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  1. Situated in the chinese xiangshawan desert, ‘lotus hotel’ uses pioneering and innovative construction techniques, enabling the structure to seemingly float above the landscape. Located between the major urban centers of baotou, hohhot and ordos, the hotel, designed by PLaT architects forms a resort which seeks to establish the area as a tourist destination. Via DesignBoom View the full article
  2. In 2014, perceptions of China will take another significant turn, as consumers come to realize China is fast becoming the epicenter of truly innovative, superior green consumer innovations, too*. * Alongside leading Chinese brands in sectors such as mobile tech, luxury and fashion (from WeChat to Bosideng, from Shang Xia to Xiaomi and more) that are simply MADE BETTER IN CHINA. That shift will be driven by China’s relentless, large-scale efforts to address massive environmental challenges such as energy, transport, construction and more. In fact, the idea among many consumers worldwide that Chinese brands and businesses lag behind when it comes to green thinking might just be one of the last great competitive advantages that ‘Western’ brands enjoy. When that preconception is overturned in 2014, one of the last barriers keeping Chinese brands and global consumers at a distance is lifted. Just another small, yet pivotal moment in the remapping of global consumerism Via Trendwatching View the full article
  3. Asia’s leading annual design event returns for its 11th edition from the 2nd to 7th December, 2013, at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. This year, the conference will feature the “Belgian Spirit”, focusing on Belgium’s international importance at the highest level of design and creativity. In selecting Belgium as this year’s BODW’s partner country, the forum aims to showcase the highly influential Belgian and Flemish perspective in exhibitions, forums and programs, as well as their key role in the growing business of design, innovation and branding. BODW is a unique platform for sharing knowledge on design issues and is driven by exchange among participants. It was announced today that Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium has chosen Hong Kong to be her first overseas destination since she ascended the throne in July 2013. Date: 2-7 December 2013 Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Official Website: www.bodw.com View the full article
  4. The CBi office was destroyed by a TORNADO!!(A tornado of creativity, that is.) On Nov22-24, For 48 hours the force of Forty-two creative and passionate people from widely different backgrounds converged at the CBi offices, diverged into teams, threw around ideas off one another, -and built on what bounced back. Together they created not only a huge mess – but also, brand-new real-world designs, projects and initiatives that will have positive impact on planet earth. This was all part of the 2013 Global Sustainability Jam: one of the world’s biggest non-profit innovation events. This year 1000 Jammers in 60 Cities simultaneously created 233 innovative and sustainable projects! So, Yeah, you missed an active and empowering weekend at this year’s Sustainability Jam (more on what you missed below)… But don’t worry! There’s another chance to join the dynamic-whirlwind-of-innovation! This March, CBi will be hosting the Global Service Jam! You are welcome to join us if you’re interested in challenging yourself, you want to develop creative ideas, and most importantly – you want to meet super-cool new people! WHAT YOU MISSED This year’s Sustainability Jam’s theme was decidedly cryptic: AB3. Not much was springing to mind initially for our Jammers. But fear not! Fabulous mentors and inspiring speakers joined us to help jammers get the creative ball rolling. Thought leaders from business, sustainability, medicine, and design, were invited to share their innovative experience and insights with jammers. The jammers then brainstormed among themselves and divided up into 4 groups based on 4 main ideas. These ideas then morphed throughout the weekend to become the final four projects you’ll see below. While we did pull all nighters like in our college days, and found ourselves frantically scrambling to make the last minute deadlines for the final prototypes; believe it or not -we also had lots of fun! We played silly games, wore funny hats and even had a couple of dance parties in the middle of the mayhem! What was the outcome of the Jam? Here below are some intros to the projects. Less The Group, Boom 6, identified the problem that current consumption rate is increasing beyond what is sustainable for the planet. Why is this? Modern culture, convenience/ease, social status/interaction, and our entire economy counts on consumption. Buying less is not cool, saving is viewed as stingy and sustainability is definitely not sexy. People don’t like being told what to do and be educated to change our ways; especially when it is difficult to do and vague. Boom6’s task is to change mainstream perception and make it cool to consume less by creating an APP called “Less”. The App helps you to record your various sustainable actions during the day; using your own bag for purchases at the market, using your own reusable cup in the café, and purchasing secondhand goods. All these actions help you to accrue points that you can share with your friends and get discounts at participating retailers. Frog Sandwich Restaurant Our second group understood AB3 as Parents and 3rd Generation. They identified that the current generation doesn’t put emphasis on home cooking. Their idea, Frog Sandwich Restaurant, is a shared kitchen space. The restaurant would give young professionals a place to meet others, learn about cooking, and about healthy and sustainable ingredients. Frog Sandwich gives their guests a chance to break out of the habit of leaving work, eating unhealthy takeout in front of the computer. The restaurant offers a chance to learn new skills, make healthy lifestyle changes, and have actual social interaction, instead of just social media. Qi Day The group behind Qi Day created an event to provide access to green energy and technology for Shangainese. In recent years, Shanghai suffered from heavy air pollution, so the jammers in this group would like to provide access to green energy and technology for Shanghainese. Qi (air + energy) Day provide new trends to increase the air quality by reducing the overconsumption. It creates the opportunity to rethink the future. A.B.L.E.