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    Museum-Bridge In Anren

    Officially named 1966-1976 Major Events Pavilion, this is a museum that houses the artifacts from the Great Cultural Revolution period from Mr. Fan Jianchuan’s collection. Located in the Jianchuan Museum Town in Anren, Sichuan, over a river, the museum building is simultaneously a pedestrian bridge. Therefore, it is nicknamed Museum- Bridge. The design of Museum-Bridge is built upon three observations as following: Socialist Realism The Chinese architectural tradition has to include the design heritage from the 1950’s to 1970’s, when the Soviet-influenced Socialist Realism took the central stage. However, if the ideological semiotic is striped away, the formal language of the said style is classical in essence. Balance, completeness, simplicity, etc. are some of the key values. Since the Museum-Bridge will be where one goes to reflect one of these decades in the early half of the twentieth century, it becomes important if we as architects could construct the continuity of time by offering clues of the architectural manifestations of that historical period. Furthermore, the project evolves into a mission to trace back the development of Western Classicism in China and to see the possibility of carrying on the classical spirit in contemporary design. The observation materializes in the museum per se in the form of a simple volume with a large cantilevered roof. Beauty of Roughness or Brutalist Classicism Yet, the classical principles are questioned through out the design process, for instance, the museum box has no base or foundation as a typical classical building would do but supported on slanted columns. More visibly, the elegance of the Classicism is subverted by the roughness of the concrete surface. As the entire structure is built with concrete by the unskilled local labor force, the result has become a celebration of roughness. Inspired by the work of painter Lucian Freud which engaged a “brutal” realism to confront the humanity of the contemporary man, we wish the “Brutalist Classicist” architecture of the Museum-Bridge may gain an instantly aged appearance that could aid the visitors in search for the meaning of the history. As far as concrete itself, we have come to the realization that the highly refined quality of concrete, as in Japanese architecture, is not the only expression and it is possible to achieve other forms of beauty in concrete. Our motto is: Learning from Brazil. Urban Infrastructural Architecture: We see the bridge as the continuation of the street and our intention is to further blur the boundary between infrastructure, architecture, and city. The bridge is covered by the cantilevered eaves of the museum box to create outdoor architectural space and a stopping point for visitors and passersby, meanwhile the eaves serves as the portal of the museum. The interior of the museum is lit by four sky lights that cut across the ceiling and the exhibition installation is being designed by Mr. Fan. The under-bridge open space will be used for exhibition, tea, and performance and the roof terrace for sculpture display in the future. Project name: 1966-1976 Museum in Anren Location: Anren Township, Dayi County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China Client: Sichuan Anren Jianchuan Cultural Industry Development Co. Ltd. Architect: Atelier Feichang Jianzhu Principles: Yung Ho CHANG Project Architect: Liu Lubin Project team: Wu Xia, Guo Qingmin, Liang Xiaoning, Feng Bo Building area: 2114 sq. meters Building stories: 1 Design period: 2009~2010 Construction period: 2010~2012 Designed by Atelier FCJZ View the full article
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    Zhe Chair

