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  1. Paper, glass or plastic cups serve as lampshades on the piano lacquer lamp stand of the Cup concept. Since the shades are different in style, pattern and colour, each creates a highly individual light quality. Thanks to the LEDs, the lamp consumes little energy yet promises a long lifespan. Cup concept comes with a charger and power supply unit, so that the lamp is always ready to use. Designed by Andy Wei, Shadow Zhong and Zasu Lin from SSYS Co., Ltd. View the full article
  2. Marking the one-year anniversary of its Huanying (“Welcome”) program, which provides tailored amenities to outbound Chinese guests, today Hilton unveiled a new collaboration with fashion designer Vivienne Tam, a set of limited-edition “Water Dragon” slippers, at an event in New York. Available starting this month, complimentary for guests of Hilton Huanying and for US$28 online while supplies last, the slippers are the latest design collaboration for the prolific Tam, who has previously worked with companies like HP, Li Ning, Square, and most recently Hong Kong’s Hotel Icon. Via Jing Daily View the full article
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    The E-truck is a modern electric pallet truck that stands out because of two characteristics in particular: a compact construction and a strong performance. Both are based on an economic use of resources and materials, which makes the pallet truck more energy efficient and more comfortable to handle than comparable models. Thanks to its size and a weight of only 200 kg, it can be stowed in light trucks and is suitable even for use in the narrow aisles of supermarkets. Designed by Yuanwei Liu & Feiquan Meng from E-P Equipment Co., Ltd. View the full article
  4. “With its huge population, ability to make rapid, far-reaching decisions, and spreading wealth, China’s demand for design and design thinking keeps expanding. We can look forward to being part of it.” Read the article at Design Intelligence View the full article
  5. admin

    Crystal Art Jug Blender

    The jug blender of the Crystal Art series combines an elegant look with a touch control panel. The translucent, robust base accommodates the motor. A striking back light follows the movement of the finger when the blender speed is being set. A 5-step switch with a pulse function provides for easy juice production. The safety inner lock takes up the appealing design language of the lid and the handle. Designed by Hopshing design team View the full article
  6. Dwell Asia did a short Q&A with me about China Design Hub. It’s been published in the current July/August issue. Dwell Asia is the Asian edition of Dwell magazine, one of the leading design and architecture titles in the United States. Dwell Asia’s strength is in identifying and exploring design concepts that are idea-driven, modern, and sensitive to social and physical surroundings, and the magazine inspires its community with smart and thoughtful ideas for modern living. Dwell Asia serves a community of savvy consumers and professionals across China, India and Southeast Asia, who are passionate about design and purposeful in their pursuit of it. Get your copy at Dwell Asia View the full article
  7. China Design Hub is looking for: - Contributors, who are interested in blogging about Chinese design, and want to get exposure through this blog. Each post will link back to your personal profile or site. - A partner who is interested to collaborate and develop this site to the next level. If interested, please use this form to contact me. Kind regards, Waikit Chung, Founder & Editor View the full article
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    Li Naihan