^3 The group of A.B.L.E.^3 described the AB3 as A Bee’s Learning Eco Educational Experience. This rural agricultural and educational activity will help educate the China’s urban youth about the concepts of sustainability-and resource limits. Kids will learn farming techniques and gain understanding of just how long it takes to actually create food. Of course, it’s a summer camp so ‘fun’ is the most crucial element! When the kids return to the city, they will be able to communicate these experiences with their fellow students, families, and teachers. This activity will help to create a generation of socially-conscious consumers. In just 48 hours, each of the groups was able to take the spark of an idea and turn it into a feasible business model. Well done! Don Norman, Global Design Guru, Co-founder and principal of Nielsen Norman Group, said, “It is awesome to figure out such excellent concepts and projects in just 48 hours!”Todd Embley, Program Director at China-Axlr8r was so awestruck by one of the project he said “I like this project so much I will give you free office space and access to my resources until February to continue working on it!” “The Jam was a great event because it somehow managed to blend intense passion and concentration with silliness and pointlessness. It also allowed me to prove to myself how much can be done in a short time if you really “empty the tank” and leave no spare time to waste.” – Scott Lenkowsky, Jammer As the organizer of Jam in Shanghai, China Bridge President Cathy Huang said, “We have supported the jam for 3 years. We are building a free communication platform for all creative powers. We are working to share the knowledge and power of co-creation and design activities” All global results are posted on the global organizer’s website. Take a look at our photo stream to experience the fun and feverish atmosphere. Media Contact: Eileen Wang Eileen.wang@shcbi.com 021- 5059 6066 ext. 801 View the full article
  5. Thousands of hexagonal skylights bring natural light into this new terminal that Italian architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas have completed at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport in China Via Dezeen View the full article
  6. Ian Lee introduces the new champions of innovation. Multinationals and Chinese domestic companies are scrambling to tap into the growing purchasing power of China’s rising middle class. Since frog opened its Shanghai studio in 2007, we have worked with many companies to design their products and services for the Chinese market. During that time, we have tracked a quantum shift in innovation strategy: Many Chinese companies now outpace their foreign peers, capturing market share with approaches that win the hearts and minds of consumers. Companies such as Tencent, which created China’s most popular messaging services, QQ and WeChat, have become innovation leaders with strategies that address the population’s fast-changing communications and consumption needs. Ian Lee, creative director at frog Shanghai, has outlined five lessons we can learn from this new generation of Chinese innovators. Read the full article at Frog Design View the full article
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    Li-Wai Cup/vase Series

    The concept of the series comes from different types of traditional Chinese containers such as vase and bowl. With its elegant outline and proportion, combining with the everyday use cup shape to create a mixed item. The design tried to bring the beauty of tradition into modern daily life. When the cup filled with various drinks, the “vase” or “bowl” shows up, with different colors. People are just enjoying their time with the drinks and the design. LW_01: 5.5 x 4.5(H) 50 ml LW_02: 7.3 x 8.5(H) 50 ml LW_03: 7.3 x 8.5(H) 150 ml LW_04: 7.6 x 13.0(H) 125 ml LW_05: 9.3 x 18.8(H) 175 ml - Double Wall borosilicate glass - Hand-made glass. - Temp. range:-30~180 - Dishwasher safe * www.n-kdsz.com www.etsy.com/shop/studioKDSZ View the full article
  8. What is Global Sustainability Jam? Global Sustainability Jam is the world’s biggest non-profit innovation event targeting sustainability. Creative and passionate people will meet to form teams and work to create brand-new real-world designs, projects and initiatives that will create impact on sustainability . The hosts will provide necessary support including guidance, toolbox and communication platform. During the event, all participants will take part in communication across different cities around the globe. On November 24, 3:00 p.m. Shanghai local time, all the participants shall upload their work onto the platform (http://planet.globalsustainabilityjam.org/) and share them with the rest of the world. Learn more about the Global Sustainability Jam * The Global Jam is conducted in ENGLISH! How to join? - Hurry up as places are limited! You must register online http://gsusjam.eventdove.com/c/2850/m/6520 - This event aims to facilitate creativity and knowledge building, aiming at entrepreneurship and development of new service ideas. The participants for this event are selected based on background and experience to insure a diverse, professional and “Outcome Oriented” group that is focused on the tasks at hand. - Put the dates in your calendar, and bring your funny hats and musical instrument if you have one. Be a Jammer: Anyone who has an open mind and wants to practice a hands-on approach to creativity and problem solving, make sure you are available to join ALL 3 days to ensure seamless collaboration and team dynamic. Jam is a great place to learn new skills, challenge yourself and meet great people while having fun. Your designs and projects have the potential to create a real impact on a more sustainable future. See other jammers all over the world? Be an Observer: If you can’t commit to all 3 days, you are also welcome to observe the jam on the Friday opening session and final sharing session on Sunday afternoon. Be A Spark: Helping to get the juices flowing, be inspiring and share you knowledge about Sustainability Design, New Business Model Generation, Social Entrepreneurship etc… – When: 20 minutes from 4-6pm on Friday November 22nd Be A Mentor: Spending time with the jammers to help guide their directions, brainstorm, plan and prototyping – When: Sessions Saturday November 23rd 10:30-11:30 and 16:00 – 17:00 Be A Juror: Providing feedback on practicability, feasibility and potential scale for what the jammers have created – When: Sunday November 24th from 