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  1. With the great leap forward movement, on one hand we are destroying the nature, but on the other hand we are reproducing nature as complement to our disappearing experience. City and Nature are always fighting against each other. Design through the mind and hand is an unnatural process. Designers change the nature of the material to meet the design intentions; this unnatural process reveals the inner value of the material. City is the transition entity between natural and unnatural environment. But with the current social value, we get used to abstract or fake symbols rather than authentic nature, or nature itself being distorted. Unnatural is a re-thinking process towards nature and the re-interpretation of material processing. We start the project since July 2012 and finally all the 14 works will be exhibited from 30 June 2013 at Guangzhou Fei Gallery. Through the projects, we are questioning and redefining the relationship between what is natural and unnatural. For the past year, we had encountered many challenges; many design changes; uncountable failures plus numerous tests in technology and craftsmanship. We sincerely invite all of you may visit the exhibition and experience our 300 days unnatural journey. Check for more info HERE View the full article
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    Meet Voon Pow Bartlett

    Voon Pow is an artist, freelance curator and art critic. She regularly collaborates with artists, curators, editors, gallery owners and art institutions in organising exhibitions, symposiums and writing reviews. Born in Beijing, Voon Pow has also lived in Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia and Australia before settling in the UK. Her first hand experience of the diaspora has informed her work which incorporates the quotidian through photography, text and other media. She is interested in exploring alternative interdisciplinary and transcultural critical art frameworks. She is also a lecturer and a member of the Higher Education Academy, having taught at UG and PG levels at Central St Martins, London College of Fashion, Chelsea School of Art, the University of the Arts, and in Beijing at the Central Academy of Fine Art, in conjunction with Glasgow School of Art. Via: showstudio.com View the full article
  3. Chinese architecture studio Neri&Hu sliced away the rear wall and replaced it with glass for this renovation of a 1930s townhouse in Shanghai. The three-storey building is located in the Tianzifang district of the Chinese city, where it originally functioned as a house for a single family. Neri&Hu‘s redesign converts the building into three divisible apartments, each with a combined living and dining room at the back and a bedroom at the front. Via Dezeen View the full article
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    3D Printing In Shanghai

    It’s hard to miss 3D printing these days, with a burgeoning hacker scene bringing the rapid prototyping technology out of the factories and into offices, schools and homes. Suddenly, 3D printers are very much mainstream: this year alone saw the firing of the world’s first 3D printed gun; Dita von Teese looking sensational in the first 3D printed dress; and NASA pledge funding for 3D Pizza Printer. They’re even available on Taobao. Via CreativeHunt View the full article
  5. Hello all, It's been a long time ago that I have posted any design work here. I thought it would be nice to share my latest design work that I have submitted to a recent design contest by Franklin & Marshall at Desall.com Check for more images HERE I'd appreciate your support
  6. Whether you see a giant horseshoe, slinky, or traditional Chinese arch bridge, the new Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort is hard to miss. The latest project from starchitect Ma Yansong’s Beijing firm MAD Architects is 100 meters high and 116 meters wide, covering an area of 75 acres. The 321 rooms include 40 suites, 37 villas, and presidential suites, each with a view of the fabled Lake Tai, China’s third largest freshwater body. Via Jing Daily View the full article
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    Creative Contest 2013

    To celebrate its official launch, Fundator is pleased to announce its first creative contest for creators who have great ideas wanting to make it realized! The goal of this contest is to boost creators in Asia by awarding prizes and offering chances to get ex- posed to China, Hong Kong, S. Korea and Japan; Asia is full of ambitious, creative and ground-breaking people. As we believe in these people, Fundator wants to support them to let their dreams come true through this contest first. Read more info HERE View the full article
  8. Hi all, We are enjoying the Dragon Boat Festival Holidays. We will back with new posts next week. Cheers, Waikit View the full article
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    Handle Size For A Shopping Bag?