    The concept of the design derives from package which can be found everywhere in daily life. By using a single piece of stainless steel sheet and the simple industrial bending process, the “skin” of the chair was created. The designed structure and the wooden legs give the support to the chair, at the same time the combination of cold/warm materials and the bright color bring out an elegant look of modern design. Designed by Studio KDSZ View the full article
  3. Architecture studio Neri&Hu has opened a design gallery, shop and event space in a former colonial police station in Shanghai’s Jingan district. View the full article
  4. Following-up the 2010 shanghai expo, the ‘power station of art’ is a renovation and expansion project based on the pavilion of future which previously was the nanshi power station built in 1985. Nowadays, the building has become a well-functioning and artistic public platform. Developed by original design studio, the project ceases the station’s magnificent industrial mission in a historically narrative way. The design process lasting for six years has witnessed the building’s transformation from a giant electric machine to a powerful engine promoting culture and art. The accomplishment of the conception would greatly change the inherent structure of the city and country’s art field. The power station of art (for contemporary art), china art palace (for modern traditional art), and shanghai museum (for ancient art) will complement each other and create a more integral structure in exhibition field for shanghai. Via Design Boom View the full article
  5. This project is located at the northwest corner of Mianzhu City in Sichuang Province. The historical site “Zhuge Shuangzhong Temple”, constructed in 1738 A.D., sits closely to the east of the site and it was severely damaged during the earthquake occurred in May 12th, 2008. Fortunately it has completed the protective renovation process. Thus to create a dialogue between the location and the environment is the point of departure in this project, the historical ruins is regarded as a part of the exhibit in the new museum in order to demonstrate our respect to the buildings from the past. Both the new and the old complex were designed together. The new museum consists of four complete squares, carefully arranged so as to echo and achieve balance with the historical site. The museum’s concrete structure represents the idea of “solid” whereas the courtyards of the older site symbolize the opposite: “void”. The new museum’s architectural volume equals to the old temple complex and the vertical heights were also controlled to display a smooth skyline. The highest point of the new museum is the same as the highest ridge of the temple. Plants and local stones were paved to form horizontal cushion zone between the new and the old. It deliberately creates a series of interactive viewing points so that the visitors could have fun experiencing the rhythm between the new and the old, the void and the solid. When it comes to opinions regarding nature and environment, the residents of the Western Sichuan Province firmly believe that man is an integral part of nature. As a result, the local construction materials are mainly wood, lime, flashed brick and grey tile. Also, there are variety ways to construct walls, such as brick wall, puddle wall, stonewall, wooden and weaved walls. The museum’s principle is to prioritize the usage of local material so that the appearance goes well with the surrounding scenery, not to mention its cost-effectiveness. The architectural complex carries a simple yet elegant look, with an effort to bring forward the rustic and minimalistic spirit. The new museum created a brand new image that was drastically from the memory of the catastrophe. Through expressing the local existent beauty and value, as well as utilizing local material, the new and the old parts integrated as a whole and it is becoming a representative part of Mianzhu’s culture and history. To create a promising future with local power, this is precisely the optimal goal the architects were consistently striving for. Designed by SIPDRI View the full article
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    Questions & Answers