3-6pm Who is hosting? CBi China Bridge, an insight-based innovation firm, wants to promote sustainability design in China, and introduce people to a design-based approach to creativity and problem solving though this exciting event. China Bridge’s role will be to provide a public platform for creative minds in Shanghai’s professional community and connect with the world. How much will it cost? The jam is a non-profit event. We would love to make this a memorable and enjoyable event for you. We will provide you lunches, drinks, wonderful coffee, tea, and stationary. To cover these costs, and make sure all jammers are committed for these 3 days, we request that each jammer pay RMB 200. It’s free for Sparks, Mentors, Jurors, Sponsors, Media partners and Observers. Any extra contributions are welcome, depending on your financial situation, to help pay for CBi providing the dynamic working space and friendly team members. When and Where? TIME: November 22nd -24th 2013 (Nov 22 3pm-9pm, Nov 23 9am-9pm, Nov 24, 9am-6pm) PLACE : CBi China Bridge Office; 359 Kangding Rd, 4F, Jingan District/ near Shanxi Bei Rd 静安区康定路359号4楼(近陕西北路) Media Contact: Eileen Wang Eileen.wang@shcbi.com View the full article
  9. Next to Hongqiao Airport, the Sky SOHO leasing showroom resides in the world-renowned Zaha Hadid Architect’s sole masterpiece in Shanghai. The project is also considered the iconic development of SOHO China in the city. The total GFA of the Sky SOHO is 350,000 square meters and expected to finish in 2014. With an area of 350 square meters, the leasing showroom is residing within the second floor overlooking the south entrance of the development. Taking into consideration of the dynamic and fluid form of the architecture, the showroom interior and its auxiliary amenities are designed with compatible architectural language which enhances the experience of the formal vistas of the forthcoming buildings. Via ArchDaily View the full article
  10. Beijing-based French artist Ms Valerie Honnart has fused twenty-five years of living in, and visiting China together with a profound, lifelong fascination with Sisyphus to create a unique exhibition called ‘Imagine Sisyphus Happy’. The exhibition will open for the first time at the Philippe Staib Gallery in Shanghai on 1st November, 2013. Deeply inspired by Greek mythology, Ms Honnart reinterprets the burdened and tragic image of Sisyphus enacting his life punishment by pushing his rock up the mountain each day, through modern-day China-relevant analogies of daily life. Giving a twist to the repetitive and apparently meaningless lives of people doing onerous jobs in China, Ms Honnart leverages the interpretation of Nobel-Prize winning French novelist and philosopher, Albert Camus who viewed the myth of Sisyphus as a sign of the awareness of absurdity. Therefore in contrast to his outward persona, Sisyphus’s own happiness can only be achieved through internal rebellion and a positive inner strength. The exhibition therefore provides a powerful new interpretation and comment on the seemingly burdensome daily tasks performed by people in China. Ms Honnart wants to use the myth of Sisyphus to convey an even more universal construct namely, the value of life and the importance of the soul living in harmony with nature. She explains, “In my work I try to explore the dichotomy of the benefits that work and labouring brings us, versus the dis-harmonious stone which symbolizes the isolation of human beings from nature. So I believe that we can all eventually obtain a state of Sisyphus’s happiness.” Commenting on the “Imagine Sisyphus Happy” collection, Peking University French Dept. Dean, Professor Dong Qiang explained“Ms Honnart’s true creativity lies not only in her ability to revive this ancient myth and make it relevant in China, but the way it triggers such personal inspiration. For example, her work has awakened me to my own indifference to the world as a result of material complacency and insensitivity to the wider world.Through a subtle fusion of Chinese imagery which is at once both familiar and yet direct, MsHonnart’s work creates an enormously powerful message that challenges observers to become more engaged, re-evaluate what is happening around them and even change their views and attitudes on life.” The work of MsHonnart also reflects the rich influence of multi-cultural elements from both Western and Asian countries on her life enabling her to create very culturally-relevant concepts. Chinese art critic and artist Professor Mr Dong Kejian believes that the work of Ms Honnart also draws parallels with Chinese myths, explaining,“MsHonnart’s work reminds one of Sisyphus in Greek mythology and Jingwei, an indomitable spirit in the ancient Chinese myth Shan Hai Jing. I would prefer to understand her work as a persevering protest against fate rather than reincarnation or fatalism”. The combination of her profound understanding of Chinese culture and society means her work is extremely thought-provoking and motivational for modern society. Ms Honnart will be exhibiting at the Philippe Staib Gallery in Shanghai. Founder of the Gallery, Mr Philippe Staib said, “I learned to love arts through my senses, my emotions and my eyes. This is precisely what MsHonnart provokes through her unique style and her exceptional interpretation of today’s society “. For more information, please visit www.philippestaibgallery.comor scan the QR code About Philippe Staib Gallery Philippe Staib’s passion for art and especially sculpture dates back to 1990, when he opened his first gallery in New York. Since then, as well as his executive position in various renowned companies, he keeps enriching his own private collection and opened a foundry in Thailand where he discovered and launched numerous western artists living in Asia. His passion for sculptures and art in general goes beyond any specific artistic style or period. Through his galleries in Taipei and Shanghai, he is continuously exploring and promoting Western and Asian artists that strongly resonate with his belief, “love art through all the senses.” His art galleries are a genuine invitation to an emotional discovery of the arts. For more information regarding this press release, please contact Grayling China: Lucy Hu Givan Zhang E-mail: lucy.hu@grayling.com E-mail:givan.zhang@grayling.com Tel: +86 21 5239 7719 ext 104 tel: +86 21 5239 7719 ext 105 Mobile: +86136 0173 5400 Mobile: +86 187 0194 6714 View the full article
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    Facts Or Understanding?