    Hailing from Harbin in 1981, Naihan had moved to Beijing in the mid 80s and spent her childhood amidst the explosion of imported cultural concepts that defined the era. She left Beijing No.4 High School in 1999 to go study in the UK. After a few years studying design and architecture in London’s Bartlett School of Architecture, Naihan returned to Beijing in 2004 and found the city in its most rapid and volatile state of urban development and simultaneous decay. Living with the Crates in an industrial studio space on the edge of Beijing, she introduces furniture as a fashionable, social concept that accommodates the modern and mobile lifestyle we live. Her work poses the question, why not have furniture that represents the way you live? And, why not have fun with it? She does. Visit the site of Naihanli&Co View the full article
  9. “As design plays an increasingly important role in shaping the growth for China, it is important to focus on the larger needs of China. With a population of 1.3 billion, it makes no business sense to only focus on premium.” Download the PDF article at IDEO View the full article
  10. Li Zeng is a young and talented graphic designer, born in Hunan, China 1988. She graduated with a bachelor degree in Visual Communication from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 2010. She is currently a graphic design MFA student in Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). Visit the portfolio of Li Zeng View the full article
  11. SHANGHAI, China – The PodKit Watchâ„¢ + ClipClokâ„¢ are an elegant pocket watch style case for Apple’s iPod nano®, and an analog timepiece module that’s compatible with PodKit Watchâ„¢ and all other nano watch accessories. They’re the latest product designs launching on Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding website. The products’ designer, Simon Kwan, says while existing nano watch kits are popular (he owns several), there are opportunities to make them easier to use with improved versatility and appeal. PodKit Watchâ„¢ key features: • iPod nano® can be easily installed or removed without tools (unlike some popular nano watch bands) • PodKit Watchâ„¢ looks and feels more like jewelry than a gadget accessory, with a variety of available motifs and colors • Front cover fully protects nano’s touchscreen display • Cover release button automatically wakes nano’s display from sleep mode • Headphone jack protected by magnetic cover • It can be chained to clothing and bags • Or worn as a pendant; which is more comfortable than wristwatch kits when using nano’s music player with headphones ClipClokâ„¢ is an analog timepiece module that can replace iPod nano® as a watch on rainy days (nano isn’t waterproof) or when nano is re-charging. ClipClokâ„¢ key features: • Fully compatible with PodKit Watchâ„¢ and all other iPod nano® watch kits • Hardened glass crystal • Functional rear clip • Waterproof to 3 ATM (30 meters / 98 ft) • Quality Japanese quartz movement with date calendar and 5-year battery With this list of features, it’s safe to say that Kwan has carefully studied existing nano watch accessories to develop what he feels is a more comprehensive and elegant solution. He especially focused on designing products he hopes are appealing for both men and women; who Kwan believes have been under appreciated by current nano watch kit designs, “My girlfriend loves her nano, but when she tried wearing one of my nano wristwatch kits, it looked awkwardly large on her and wouldn’t properly fit. Those big watch bands don’t appeal to her feminine style.” The success of other designers on Kickstarter inspired his decision to crowdfund his project. Kwan has only until September 2 for his project to reach its Funding Goal. Both PodKit Watchâ„¢ and ClipClokâ„¢ are priced well below retail for Kickstarter preorders. Will PodKit Watchâ„¢ + ClipClokâ„¢ become the next Kickstarter success story? It all depends on the project’s supporters, known as Backers. To become a Backer or learn more about this project, please visit: http://kck.st/OIMag4'>http://kck.st/OIMag4 About Simon: Simon Kwan is an American-Taiwanese product designer, originally from Quincy, Massachusetts, now based in Shanghai. Over his 15 year career as, first, a mechanical engineer, and now as an industrial designer, he has developed commercially successful products both technical; such as audio systems and go-karts, and beautiful; such as luxury travel amenities, fashion bags, and home décor products. Contact: Simon Kwan E-mail: info@podkitwatch.com Web: http://simonkwan.me Vimeo Video Link: Kickstarter Page: http://kck.st/OIMag4 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PodKit- Watch/386891058036944 Website: http://www.podkitwatch.com/ View the full article
  12. Following her recent Chinese Brides exhibition in Beijing and a relaxing vacation in Morocco, Beijing-based fashion designer Guo Pei (郭 培) is radiant, sporting a thick mane of glossy wine-red hair and looking right at home in a stunning Issey Miyake one-piece dress. Warm and humble, but with a firm tone of voice, Guo is now enjoying the fruits of her labor, with the success and international exposure of her Rose Studio label growing and her pieces finding fans in celebrities like Lady Gaga and Zhang Ziyi. With an innate passion for fashion, Guo has blazed her own path in the Chinese fashion world, developing a one-of-a-kind style that is often emulated but never truly replicated. As Hong Huang wrote this spring in her ChinaFile column for WWD, “If there is Haute Couture in China, it would have to be in the Rose Studio by Guo Pei. But it is nothing like any atelier you have seen in the West.” Read the interview at Jing Daily View the full article
  13. admin

    Shanghai Trend Seminar

    Join dozens of other smart, trend and innovation-minded professionals in Shanghai this August. Don’t miss out! For all of you who enjoy our free monthly Trend Briefings and/or our Premium content, but sometimes just don’t have the time to truly stay on top of everything, here’s a unique chance to soak up all the trends and insights that matter to your business, brand and job, in just half a day. Interested in attending? Shanghai Seminar Program 12:45 Key Consumer Trends, covering 10 mega trends and 20 sub-trends. Presented by Henry Mason (trendwatching.com’s Global Head of Research and Managing Partner) 13:55 Break 14:15 Key Consumer Trends (continued), covering 7 mega trends and 15 sub-trends 15:25 Top 10 Asia-Pacific Consumer Trends, presented by Tara Hirebet (trendwatching.com’s Head of Asia-Pacific) 16:00 Innovation in China, presented by Rainer Wessler (Executive Creative Director, Frog, Shanghai) 16:35 Break 17:00 ‘How to Apply and Profit from Trends’ Workshop 18:00 Mass Mingling & Drinks Please register as soon as possible, as earlier trendwatching.com events all sold out. See you in Shanghai in August! Visit the official site of TrendWatching View the full article
  14. “In a nutshell, the practice of and approach to design in China is quite exceptional in three key regards. First, it is distinguished by a conviction in emulating the best, where creativity is not bereft but folded within the subsequent processes of innovation and local adaptation. Second, design is also about a vision of the whole in which the object or concept designed is situated within a “high-context culture” of interactions. Finally, design is inseparable from (social) relations and the facilitation of those relations, ranging from the personal to the dynamics at the local and national scales.” Read the article at Chinnovate View the full article
  15. admin