    No restrictions at all. Just use your own ways to communicate your thinking and results during your design process.
  7. Desall.com in collaboration with Uniteam, presents the “Injection Design Award 2012”, a co-creation contest. The aim is identifying new and innovative projects of accessories for the office which include the use of injection moulding as production technology and more specifically, the technology patented by Uniteam and called One Shot. The office environment and the way people work has changed: in the same way the objects they need and they use should change. Focus on designing something new, imagine original functions and shapes, rethink existing features. The concepts may be represented with the help of drawings, illustrations, renders, etc. Participation is free of charge and is opened to designers of any nationality and age. Participants can choose to present one or more projects, but only projects published on the web site www.desall.com via the upload page devoted to the “Injection Design Award 2012” contest, will be accepted. First prize: €1250 to the winner of the New Idea phase. GO COMPETE! http://bit.ly/InjectionDesignAward The “One Shot” technology developed by Uniteam-Italia over the years consists in a single moulding phase that enables you to obtain objects composed by different materials, such as plastics, rubber and fabric, in a single moulding process, thus avoiding the use of several moulds and/or several assembling phases (you may find more information about this technology on Desall.com). Attached Files Uniteam-Injection_eng.pdf 114.03K 9 downloads Ranged Event From: 22 Oct 2012 To: 29 Nov 2012 View the full article
  8. Neuer Ideenwettbewerb von Ford Im Rahmen des Ford Ideencontests können Autofahrer ihren ganz persönlichen Fahrzeuginnenraum entwerfen und lukrative Preise gewinnen München, 07. November 2012: Am 06. November startete der Autobauer Ford seinen innovativen Ideenwettbewerb auf www.ford-ideenwettbewerb.de. Auf der Suche nach neuen Ideen bezüglich des PKW-Innenraums, winken den Gewinnern, welche von einer hochrangigen Jury ausgewählt werden und bis zum 18.12.2012 ihre Vorschläge einreichen können, Wert- und Sachpreise im Gesamtwert von 5.250,-€. Im Rahmen des Wettbewerbs suchen wir sowohl Designideen sowie Konzepte, welche die Funktionalität des Interieurs von Fahrzeugen optimieren. Dies können Lösungen sein, die z.B. eine größere Beinfreiheit ohne die Einschränkung von Mitfahrern garantieren, oder das Cockpit modern designen. Eine Idee kann auf jede erdenkliche Weise entworfen werden. Im Mittelpunkt stehen dabei lediglich die freie Ideenverwirklichung und der Spaß dabei. Nach dem Einreichen der Ideen können alle Beiträge kommentiert und diskutiert werden und so bekommt jedes Mitglied wiederum Feedback aus der Community und von Experten zu den eigenen Entwürfen. Durch diese angeregte Diskussion nimmt jeder aktiv am Wettbewerb teil. Das Beste, die Teilnahme funktioniert ganz einfach: Kurz und knapp auf unserer Plattform registrieren, Ideen hochladen und aktiv den Innenraum von Morgen bestimmen (www.ford-ideenwettbewerb.de)! Die Jury, bestehend aus hochrangigen Experten, kürt auf Basis der Community-Beiträge und ihrer Erfahrung die Gewinner, auf welche großartige Preise im Gesamtwert von 5.250,-€ warten. Attached Images Ranged Event From: 07 Nov 2012 To: 18 Dec 2012 View the full article
  9. We proudly present the 7th Design Challenge of Product Design Forums MAIN SPONSOR: Visit our sponsor Welcome to the 7th Design Challenge of Product Design Forums! The purpose of this challenge is to learn from each other, while competing and having fun. Therefore the challenge will be run in a WIP (Work in Progress) format. Subject of the challenge: Design the ultimate 'toolbox' for the product designer or a team of product designers. This 'toolbox' is meant to store tools like markers, pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener, rulers, paper, digital tablet or any other relevant tools for daily use. You are free to define the context of usage. This 'toolbox' does not be like a box Registration: each member of Product Design Forums has the right to participate. Registration is FREE Entry submission: each participant must start an own entry thread/topic within this forum, to show the entry's design development which is open to feedback from members till the 6th of January 2013. If no work in progress thread/topic is shown, the entry will not be entitled for judgment. Reputation points: each member, participating or not, is allowed to provide feedback to all entries' threads. To stimulate feedback, we highly recommend that all members give reputation points to valuable feedback posts of others. The reputation point can be given by the '+' button at the bottom right corner of each post. Find this: Each member can give 3 points within a 24 hours period. Judgment: each member of Product Design Forums is able to give a single vote to a design entry through a poll within this forum from the 7th till the 11th of January 2013. Attention: Each participant who posts at least 5 work-in-progress images during the challenge will get an extra bonus vote at the end. Result: design entry with the most votes and the runner-up will officially be announced on the 14th of January 2013, based on the results of the poll Gold prize: Deqtiq Twin Tip Markers 120 Set Silver prize: Deqtiq Twin Tip Markers 60 Set Bronze prize: Deqtiq Twin Tip Markers 48 Set For more information on the prizes, click here Terms & Conditions: 1. Product Design Forums members and moderators/administrators may enter the competition, though administrators are not eligible for the prize. Membership is free of charge. 2. Each participant member may only start one thread. It is not allowed to create multiple accounts to participate more than once. 3. All work entered in the competition must be original and of your creation. Also, no old work can be entered. 4. Rules and results of the competition are final and not subject to debate. You know the drill. 5. Design property rights remain with the designer, but the designer agrees with the participation that Product Design Forums may use the design for promotional means. 6. Abuse of the poll will not be accepted. You are not allowed to create multiple member accounts to vote more than once. Suspicious behavior will be tracked. 7. Any participant who does not comply with the above conditions will be disqualified from participation. Post your questions in the Q&A thread Check out the previous Design Challenges entries for reference
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    The Prizes

    GOLD PRIZE: Deqtiq Twin Tip Markers 120 Set This set contains a wide range of 120 brand new premium design coloured markers. SILVER PRIZE: Deqtiq Twin Tip Markers 60 Set This set contains a wide range of 60 brand new premium design coloured markers. BRONZE PRIZE: Deqtiq Twin Tip Markers 48 Set This set contains a wide range of 48 brand new premium design coloured markers.
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    Ask4Me Group