    Interview of Rudy Wimmer, managing partner in CBi China Bridge Many companies gather large amounts of data about their market, but unless they actually go visit the customers and see the context in which the company’s product is used, they risk missing the why and how of what drives customers demand. One tool to systematically consider how customers experience the product is the ”Customer journey map”. For many companies, market research is about getting some hard facts. Particular among “western” companies there’s a lasting trend towards relying on quantitative data – statistics on sales and segments, economic trends, demographics etc. to make decisions. In contrast, some research agencies believe that companies get a deeper understanding of how to develop new products by using more efforts on collecting qualitative data, focusing on the customers experience and emotions, and using an ethnographic approach to observe users. One company that specializes in this kind of analysis is CBi China Bridge, a consumer research & innovation firm in Shanghai, which for ten years has worked using an ethnographic approach to understand Chinese consumers – mainly for western and leading Chinese companies that are trying to adjust their products to fit a quickly changing China. Rudy Wimmer, managing partner in CBi China Bridge argues, that data alone doesn’t always really help companies to improve their products: ”Without a qualitative approach mixed in, managers and product developers can’t always understand what the implications are. Although the data can indicate a problem or an opportunity, you don’t have the cultural and emotional context to understand why they exist and how you could create an answer to it”. Customer journey mapping One of the methods that CBi China Bridge often uses in order to structure the observations and insights they collect about customers is called ”Customer journey mapping”. As an example, Rudy Wimmer describes a project for a large medical device company that needed to make a long-term strategy for delivering drugs to patients. To innovate in this space required a detailed understanding of the patient and care givers’ experiences. To understand both patients’ needs and nurses circumstances, CBi China Bridge followed both patients and nurses through the entire outpatient hospital experience to observed the interactions during and after treatment. CBi China Bridge also conducted interviews with nurses to understand the procedures at the hospital and the emotions felt by the nurses. These observations where collected in a comprehensive ”patient journey map”, which described the various events that patients goes through when they go to a hospital to receive treatment. The journey map offers a systematic way of identifying situations where customers meet a company’s product or services, and the map allows the company to pinpoint events along the way, where customers experience gaps, pain or enjoyment. Seeing these issues in the context of the entire ”journey” should then make it easier for the company to come up with actions to improve their offering. Obviously, ”customer journey mapping” can be used to describe many other types of users than patients – for instance in the hotel business or in retail. One of the advantages of having a customer journey map is that it can be extended and more detailed over time, as the company gradually collects further observations, or as circumstances change. An article in Harvard Business Review gives a more detailed description of Customer journey mapping, and how it can be used to identify ways to improve products and services. Read the article here. Immersion It is all too common, that companies will spend considerable amounts of money on external market researchers and reports, but they will not use the resources needed internally to then actually learn from the research and use the knowledge to change. China Bridge tries to engage their company clients at several points during a research project. ”If the company want to make an informed decision about developing a new product or where to go next, it makes sense that they experience the situation of their customers”, says Rudy Wimmer: We ask our clients to invest some of their own time to get involved in co-creating the mapping and we recommend our clients to take part in observing and immersing themselves in the context we are studying”, he says. ”We try to involve our clients in seeing for themselves what their customers are going through. A survey in itself is pretty emotionless; it doesn’t draw a strong response for belief. For action to be taken out of research you need to have empathy and understanding of the situation. It doesn’t require at lot, but you have to be willing to go out and be in a real situation and a real environment”. Co-creation Also, companies should not simply commission a study and then wait to have the final report delivered. Rudy Wimmer tells, that CBi China Bridge insist that their client commits one to three days to take part in a workshop, that involves a few key stakeholders from their team. In these workshops they meet users and opinion leaders in the industry. The first step for the company team in the process of understanding the market, says Rudy Wimmer, is to be open, a little transparent and straight forward about what assumptions they have about the marketplace and end–users. Being Chinese does not mean you understand the Chinese market One way that a Western company tries to ensure that it understands what’s going on in China is to have mainly Chinese employees in the subsidiary management. However Rudy Wimmer warns about thinking, that just because employees are Chinese, they understand all of the marketplace and all of the facts there. ”That’s just not realistic, and it’s a misconception that we see over and over again. It’s a very dangerous assumption for leadership to say that if we have a local person working for us, they must understand everything about the market. Like everywhere, it is about the individual person, and this person’s ability to listen to the market and see what’s happening”. Fast forward In Rudy Wimmer’s observation, Chinese companies generally don’t do a lot of traditional market research in the sense that a western company would. A western company will tend to collect lots and lots of data up front and then try to launch the exact right product. The