    just measure a whole bunch of bags, and you will learn from it.
  10. Earlier this year, CreativeHunt revisited the 2010 World Expo site in Pudong and found that most of the pavilions, once much-touted and buzzed about during their heydays three summers ago, are now experiencing the decay of neglect. Last week, however, the former Expo site had its groundbreaking ceremony for the new 50,000 square meter Green Valley multi-use development complex that is now planned to take its place. The space will now house new buildings for retail, office, residential and public use, and has a projected completion date set for 2015. CH talked to Dixon Lu, the Chief Commercial Officer, Asia Region of Schmidt Hammer Lassen — the architecture firm behind the project — for some insight on what’s now in the works for this Expo site revamp. Read the full article at CreativeHunt View the full article
  11. What is successful design? Successful design is the crystallization of intelligence, inspiration and passion; it requires first-class management ability and should ultimately achieve business success. This award is the premier international competition honoring successful design in the Chinese market covering various disciplines of design. It seeks to honor top international designers and enterprises for their designs that are most successful in the Chinese market. 2013 Successful Design Awards – China is happy to announce that it’s that time of the year again! You are invited to take the challenge to compete with the world’s best. The 8th annual Successful Design Awards – China will begin accepting submissions on February 19th. Final submissions will be available until June 30th, but be sure to submit before April 30th to take advantage of our early bird offer. More info at Successful Design Awards View the full article
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    A Designer Revolution

    China has an appetite for design – just not its own. The market for interior furnishings is expanding, along with the country’s middle class, but new consumers have tended to favour products imported from the west. Though the country is home to tens of thousands of design students graduating each year, few will get to show their work to a large audience. If they do gain recognition, it is almost always abroad. Design curators in Europe and the US are picking up on the younger generation’s adept translation of traditional crafts but will China ever show enough interest in its own designers to help them succeed at home? Read the rest of the article at Financial Times View the full article
  13. The Hand Strap case is designed to provide secure and comfortable using of your iphone.The integrated elastic strap system is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably around your fingers,which keeps your iphone to be secured on the palm of your hand,Whether you are holding onto the subway/bus railing,walking your dog or lying in bed,it frees your other hand and you will never have to worry about dropping your iphone. Designed by Haijun Feng View the full article
  14. admin