    Cu Bedding

    CU bedding represents people’s intimate but unfamiliar daily life of contemporary cities. Public places can become the space for private activities and private spaces can also get into the public domain. CU bedding is such a space creating a unique spatial experience. When going through into the CU bedding, people realize that it is not only minimizing the distance between them but also stimulating them to keep the publicity and their individual independence. CU Bedding [bèi] , let’s play! Full of soft surrounded feeling, you will find the childlike good-quality sleep back! Getting more time to share the growth of the kids make them a happy childhood! Creating a relaxing atmosphere and keeping a close distance make them remember longer! Why not read books so comfortably and flexibly? Sharing the happiness of the family, you will find everybody becoming happier than ever! design time: 2011 designer: Che Fei, Guo Lei design office: CU Pool [CU office] status:complete design office: CU Pool [CU office] length:200cm depth:180cm height:10cm material:High-quality denim/Matte velvet/High-quality velvet Designed by CU-Office View the full article
  16. admin


    YAANG is an independent boutique based in Shanghai and run by designer Wang Yang. She tries to combine the visual impact of Western design with a modern Chinese aesthetic. Wang Yang has previously spent time in Europe, before moving back to China to set up a store in Xintiandi, Shanghai. Below is her range of ‘double happiness’ designs. Via EIGHTSIX.co View the full article
  17. CALLING ON CREATIVES TO DESIGN THE FUTURE TRASH CAN FOR SORTING OUR RESOURCES International idea and co-creation competition for students on the world's first non-profit co-creation platform Join.dk Watch the teaser video 1ST PRIZE € 5000 The average Dane generates about 624 kg. of waste per year. 12% of the daily waste is recycled and as Denmark’s largest waste mangement company, Vestforbrænding, we want to increase this amount. By sorting our trash we can reduce our overall solid waste significantly, and we already have the facilities to start recycling more resources. We know that people are much more inclined to sort their trash if the waste bin is placed close to their house – e.g. in their garage or next to their main entrance door. But having a large waste container just next to your kitchen window easily disrupt the harmony of the citizen’s ideal picture of a home. Recycling starts with sorting our everyday trash and we need your help to make it easier. Enter the contest and show us your version of a user-friendly sorting-can that fits the private Danish household. Visit www.sortyourtrashcan.com for more details and register at the co-creation platform join.dk/#sortyourtrashcan Remember: Upload a brainstorm sketch early and go into the draw for an iPad 3 - being among the first ten, and you are into the draw for €200. Ranged Event From: 28 Jul 2012 To: 28 Oct 2012 View the full article
  18. “Kelly thinks the time is ripe for Ideo to expand its business in China, even though it faces many challenges. Change needs time. We cannot force them to become us; they should be themselves, better and better. Letting clients be themselves includes giving them free rein with their ideas rather than leaving all the thinking to Ideo. We invite them to participate in our research and brainstorming, which usually inspires them to think. At the same time, we always encourage them to build their own innovation team, even though this could be our job. For Ideo this is an important part of the business because if the entrepreneurs in China become more innovative than before, it will be easier for us to expand our business here.” Read the interview at China Daily View the full article
  19. admin