Chinese approach to learning about the market is quite different. A Chinese company will often launch variations of a product and quickly measure their success among customers. Then they will make modifications. The Chinese approach is much faster, less planned and efficient at getting feedback from the market – and there are positives and negatives to this, says Rudy Wimmer. The Chinese have a lot of manpower and access to “in market” production to quickly take an existing product, create a slightly different version of it, and test it in the market. ”Chinese leaders are fast to decide on instinct, they are informed through past experience and they understand the cultural nuances, they are better grounded, and importantly, they don’t have fear of failure, that westerners often have. For the Chinese, it’s all about moving forward as fast as possible – sometimes in an almost innocent and seemingly naive way, yet its not”. Contacts: Eileen Wang Email: Eileen.wang@shcbi.com Tel.: 021 5059 6066 ext. 801 View the full article
  12. On the first week of November, Shanghai will be buzzing with Nordic design and innovations. In a joint effort, the four Nordic Royal Consulates are presenting a programme of seminars and workshops around design, addressing issues such as how design methods can be used as a driver of change and how design processes can help sustainability. The New Nordic Food II programme will be present to highlight the innovative New Nordic cuisine. On the opening night, Swedish chef Tareq Taylor, from the TV series Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery will create a Nordic version of the traditional Asian noodle soup, using sustainably grown vegetables and Norwegian seafood. On the following day, project manager Charlotta Ranert from the New Nordic Food II programme, together with Chef Tareq Taylor, will host a master class on the Nordic kitchen. 200 guests from the media, the catering industry and foodies are invited to a journey through the Nordic larder, with a focus on Norwegian seafood. Later that day, Nordic food meets Nordic men’s fashion in Nordic Fooshion where Danish menswear label Soulland and food designers I’m a Kombo will be pitching innovative food design against one of Scandinavia’s most promising men’s fashion brands. “A cross-creative collaboration between New Nordic Fashion and New Nordic Food makes it possible to showcase that the Nordic countries are frontrunners in both sustainable fashion and food”, says Elisabet Skylare, project manager for Food & Creative Industries, New Nordic Food II programme. The 3rd November is Nordic Fashion Day and New Nordic Fashion, the communications programme under Nordic Fashion Association arranges a whole day around different aspects of the Nordic fashion industry. Danish food designers I’m a Kombo (Lasse Askov and Bo Lindegaard) showcases Control + Coincidence a presentation on food and textile. Nordic taste bites are served during the event. For program and pictures, see the project´s webpage. Further information: Charlotta Ranert, project manager, New Nordic Food II, charlotta@charlottaranert.se Elisabet Skylare, project manager, New Nordic Food II, elisabet@skylare.com Bettina C. Lindfors, Communications advisor, New Nordic Food II, bettina.c.lindfors@gmail.com, +358 (0) 50 599 5244 View the full article
  13. From the enthusiastic response to October 15’s Architect@Work Beijing Pre-Launch Party, Beijing can barely wait for the coming of the capitol’s first Architect@Work edition. Held at UED Magazine’s China Bvilding Center, the party was packed to the gills with leading architects, designers, media and innovative materials companies. Over 180 VIP guests – including Wang Kaifang, China’s 2012 Designer of the Year, and Manuel Valencia, the Spanish Ambassador to Beijing – came to learn more about what defines Architect@Work in a setting that was both stylish and relaxed. Over delicious canapés and glasses of wine, they bonded as a community while buzzing about the main event, to be held December 5 & 6 this year. “Architect@Work is about quality, it is about innovation and it is about education,” pronounced Mr. Miguel Garat, chairman of the Architect@Work Steering Committee. As head of the Steering Committee, Mr. Garat is responsible for leading the team that ensures only the best enters Architect@Work. The Committee vets all exhibitors, only allowing those with truly innovative products to showcase at the event. It also turns its eyes towards visitors, so that quality people can connect with other quality people. Mr. Garat also revealed an exciting keynote speaker in Architect@Work’s upcoming conference: China’s rising star architect Ma Yansong. Mr. Garat’s points were supported by Mr. Hisham Youssef, founding board member of the American Institute of Architect’s Shanghai chapter and a long-time strategic partner of Architect@Work. Mr. Youssef detailed how Architect@Work works closely with its partners, including AIA, the USGBC and the Architectural Society of Shanghai China, to strengthen innovation in the architecture industry. The partners for the Pre-Launch Party, China Bvilding Center and AFG Forster Steel Profiles, underlined this point neatly. Ms. Lou Lou Li, Director of Operations for the China Bvilding Center explained how their venue was a “spiritual home” for architects and designers, with plans to continue offering wonderful programs and seminars into the future. Mr. Weeky Wang, Sales Manager of AFG Forster, enthusiastically gave the audience a sneak peek at their upcoming exhibit, quality steel profiles able to guarantee incredible safety. Finishing with a bang, President of Architect@Work China Thomas Baert, emphasized one of the most important qualities of the event: having fun! “What differentiates Architect@Work from anything you have ever seen is not just the amazing innovations, not just the inspiring conference series… it is also our fun and relaxed atmosphere. On December 5 and 6, you will not only be absorbing the most important knowledge of the industry, you will also be having fun!” The entire party joined him in a toast to Architect@Work. See more photos of the party on our Flickr page! Register now for free entry to Architect@Work Beijing, to be held on December 5 & 6, 2013. Architect@Work Beijing 2013 China International Exhibition Centre Dec. 5&6, 2013 Tel: 021-3251 9822 Website: http://www.architectatwork.cn/ Email: info@architectatwork.cn View the full article
