just edit a project and have it automate all drawings etc.
    3. Mechanincs - A properly set up tilt base assembly in SW will move as it does in real life. Showing range of motion etc.
    4. Stress tests - Its not all that hard to set up a load calculation check to see if a part will bend or break with different material properties.
    and for rendering the built in guy is ok, but I prefer keyshot.
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    admin reacted to BrandonDouglas in Opinions On My All-In-One Hi Fi System (For A-Level Course)   
    This is where I am up to, as you can see I'm no pro builder, there were imperfections all over the place really. But at this point I'm just trying to finish it for my deadline (Tuesday) in a few days.

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    admin reacted to mart2010uk in 3D Printed Cycling Glasses   
    Applied first coat of paint, more to come later. I've also decided to do a sunglasses version!


    Thanks for looking.
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    admin reacted to mart2010uk in 3D Printed Cycling Glasses   
    Been busy designing some cycling glasses, got them 3D printed:

    Need painting and lenses are being treated by a special process which will make them much more clear (like glass) then tinting film is being applied. Will post pics once finished.. Ignore the red tape holding the lens in place..
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    admin reacted to dustindriver in Packswell Laptop Pack Kickstarter Funded!   
    Greetings Product Design Forums members!
    I'm happy to report that the Kickstarter for my laptop pack, the Packswell Freelance, has funded with 48 hours to go! Head on over and check it out.

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    admin reacted to thdudesign in Project Displayed At Naias 2013 : Car-D-Board   
    It is a minimalist car – no door, no built-in dashboard, no hard roof, only one color, cheap materials for a minimalist price and weight.
    Full hybrid car with gasoline, compressed air and electrical energy – wheels can recover energy from the wind.
    Lightweight :
    recycled cardboard for the body
    recycled plastic for the chassis
    no hard roof and no door for you to be close to the environment
    no built-in dashboard, but you use your iPad to manage car-D-board
    narrow airless tires
    bubble rim (air is trapped in lot of bubbles)
    an engine limited to 400 cm3 accepts gas and air
    maximum speed of 120 kms/h and weighing less than 300 kg

    wind is an important energy in the world
    future gas station will be built around wind turbines
    the same engine can also use gasoline in case you haven’t enough compressed air and low battery.
    an independent propeller is inside each wheel to create an additional source of electricity generation

    Thierry Dumaine / t h d u d e s i g n 2013

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    admin reacted to bowlofnoodle in Bowl's 3D Work   
    More work on the Lamborghini car in Creo. Working on the small details now.
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    admin got a reaction from streamliner in Sketch Rendering Tutorial   
    Use a gradient background area to make the sketches pop out more, and we are done for this one. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions to do it better or faster.

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    admin got a reaction from Mark Marzouk in New Products :)   
    Welcome back Mark. Glad to see your success!
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    admin got a reaction from EgyptianDesigner in How Good Does My Portofolio Have To Be?   
    Hi EgyptianDesigner, did you ever reply or comment on other members' posts here?
    Btw, don't worry about your sketches too much. Everyone can sketch an idea to communicate thinking. I agree with Kovalex27
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    admin got a reaction from mart2010uk in Questions & Answers   
    It's been decided! You can submit your work until January 6. Just a few days left, so keep them coming,
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    admin reacted to padepap in Elm Wood Furniture   
    I would like to show you the solid wood furniture I designed and built this year with a friend from university and ask you to comment on it.. We built it in the wood shop of my grandfather. It was a very good experience.. What do you think?
    You can see more images also on the homepage (www.ulmenholz.ch) I designed (I'm not very good with the technical stuff, but with firefox it runs well)


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