    Aidex 2013

    AidEx is a leading international humanitarian and development aid event held annually in Brussels, which brings together the many crucial organisations working in aid delivery, to discuss the efficient and sustainable delivery of aid. Whilst the number and scale of crises has increased – budgets for humanitarian aid sector are shrinking – resulting in traditional donors opening up to the commercial world, seeking new partnerships and assistance from business. AidEx includes a conference, exhibition and programme of practical workshops to help professionals within the community. Over 2,000 professionals from the aid sector will network with peers and engage directly with more than 200 suppliers of essential equipment and services for humanitarian disaster relief and longer-term development aid. There is no other event like AidEx in Europe. AidEx is free to attend, on both days. To receive a free entry badge to the event, please register at http://www.aid-expo.com/en/registration.aspx For information about the event programme and location, please visit http://www.aid-expo.com/ For the latest updates follow @AidEx2013 and “like” the Facebook page
  15. Shang Xia, a sister brand of France’s illustrious Hermès, prides itself on promoting traditional Chinese craftsmanship and making such techniques relevant to contemporary design. This is no better evidence of this than in Shang Xia’s exhibition of bamboo weaving in the atrium of the shopping mall at Beijing’s World Trade Centre launching today until June 9. Walking into its Beijing store Shang Xia’s principles are evident. Kengo Kuma’s stunningly designed store is styled with the most modern materials and pu’er tea wood which interlock to form airy, light-filled shelves and display cabinets for Shang Xia’s products. For the bamboo exhibition specially made bamboo screens have been crafted and fitted to add extra tranquillity to the surroundings. When entertaining in a Chinese home the tea set is the focal point. Four tea sets, Bridge-Bamboo Woven Porcelain, Dragon Cloud-Gilded Bamboo Woven Porcelain, Bridge Three-Tone Woven Bamboo and Bridge Hand-Painted, take centre stage at the exhibition. Alongside these wares Shang Xia will also be displaying exquisite clothing and jewellery. Once again tradition meets modernity, and East meets West in the inception of these pieces. The setting of the ‘Dragon Cloud’ bracelets, necklaces and cuff links are reminiscent of Chanel joaillerie but its dreamy pattern is distinctively Chinese. The ‘Essence’ series of jewellery uses the finest natural materials and features filigree, an art form revived from the imperial court. Gold threads and diamonds are seamlessly inset into Zitan wood as if nature had made the object that way. Traditional Chinese winter coats inspired the ‘Jin Yi’. Shang Xia replaces traditional cotton wadding with superior silk to keep out the cold and enhance softness. Each coat is reversible making it incredibly versatile. ‘Sculpture’ scarves are made using Mongolia’s rarest cashmere and techniques similar to the hand-felting of fabric for Mongolian yurts. The scarves’ seams are cleverly upturned to create a complex texture. This exhibition is a masterclass in China’s past and future. Via AnyWearStyle View the full article
  16. What alternatives do you have? What is really troubling you? Do you like to sketch or build things by hand?
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    Perhaps www.boatdesign.net/forums/ ?
  18. The movement to be green and eco-conscious is slowly but surely gaining ground in urban China, and one of the most important green-focused businesses in China today is Tony’s Farm (多利农庄). Today, they are the largest organic farm in Shanghai with a stunning vegetable production facility, thousands of customers and a brand identity all their own. The Tony’s Farm facility, designed and constructed by architecture partners Playze, is an impressive sight, with 78 individual container-shaped modules, each with unique climatic and operational demands. An interesting example of 360 degree design, it was designed with visitors in mind, seeking at every turn to integrate visitors and customers into the facility, reassuring them that their produce is being handled in the most sustainable way possible. Tony’s Farm is one of the largest production facilities of its kind in China, and they are helping to lead the way for organic food in the Middle Kingdom, a product niche and movement that is still just starting to gain a foothold here. In the true Tony’s spirit, the production facility serves not only as a production floor for their vegetables, but also as a full-service visitor’s center, office and even (in the near future) a hotel – definitely worth a visit! Several strategies have been used to reduce the energy consumption of the building, and it’s definitely one of the more interesting sustainability-related sites to see in Shanghai. Photos taken by Bartosz Kolonko Working with WILDDESIGN Tony’s Farm built their communication materials, packaging design and more. To visit Playze’s website, click here. To read about the importance of sustainable product design, please click here. For WILDDESIGN Blog, click here. View the full article
  19. admin