  14. Your design for the coffee revolution Bonaverde is a small, dedicated team of young, sleepless Berliner entrepreneurs that made it their goal to revolutionize the world of coffee. Around 2 years ago, Hans the founder started out with a vision: build the first all-in-one coffee machine in the world that would not only grind and brew, but also ROAST coffee. Now it’s time for implementation. That’s where they need you! What’s so special about it? A number of things. a) Drinking freshly roasted coffee will get you the freshest coffee ever tasted. Drinking freshly roasted coffee will also get you an extremely well-balanced coffee as the beans don’t stand a chance to develop the acidity and bitterness that usually derives from storing. c) Absolutely no waste. Bonaverde’s green beans come in jute bags - no paper, no plastic and certainly no aluminum! d) Last but not least, probably the most groundbreaking thing about roasting your own coffee: You’ll get the raw beans directly from the farmer.You skip what is currently up to 17 steps between the farmer and yourself, and gain complete transparency on your coffee bean’s value chain. And it also means that farmers finally get more for their beans! How far are they now? Bonaverde managed to produce 135 prototypes and had over 15.000 people tasting the coffee and encouraging them to move forward. All that’s missing now is two things: a beautiful machine design as well as enough funding to start serial production. Your call: the double crowdstorm For both things they’re relying on the power of the crowd - specifically the power of the jovoto and the Kickstarter crowd. So we need you to make this very first roast-grind-brew coffee machine an object to long for by creating the most spectacularly simple yet elegant product ever seen in a kitchen. As of November 1st, when the Kickstarter campaign launches, the Early Bird winner (details see below) will be featured on Kickstarter as the machine design that’s most likely going to be produced once they reach the funding goal. So, do your design magic, and if you want your design to become reality or simply want the world’s freshest coffee for yourself, you can also help spread the word to get as many people as possible come to the Kickstarter platform and back or share the machine project. And by the way, we’re talking filter coffee here! Back to the roots - the purest, freshest coffee from scratch. Starting points and Deadlines The coffee revolution starts here, on Oct 10th. You can submit your design by November 7th,and after one week of rating only we will close the project on November 14th and announce the winners shortly. At the same time, the Kickstarter project launches on November 1st. They have 30 days to reach the funding goal, to make this machine design become reality. The contest is open to everyone and free of charge. Head to bonaverde.jovoto.com to get started right away! Prizes waiting for you This revolution comes with pretty prizes, too. The total prize money is 6,000€ split amongst the winners. The Early Bird winner can literally make history by designing the next disruptive innovation that people from all over the world will long for. However not only fame, but also serious financial benefits can come his way: 0.80€ royalties per machine could get him very far once we start serial production. Still, the project is far from being over after you’ve selected the Early Bird Winner - all other Community Winners stand the chance of being licensed and produced if they convince the crowd. Enough talk. Let’s design to change coffee. Join us for the crowd-revolution! Attached Images Ranged Event From: 10 Oct 2013 To: 07 Nov 2013 View the full article
  15. Prof. Marcelo Joulia is founder and design director of Naço Architecture and Architect D.P.L.G. He registered to be Architecture and Urban Planner in early 1990s. He has won international awards such as Venice Biennale of Architecture Design Award, New York Interior Design Golden Award and Amsterdam European Design First Prize. In 1999, he was rewarded by French Ministry of Culture the “Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres”, which enjoys high reputation in Literature and Art Sector. Since the creation of Naco in 1991, Naco opened a Studio in Buenos Aires for all Latin America in 2008 and a Shanghai Studio in 2005. Reference customers include Cité Numérique, Pathé Multiplex, Fnac, Accor Group, Wanda Cinema, Armani, JW Thompson, Kookai, Le Shop, Adidas, France Telecom, Chivas, Cote Cinema, Virgin, Gallery Lafayette, dbh, Giada, Pernod Ricard, Club Med. For more information: www.naco.net Objective The objective of this short workshop is to do an intensive brainstorming and deliver a sample or prototype of the idea at the end of the 2 days. The workshop is an exercise to develop such skills: fast thinking, team brainstorming, experimenting materials, “making” a project in real (no computer files). The brief will be to create something (space, object, installation…) out of 1 material, in a given space. The material and the location will be announced on the first day of workshop. Visit the official site for more info View the full article
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    Aidex 2013

    AidEx 2013 13-14 November 2013, Brussels AidEx is a leading international humanitarian and development aid event held annually in Brussels. It brings together the crucial organisations and companies working in this field, to discuss the efficient and sustainable delivery of aid. Whilst the number and scale of crises has increased - budgets for humanitarian aid sector are shrinking - resulting in traditional donors opening up to the commercial world, seeking new partnerships and assistance from business. AidEx includes a conference, exhibition and programme of practical workshops to help professionals within the community. Over 2,000 professionals from the aid sector will network with peers and engage directly with more than 200 suppliers of essential equipment and services for humanitarian disaster relief and longer-term development aid. There is no other event like AidEx in Europe. For information about the event programme and to register, please visit: http://www.aid-expo.com/' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>http://www.aid-expo.com/ For the latest updates, follow @AidEx2013 and “like” the Facebook page Ranged Event From: 13 Nov 2013 To: 14 Nov 2013 View the full article