    Boukje Koch (a Dutch designer in her 30′s) is this week’s Nicely Made in China’s (NMiC) guest. Boukje landed in Jiangsu province 7 years ago with a Master’s degree in industrial design and another one from the Arnheim dance academy. Today she’s at the helm of the Guangzhou-based Ask4me Group, a design company which not only designs, but also organises the engineering and manufacturing of products for clients from Europe and now, more and more from China. Read the interview at Nicely Made in China View the full article
  12. BUNDSHOP.COM is the world’s first online design shop to feature curated products Designed in China, each available for just 24 hours. The site currently allows preview access for international tastemakers to its first collection of emerging fashion and product designers of China. Starting October 29th, BUNDSHOP.COM aims to redefine the term flash sale by showcasing one design product each day, hand-selected by their team in Shanghai. The perception of China as the world’s low-cost factory is about to be shattered. BUNDSHOP.COM is the first platform to enable global access to designers’ products and stories from the bustling metropolises of Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taipei to the provinces of mainland China. “We kept hearing the same complaint from designers all over China– that their only way to reach the international world were platforms like Ebay or Etsy, nothing customized or branded, no company that actively promoted their design inspirations,” explains local Shanghai cofounder Donnie Yu. So BUNDSHOP’s young team of overseas and local Chinese came together from all over the world to meet Shanghai for one purpose: To build a platform to showcase the talented new generation of Chinese creatives and their independent brands. From Shanghai city-chic fashion designers to Hangzhou product designers modernizing the art of bamboo-weaving, BUNDSHOP’s launch collection is breathtakingly original. “This is the new Chinese Aesthetic,” says Zhoujie Zhang, an emerging design star in Mainland China, whose first collection of hand-welded, hundred-angled mirror chairs sold out within an hour of exhibition at 100%Design London. “I’m excited to collaborate with the BUNDSHOP team and showcase my next collection on BUNDSHOP.” From Shanghai to your doorstep, BUNDSHOP aims to showcase one new product every 24 hours, available for limited-quantity purchase only, redefining the term “flash sale.” “One day, one product. We built our e-commerce model to match the pace of the creative design revolution we’ve discovered in China,” said Diana Tsai, 22 year- old entrepreneur and Bundshop founder. Bundshop has just begun signups for priority access to their first sales collection, available to the general public on October 29th 2012. The BUNDSHOP team has also designed a limited-quantity gift for early sign-ups: A roll of designer toilet paper, each luscious sheet printed with Tang Dynasty porcelain patterns. The emperors of dynastic China would have been delighted to be graced with such creative luxury. A new era is upon us. Visit the official site of Bundshop View the full article
  13. GrabCAD, an online community of over 300,000 mechanical CAD engineers, and Konecranes, world leading group of Lifting Businesses™, have launched an engineering challenge tasking engineers to create a chain wear indicator for chain hoists. The winners will have the opportunity to win cash prizes totaling $6,000. The competition closes on January 15, 2013. For more information or to submist an entry, visit: http://grabcad.com/c...-wear-indicator GrabCAD is the largest online community by and for Mechanical Design Engineers. Whether an engineer is looking to share their talent and designs with the world, a company is looking to crowd-source solutions to their toughest design problems from our membership, or is in need of contracting directly with an engineer for ad-hoc design work in lieu of a full-time hire, or if anyone simply wishes to download from our extensive catalog of free CAD models, GrabCAD brings the power of the web to all mechanical design needs. A GrabCAD Challenge is an open competition offered by a sponsor to our community, with various levels of prizes awarded to the winners as selected by the sponsor's jury. A challenge is an extremely effective way to reduce cost and schedule for design work, as well as to stimulate and re-energize in-house staff. By using crowd-sourcing in sensitive design areas, the massive brain-power of large groups can yield many different nuanced approaches to the same problem. The sponsor has the benefit of harvesting many surprising ideas that can combine to make a vastly superior final product, in either performance or safety, as compared to any small group or individual. More info: Lauri Poldre lauri@grabcad.com phone: (857) 366 6780 GrabCAD.com Ranged Event From: 01 Nov 2012 To: 15 Jan 2013 View the full article
  14. Shanghai-based designer More finished his Chinese typography design “24 Solar Terms”, this series of design started last winter , ended in this late-autumn. More remained his sharp style in “24 Solar Terms”, yet the typography and the certain solar term come great together. Via NeochaEDGE View the full article
  15. admin