    Enviro Future

    Hunan University’s School of Design and British Council China came together recently to organise a series of sustainable design events, which focused on upcycling and pursuing a low-carbon economy. University teams from both the UK and China battled it out in a competition to generate the best low-carbon products. The exhibition, which showcased final results, ended just yesterday, but project submissions and outcomes can now be viewed online. See them here. Via Design China View the full article
  20. Hotel Éclat Beijing opened on the 1st of March 2013 as one of the most exclusive luxury design hotels worldwide. This 100 room design masterpiece amazes at first glance with a highly stylised lobby featuring original works by Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, ZengFanzhi and Chen Wenling to name a few. The hotel is home to the largest private Dali art collection outside of Europe, and masterworks greet and intrigue guests on every floor. Nestled in an airy glass-and-steel tower capsule within Parkview Green,this spectacular award-winning structure affords excellent city views and creates a unique and environmentally friendly climate-controlled environment.As the first LEED platinum certified building in China, Parkview Green applies its environmental protection concept both internally and externally to every detail. For example in its external appearance, the ETFE film roofing and transparent glass wall with steel frame structure forms an independent micro climate, making possible 365-day-a-year summertime conditions in Deluxe Rooms, Deluxe with Terrace and Deluxe Suites with indoor private pools. Hotel Éclat Beijing’s design ethic extends to stylish and quirky touches throughout the hotel and in the rooms, which are themselves a sublime statement of comfort and luxury. Each spacious deluxe room is uniquely crafted and has its own indoor personal terraceand includes the exclusive statement of a GaoXiaowu artwork inside as well as chic Philippe Starck designed furniture, offering the highest level of comfort on demand.With the advanced levels of energy conservation and environmental protection, sustainable development concept and the variable art space, Hotel Éclat Beijing’s innovative design is unique as a brand new landmark of Chinese green architecture. Visit the official site of HOTEL ÉCLAT View the full article
  21. The Biomimicry 3.8 Institute, IDEA Design Lab, TongJi University and GIGA are holding the first ever Biomimicry and Design Innovation Training in Asia. The training, held amidst a subtropical forest and UNESCO Biosphere reserve, will introduce you to a whole new way of viewing and valuing the genius that surrounds us. This workshop will improve your ability to innovate sustainably in your field using the biomimicry philosophy and methodology. You will learn how to translate the world of biology to design, engineering, business, education, and more. This includes hands-on experience with the deep patterns of the way life works, a biomimicry design challenge, the essential elements of biomimicry, and the biomimicry thinking design approach. No matter your background or sphere of work, this workshop will unveil the world of life-inspired innovation and its application to your work. Learn more at IDEA Design Lab View the full article
  22. The EcoChic Design Award is a sustainable fashion design competition challenging emerging fashion designers to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste. The 2013 cycle is open to designers in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, UK, France, Belgium and Germany. Following months of inspired design and rigorous judging, eight finalists will compete for career-changing prizes. Visit the official site of Eco Chic Design Award View the full article
  23. WHILE STILL in its infancy compared to China’s more developed sectors, industrial design (ID) is forging ahead to meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated consumers. According to Nunzia Carbone, founder and president at Shanghai-based design firm DEDODESIGN, “It is still a new discipline in China, but things are changing quickly. Young, talented designers are emerging, and China is perceived less and less as solely ‘the factory of the world’.” A deeper appreciation of aesthetics tends to be a corollary to a country’s economic development. As Charles Ingrey-Senn, founder of Cais Design Associates in Hangzhou, says, “The economy in China is growing at a frantic pace, and with this growth there is a demand for ID.” Read the full article at IDC View the full article
  24. These bottles and jars are the works of Nanjing-based ceramic artists Nabu Sum. Beautiful in their simplicity. Via NeochaEDGE View the full article
  25. TICT is proud to present the fourth installment of Shanghai’s Design, Art & Fashion Fair. DAFF is Shanghai’s biggest biannual lifestyle community event. Aimed at giving China’s creative leaders and rising talent a platform to interact, share ideas, and promote new projects, the event gives an unprecedented opportunity to connect with and inspire the public at large. At the previous DAFF in September 2012, more than 80 brands and artists came together with over 5,000 fairgoers for a full day and night of sharing, selling, watching, eating, drinking, and dancing. This year, DAFF will be extended to a two-day format starting Saturday, May 25th from 2:00pm to 12:00am and ending on Sunday, May 26th from 2:00pm to 9:00pm. Returning to the Wharf 1846 South Bund promenade, this spring’s DAFF will include some major changes as well as regular fixtures such as - Fashion shows running both days from local and international designers - Live art performances - DJs and live bands - Interactive installations - Workshops - A revamped new layout with pop up shops and exhibition booths from hot design, art and fashion brands - Delicious food and drinks from artisan chefs - Chill out area for eating, socializing, and dancing As the sun goes down and the Pudong skyline lights up, so does DAFF. Participants’ pop-up shops, bars, music and live art installations shine on for two full nights in a festive atmosphere. Together, we can foster a more connected, cultured and creative community in China. See you there! Visit the official site HERE View the full article

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