  17. Carl Liu will exhibit his 20 years of design work at M50 on October 12 in Shanghai, which is tomorrow! It starts at 19:00. Check the official announcement here in Chinese only Visit his official page HERE View the full article
  18. jovoto and Jever team up to give Harley lovers all over the world the chance to design their very own Harley-Davidson. With Germany’s leading Harley customizers, Jever has designed its own Jever Harley Edition three times already. This time, Jever is teaming up with jovoto to call designers, aficionados, people from all over the world to give it a go and create their own Jever Harley Davidson! If they manage to convince the jury, their design will be produced by the current world champion in motorcycle customizing directly after the voting phase. Designers can submit their design idea in three categories: 1) The roadworthy Jever Harley (needs to be TÜV-compliant and ready to go on the road), 2) the Jever-Harley paint design and 3) the Fantasy Jever Harley (Harleys so crazy, they cannot be produced) Your Jever Harley should reflect the character of the Jever and Harley-Davidson fans. They are uncomplicated and authentic, are rough around the edges but stand by their word. They are real guys but not boasters or posers: and the beer takes its inspiration from the landscape, as does the bike. Winners are chosen by the community as well as the expert jury, consisting of Harley expert and World Champion Motorcycle customizer, Andreas Bergeforth (Thunderbike Harley-Davidson Niederrhein), Moderator Detlef „Det“ Müller (GRIP – Das Motormagazin), singer and entertainer Ski King and Jever Brand Manager Christian van Freeden. The lucky ones will be awarded with prizes of a total 10,000€. What's more, Jever is giving away three customized Jever Harley-Davidson motorbikes. So the more spectacular the Jever Harleys, the better! Design should impress the media just as much as Harley aficionados, and the design process and the subsequent production phase will be followed live by the 30,000 Jever fans on Facebook. At the big castle party in Jever the Jever-Harleys will be presented to the winners of the Jever Harley giveaway - so the actual aim of this challenge is to make these grown men break out in tears of joy! What can you win? The total prize money is 10,000 EUR: 6000 EUR prize money for the Community favorites divided up between 1st and 10th places of the Community ranking. 2000 EUR (incl. license fee) as the main prize for the custom Harley chosen by the jury, which will also be produced. 1000 EUR as a special prize for the Jever Fantasy Harley 1000 EUR as a special prize for the best Jever-Harley paint design The license fee for the licensing of every additional idea is 2000 EUR How can you participate? Simply register at http://jever.jovoto.com/' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>http://jever.jovoto.com/ and start submitting, commenting, rating right away. Registration is free and open to anyone. Attached Images Ranged Event From: 19 Sep 2013 To: 17 Oct 2013 View the full article
  19. Theme: From a Chinese perspective,what is a feeling of luxury? Conference & Workshop Time:8:30 to 17:00 24th Oct, 2013 –Conference 8:30 to 17:00 25th Oct, 2013 -Workshop Location: Shanghai International Design Exchange Center Address: No.1080, Changyang Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China. During two days, our mission will be to explore how the design of products and services can help conveying a feeling of luxury? Participant fees 1) 1 day Conference: 350 Euros 2) 1 day Conference + 1 day Workshop: 700 Euro 3) University 1 day discount ticket: 700 RMB (For Graduate students or university teachers, and Conference Only) Hosts of the Event Design Trend Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Style-Vision, Trend research institution from France. Shanghai International Design Exchange Center Event PR:Product Design Hub Download files (EN) 文件下载 (CN) Download Registration Form View the full article
  20. CAPTURE THE EMOTION (DESIGN COMPETITION, sponsored by www.designsketching.com & www.sketch-a-day.com) Competition arranged by www.facebook.com/CarDesignPage Are you interested in design sketching? Can you capture the essence of words & phrases in a sketch? Well, CarDesign facebook page, the authors of Learning Curves, DesignerTechniques.com & Sketch-A-Day.com have teamed together, to launch a new sketch competition for students entitled ‘Capture The Emotion’. The competition starts on the 16th of September 2013, and runs until the 10th of November, with a winner chosen every week. INTRODUCTION The idea behind the competition is simple, we want you to design a truck (heavy goods vehicle) using keywords to influence your design. We will publish the keywords over an eight week period on www.fb.com/CarDesignPage and each week there will be a different one. All you have to do is design a truck that captures the essence of each keyword. Each week a winner will be chosen, and at the end of the 8 weeks, one of these winners will be chosen to be the overall grand prize winner. Prizes include copies of the book Learning Curves, Sketch-a-Day T-Shirts, a Wacom Pro and the opportunity to have your design folio reviewed by Kristofer Hansen, the head of design at Scania Trucks. As with any competition though the details are important, so be sure to read on to find out how you can be a winner! SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS For full details on the rules and deliverables go to www.DesignerTechniques.com/. To give you a brief overview of them; when submitting your entries remember these important points. Each entry must be submitted as a JPEG 2000 x 1200 pixels in size. You must post your entries to the CarDesign facebook newsfeed that will be accessible from the 16th September 2013. Each entry must contain a side view of your design sketched over the vehicle package available at www.cardesignpage.com/package.pdf or at www.designertechniques.com/. Each entry must also contain a key sketch view of your own choice of your design. (E.g. Front quarter view). In your presentation, include the keyword your truck design is based on. You can use any medium you feel comfortable with; Pencil, Biro, Marker, Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, it’s all good. However, we are not asking you to produce CAD models. We have some cool prizes to give to the weekly and an overall winner so happy sketching! ------------------- 'Capture The Emotion' sponsored by www.designsketching.com & www.sketch-a-day.com ------------------- Download high resolution poster here: http://www.cardesign...rint-poster.jpg ------------------- Ranged Event From: 16 Sep 2013 To: 10 Nov 2013 View the full article