    Insight Shanghai 2012

    The 5th edition of “Insight Shanghai” will take place on September 25nd – 26nd in Shanghai. Theme: Future Female Consumers Conference & Workshop Time:8:30 to 17:00 September 25nd, 2012 –Conference 8:30 to 17:00 September 26nd, 2012 -Workshop Location: Shanghai International Industry Design Center Address: No.3000, Yixian Road. Baoshan. Shanghai. Participant fees 1) Single-Day Pass: RMB 2,000 / 250 euros (1 day Conference) 2) Two-Day Pass: RMB 4,000/500 euros (1 day Conference + 1 day Workshop) 3) Special Single-Day Pass for Universities(RMB 500)For Graduate students or university teachers, and Conference Only Hosts of the Event Design Trend Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Style-Vision, Trend research institution from France. Shanghai International Industry Design Center Event PR: Product Design Hub Please click here for more information and register with this form. View the full article
  20. “In the West, this occupation is well developed,” he says. “If I stayed on there, I could have seen clearly what my career would be like in 20 years. But in China, there are many possibilities.” Read the article at China Daily View the full article
  21. The first flagship store of the Taiwanese ceramics maker Acera will be unveiled on the occasion of its grand opening on July 17th 2012 in Taipei. Acera is a family company based in Taiwan and Shanghai and operating throughout the whole of China. Stemmed from the centuries-old tradition of Taiwanese ceramics, Acera is specialized in home accessories, offering a wide range of one-off pieces as well as a rich catalogue of traditionally decorated mugs. For its first store in the heart of Taipei, Acera has teamed up with the Italy-based design agency, the Hangar Design Group. Clothed in golden leaves and warm colours, the two-storey boutique stands out for its mix of materials: wood, gold leaf, and ceramics are used throughout the store, in patterns echoing traditional Chinese designs in a contemporary interpretation. The final look matches the brand’s style based on colour, tactile sensations and decorations at a crossroads of tradition and modernity. Hangar Design Group is an international creative firm founded in 1980 in Italy by the architects Alberto Bovo and Sandro Manente. Right from the start, the aim of the studio was to gather under one name the various departments dedicated to communications, graphics, retail, industrial design and branding strategies, conveying different disciplines into a unique design approach. Today operating in Europe, Asia and America with four offices (Milan, Venice, Shanghai and New York), Hangar Design Group is a multidisciplinary company with its headquarters in Italy, boasting more than forty people and serving international companies worldwide. Among its clients representing every size and industry, many are top fashion and lifestyle brands, such as Armani Casa, Damiani, Mikimoto, Geox, Safilo, Lotto, Mercedes, Tod’s Group, America’s Cup as well as several others. In May 2012, Hangar Design Group has been assigned by the Chinese Governement together with the Shanghai Expo Group to design the brand image and signage of the Shanghai Italian Center. More recently, the creative firm has also been entrusted with the design of the Assosport exhibition space, hosting all major Italian sportswear brands, at the Olympic village “Casa Italia” on the occasion of the upcoming London Olympics 2012. Architect: Hangar Design Group Client: Acera Location: No.176, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Completion: June 2012 Grand opening: July 17th, 2012 Designed by Hangar Design Group View the full article
  22. admin

    Mellow Condiment Set

    No chef in the world can season a dish to everyone’s taste. That’s why every restaurant has salt and pepper shakers on the tables. If they are arranged in a group with oil and vinegar containers, they form a condiment set. Mellow is a very contemporary version of just such a set consisting of four containers for salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. On first impression, they are inviting to handle, looking as they do like attractive ceramic objects waiting on the table to be used. This first impression is quite correct, because they fit comfortably in the user’s hand like palm stones. Their surface is soft to the touch and the centre of gravity is in just the right place. The Mellow set has a natural look and their moss or lichen-like colouring gives them an organic character. The containers innovative lid leads the way for another sensory experience. A small wooden ellipse at the top end discreetly indicates the condiment opening. A magnet, built into the base, automatically opens the lid when the container is lifted. The resulting opening is just the right size for precisely the amount of seasoning required. The lid shuts the moment that the Mellow container is put down again, thus avoiding any spillage and keeping the contents dry and fresh for a long period of time. Designed by Bewater Studio View the full article
  23. admin

    In China, For China

    “There’s no question—China is a fast-growing medical market. With an aging population, unprecedented government investment, and increasingly affluent and savvy patients consuming healthcare services, the market is ripe. Many companies are clamoring to claim a piece of China’s booming medical market, but they are missing a big part of the picture.” Read the article and watch the video at Worrell View the full article
  24. EDGE Creative Collective illustrator Shao Zi just graduated from Beijing institute of fashion technology, and the following is his latest works for graduation. If you’d like to collaborate with Shao Zi, purchase any of his work, or view his full portfolio, please send us an email: EDGE@Neocha.com For more from Shao Zi on NeochaEDGE, link here. /// Castor Via NeochaEDGE View the full article
  25. “I remember someone once asked on Zhihu.com the question “How did Steve Jobs intuitively known what to do? What to design for and how to design it?” For that, my answer is, I do not believe anyone is born with design intuition but rather this kind of intuition is obtained through >10,000 hours of rational thinking and awareness in a particular subject. This is especially apparent in minimalist design style when most of Chinese have not been exposed to the beauty and aesthetics in simplicity – it’s simply not in the Chinese user’s DNA, yet.” Read the article at TechNode View the full article

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