    Interview With Carl Liu

    “I found Industrial design by accident when I was fifteen years old. My uncle loved books and he always brought books and foreign magazines. One time he brought a magazine called Design World. I was very attracted by all the pictures and articles in the magazine. One of the articles was written about a design firm in Australia. Designers worked in a bright and spacious modern glass house drawing new stuff what I had never seen it. I pictured myself setting in the room and sketching… My dream started from that moment. ” Read the full interview at EightSix View the full article
  16. Shanghai Fashion Week draws to a close this week, with Jenny Ji’s La Vie closing the event’s 10th anniversary on Wednesday. We made it to a few of the SS13 shows which this year took place in a big white tent in Xintiandi’s Taiping park, the exception being SFW’s opener and star act, Vera Wang, whose models strutted the catwalk over at Shanghai Fashion Hub. Born to Shanghainese parents, the American will open one of her synonymous bridal boutiques in the city by January 2013, and judging by reactions to her show last week, will likely receive a warm reception. We weren’t there, but we know someone who was – check chinesepeopledoyou有style for more on that. Via CreativeHunt View the full article
  17. Following previous collaborations with designers like Jeremy Scott, Manish Arora, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Shanghai’s Uma Wang, artists Keith Haring and Kiki Picasso, and musical artist Moby, the art-obsessed Swiss watchmaker Swatch has rolled out another artsy timepiece — this time with Ji Weiyu and Song Tao of “China’s Hottest Photographic Duo,” Birdhead (鸟头). Via Jing Daily View the full article
  18. Capture Emotions, Capture Consumers – Design for Emotion (LIMITED to 25 SEATS) While the commodities are moving upwards to the ultimate goal of human’s need at self-actualization, the products / services / systems are no longer fulfill the usability aspect only but also the emotional side. How to create commodity that makes people feel “COOL” and then trigger their buying decision? You will learn how to measure and monitor emotion, while it should be made available at the starting line to evaluate the design in M10 Design for Emotion on 1-2 Dec 2012 (Sat-Sun). Dr. Ir. Pieter M. A. Desmet – a co-author & co-editor of book “Design & Emotion Moves” (2008) Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Pieter who is board member of the International Design & Emotion Society and has developed the Product Emotion Measurement Instrument (PrEmo). Next to his teaching position at the TU Delft, he is also a guest professor at the Kolding Design School in Denmark and the Erasmus University in the Netherlands. ENROL NOW!!! Tuition Fee | HK$7,500 per pax (5% off discount for members/staff of supporting organisations) Please advise us of any enrolment by 1 Nov (Thu) and copy in to Mandy Fung of Team IDK (on 3793 8438 / mandy.fung@hkdesigncentre.org) who will liaise / confirm arrangement. Seats will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. View the full article
  19. admin

    Tai Chi Chair

    At the office, most of the time we sit, absorbed by our work, not varying enoughmovements, which causes back problems, blood circulation problems in the legs and stress. After several hours of physical inactivity at the office, the chair Tai chi aims to encourage the user to regain consciousness of his body, thanks to the accomplishment of slow and precise gestures. It invites you to follow a rhythm constituted by a sequence of slow movements that promote energy flow. Inspired by this idea, the chair Tai Chi is designed to enable the worker to integrate a new rhythm at work, which alternates the sitting position, with a period of light physical activity. Materials : Plywood, steel. Model: Jérémy Guénolé Designed by Yuan Yuan View the full article
  20. Radical Design Week 2012 (RDW2012) is a ten-day exposition of Finnish future-oriented design and innovation to be held from October 26-November 4 2012 in Shanghai. RDW2012 is part of two major 2012 design events: Shanghai-D Week 2012 and World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. In addition, it is also part of the EU-China Year of Intercultural Dialogue. RDW2012 invites you to rethink design with radical Finns. In Finland, design is embedded in life — it’s part of the Finnish DNA. RDW2012 showcases inspiring collaborations between Finns and Chinese through a series of over 40 exciting events, thought-provoking workshops, discussions, seminars, tailored events and creatively curated exhibitions. These events bring together the most creative minds in design, architecture, business, culture, education and research to rethink the possibilities for design and to create exciting new opportunities. Ten days of RDW 2012 are themed as follows: Designing the Future (26 October) Design Colours Life (27 October) Finland – Designed for You! (28 October) Lifting Power of Design (29 October) Heavy Metal Design – Welcome to Finnish Design Thinking (30 October) Learning Superpower – NEXT Design (31 October) Design Embedded in Life (1 November) Clean Green Design (2 November) Why Not Together (3 November) Tastes and Sounds of Life (4 November) Visit the official page of Radical Design Week View the full article
  21. admin