  21. Product designer Jamy Yang, who has more than fifty award-winning projects including Red Dot, iF, G-Mark, IDEA, will put together his first large-scale solo exhibition of works from his 20+ year design career in Shanghai. Exhibiting his design collections and projects, as well as presenting his insights in multiple aspects of design through his new book of the same name, Jamy Yang Design Exploration will be based on time segments and a comparative study on the designer’s own abundant collection of artifacts, like an old-fashioned fan from the beginning of industrial revolution, a lock from QING Dynasty, a radio from 1960s… Date: From Oct 15 until Nov 16, 2013 City: Shanghai Venue: K11 Art Mall: Chi Art Space Address: K11 Art Mall, 1/F, 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu 淮海中路300号1楼, 近黄陂南路 Via CreativeHunt View the full article
  22. To be held at Beijing from September 26 to October 3, 2013, this year’s Beijing Design Week consists of seven main sections, namely the Opening Ceremony, Beijing Design Awards, Theme Exhibitions, Design Forum, Guest City and Beijing Design Fair. Visit the official site here View the full article
  23. A Watershed Moment in India In India, millions of small farmers depend on diesel-powered irrigation pumps to water their crops. But diesel has become a liability: Its price rises every year, making it ever harder to pay for irrigation. In a financial squeeze, farmers are forced to abandon their land and move to city slums to look for other work. At the same time, diesel engine emissions accelerate global warming, and extreme climate events like super floods and mega droughts further threaten farmers’ fragile livelihoods. Pumps powered by clean renewable energy, especially solar pumps, could solve both the economic and environmental dilemma: they don’t emit greenhouse gases, and their fuel is free. But there is currently no pump available that is tailored specifically to the needs of the Indian small farmer, with an unsubsidized price low enough to compete with the diesel pumps and be adopted widely. Your Call To solve this problem, Greenpeace and jovoto are calling designers, tinkerers, inventors, students of all fields from all over the world, to join forces and design a breakthrough design: a renewable energy powered and portable water pump that can provide a viable alternative to diesel-driven ones. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: • Capability: how well does the pump perform compared to existing diesel pumps? How well does it address the current problems (overview here) with renewable energy pumps? • Viability: does the design have broad applicability? Is it easily usable? Does it fit into farmers’ lives and work habits, or will it require education? • Affordability: is the design within reach of farmers without relying on government subsidies? • Feasibility: how close is the design to being a workable product? Does it require additional technological advances or development? Entries should include a sketch or rendering, expected cost, description of operation, expected water flow, and description of portability. There is no entry fee. Eligibility The contest is open to all, professionals and amateur, regardless of age and sex. Quickly register at jovoto and jump right into the challenge. Entrants under 18 years of age require the permission of a parent or guardian. Prize There are four Challenge prizes: an Early Bird Prize, a Jury Prize, a Community Prize, and a Consulting Contract. • Early Bird Prize: Two prizes of 1000 Euros will be awarded to the best ideas, as chosen by the jury and Greenpeace, submitted in the first four weeks of the Challenge. • Jury Prize: A panel of Jury Members will select three Jury Prize winners. In order to guarantee successful implementation, we are looking for solvers that are willing to personally participate in the further development of their solution in India, such as prototyping and in field beta-testing / design iteration, and will pursue, with the help of Greenpeace, the scaling-up and commercialization of their pump in India. If you are not willing / capable to fulfill this, please state on top of your idea description: “not eligible for Jury Prize”. • Community Prize: The Community Prize includes 9000 EUR to be divided among the top 10 ideas as determined by community voting. • Consulting Package: Greenpeace will select one or more Jury Prize winning entries for further development. The submitters of the Entries will receive a consulting contract with the Organizer of up to 5,000 EUR to support development of prototypes and presentation at a Prototyping Workshop in India. Licensing remains tbd between submitter and manufacturer. Ranged Event From: 03 Sep 2013 To: 15 Nov 2013 View the full article
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    Furniture China 2013

    Now in its 19th year, Furniture China is a trade show specializing in all kinds of furniture from international brands. It’s pretty massive, and this year for the first time will also include a bunch of outdoor pavilions. Inside, expect buyers, retailers and brands sharing their wares. Incorporated into the event is Design of Designers, comprising an exhibition by international product and industrial designers, as well as a series of lectures, seminars and workshops. Registration is essential – more details here Via CreativeHunt View the full article
  25. We would like to invite you to New Camel ashtray design contest. Design contest will close 17.9.13. Your designs will be presented to Japan Tobacco Int. (global) and designs who will be selected will receive award 2000€ and designers signature on the ashtray. You have to register on this link inventedfor.com/en/designers/ and in 24 hours you will receive all needed guidelines. Thank you and best regards! Grega Piškur inventedfor.com Ranged Event From: 06 Sep 2013 To: 17 Sep 2013 View the full article

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