    From Brawn To Brain

    So China is not about to hollow out. But if it is to keep growing fast, it must become more innovative. At present Chinese innovation is a mixed bag. There are some outstanding private firms. Frugal engineers at private companies such as Mindray, which makes medical devices, and Huawei, a telecoms giant, are devising technologies that are cheaper and sometimes better than their rich-world equivalents. Read the article at the Economist View the full article
  22. We have asked older people and those with disabilities to make videos of practical problems that they experience around the home. These videos have been uploaded to our website and are also available on our free app. If you are inspired by any of the problems shown in the films, then why not enter our competition? Have a go at designing a novel piece of technology or an invention that you think would solve any of the problems shown in the videos and you could win £5000! The ‘ifOnly’ app can be downloaded from the Apple app store and the Android app market. If you don’t have a smartphone you can still view the video library on our website www.ifonlyitworked.com and for competition details or use the contact details below if you would like more information: Raghav Sharda Email: r.sharda@bath.ac.uk Telephone: 01225 385951 Website: www.ifonlyitworked.com Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ifonlyitworked Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ifonlyitworked Eligibility: This competition is open to all students that are UK residents aged 18 or above. Participants must submit their entries on an individual basis, group entries are not permitted. Attached Files IfOnly banner ad 2.pdf 878.73K 0 downloads Ranged Event From: 01 Nov 2012 To: 01 Feb 2013 View the full article
  23. 100% Design Shanghai is a unique exhibition in China featuring leading brands of contemporary interior design products which are strictly qualified by a Design Advisory Panel. The exhibition showcases original designs of furniture, lighting, bathroom/kitchen and floor/wall coverings and it seeks to create a dynamic atmosphere for the proliferation of innovative and trendsetting ideas. 100% Design Shanghai is the premiere venue for the exhibitors to interact and meet the buying needs of key specifiers and buyers. Visit the official site of 100% Design Shanghai View the full article
  24. admin

    Pumpkin Room

    David Ho of edg Creatives designed a pumpkin shaped brainstorming room and matching partition walls for their office in Beijing, China. Via Contemporist View the full article
  25. Sited in an Eco-farm alongside the Yang Cheng Lake, Kunshan, the project consists of 4 small scale public buildings: a club house, a harvest pavilion, a botanical showroom, and an information center. In the spring of 2012, the harvest pavilion became the first one being completed. The farm is vast, flat, and wide open to sky. Different from the congested vertical massing image of urban life, such an empty flatness of the site is an essential nature that we believe the architecture should respond to. Our design task is to explore how the architecture should be integrated into such a context, to create a new and unique place, however harmonize with nature. The harvest pavilion appears a simple, light, and translucent cuboid, with a horizontal thin plane hovering at the top, flying parallel with the horizon in the distance. The plane, made of pre-fabricated aluminum rods, cantilevers out at 4 sides at various depths. The space below becomes a transition zone from the interior to exterior, and promotes the potential activities because of the pleasant shadow casted by the canopy. The building façade system consists of vertical laminated bamboo louvers, floor-to-ceiling frameless glass panels, and pivoting glass doors. The transparency and lightness of such a material combination visually fuse the building volume with its surrounding landscape, and make the architecture sensitive to light. Under the condition of nice weather, when the pivoting glass doors are all rotated to open, the indoor space is literally stretched out into the farmland. Designed by Vector Architects View the full article

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