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    Job Board Launched

    China Design Hub has just launched our job board that lists design related jobs and resumes from China. All job and resume listings are FREE at the moment and only require a simple registration process All job postings are tweeted to our twitter network Job postings are valid for 30 days ‘Fulltime’, ‘Part-time’, Temporary’, ‘Freelance’ and ‘Internships’ job postings are welcome Job postings in all languages are welcome, but please use an English job title Job postings will be evaluated before published online Unpaid internships are not welcome Check it out HERE or use the menu link at the top right View the full article
  2. Is it going to be a standing kiosk? Most self service kiosks look very similar. Any opportunity to move away from the standing archetype and stand out in a meaningful way?
  3. admin

    Product Improvement Design

    Perhaps you should go to a shopping mall and try out a lots of products and find out what you can improve?
  4. Guizhou Classic Tea Co., Ltd specializes in top-grade Guizhou tea business. With a total tea plantation of 280 hectares, the Company strives to discover tea, liquor and other classic cultural elements of Guizhou and extract these rare elements to improve the added value of Guizhou products and create more Guizhou brands. “Luosike”, one of the tea brand developed by the Company, has been awarded gold medal as early as 1915 in Panama World Expo together with Maotai, a wine brand. However, the brand has merely been recognized in GuizhouProvince due to complicated reasons. Coidea was invited to create a new brand and packing system. They proposed a strategy that rareness means preciousness and the concept that limited handmade supply in small production area. Spirituality and emotional design throughout the project revitalize the once-well-known old brand. The new brand made its debut in the 2007 Beijing Tea Expo, attracting lots of potential clients. Designed by Coidea View the full article
  5. Future Sport Eyewear - Design Challenge Design the next Racing eyewear for Rudy Project Desall in collaboration with Rudy Project® presents "Future Sport Eyewear - Design Challenge", a product design contest. The aim is to design the next sport sunglasses for the Racing eyewear line, created for all the athletes who ask for unicity, performance and style. Rudy Project® is a leading company in the sports eyewear field, specialized in design and production of sunglasses, ski goggles and helmets for the most technical sports. They studied the Racing eyewear line for all the champions and professional athletes who have decided to collaborate and put their trust in Rudy Project®. In addition to the lightness, resistance and safety in case of impact that feature all their sunglasses, this line guarantees an higher visibility of the brand and its values. Participants are asked to design the next Racing sunglasses for Rudy Project®. All the technical requirements, project guidelines and some examples of sunglasses of the Racing eyewear line are available on the contest page. Go compete: des.al/FSEchallenge Eligibility and submission Participation is free of charge and is opened to designers and creative talents of any nationality and age. Participants can choose to present one or more projects, but only projects published on the web site www.desall.com via the upload page devoted to the “Future Sport Eyewear - Design Challenge” will be accepted. Timeline Upload phase: 7th January 2013 at 00:01 - 7th March 2013 at 23:59 Community vote: 8th March 2013 at 00:00 - 12th March 2013 at 23:59 Client vote Award 1st : € 1350,00 "Future Racing Award" The selection of the winner by Rudy Project® will be the result of an unquestionable evaluation and it will take into account originality, project innovation and feasibility and consistency with the brief. Ranged Event From: 19 Dec 2012 To: 07 Mar 2013 View the full article
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    Yi Duo House

    “Yi Duo House” is exhibited in the “Moving Residence Unit” at the 2012 “Get it Louder” exhibition. This unit mainly expresses its concern for questions, such as “whether the house can be built without relying on land resources”, “how people enjoy the natural resources equally in the future”. Via Gooood View the full article
  7. In the 1960s, thermos became a necessity of every family. The iron crust is often with vibrant patterns like peony,dragons and phoenixes. Because these patterns have an auspicious meaning in China, thermoses became the indispensible ornaments for newly married couples. The most typical pattern should be the Double Happiness “囍”,which means two happy events come one after another, brimming with felicific wish. The Fifties and Sixties’ series of double happiness thermos and a whole set combine the form of traditional double happiness thermos and glass craft. They are simple but delicate. Buy this product at the Design360 Shop View the full article
  8. “There are great museums that have great objects and items in their collections relating to Asia but that’s usually with Asia being sort of ‘other’, on the periphery,” Chen told Dezeen. “For us, Asia is in the centre and I think that’s a very different perspective than any other museum has taken.” Read the interview at Dezeen View the full article
  9. admin

    Tony's Farm

    International practice playze has recently finished ‘tony’s farm’ for the biggest organic food farm in shanghai, which produces vegetables and fruits. It is meant to be more than just a place for vegetable production, its vision is to integrate the consumer and therefore promote a natural lifestyle. To link the activities of the working people with the visitors of the farm, the building complex combines the main reception, a lobby, (working also for the future hotel rooms) and a vip area, with the new offices and an existing warehouse, where the fruits and vegetables are packaged. The building provides transparency within the manufacturing process. thus it supports the vision of integrating the visitor and helps to reinforce consumer confidence in their products. at the same time the building design is driven by the concept of sustainability, combined with it’s iconic qualities, it communicates and promotes the core concept of the company. Via Designboom View the full article
  10. admin

    Sketch Rendering Tutorial

    Dear members, I have recently done a quick sketch rendering demo in my company, and I have prepared a step by step screenshots tutorial that I'd like to share here with you all. Basically it is showing what tools and techniques I use to render a quick concept sketch line drawing using the mouse only. No pen tablet is needed, really. The time I spent for this one is around 1 hour, including making the screenshots. In my daily work, I think I must be able to render 8 of these illustrations in one day. They can be used for internal concepts reviews, or even reviewing with the client in the early concept stage. Of course you can spend more time on more details, but for this demo the purpose is to quickly render the basic coloring,shading,lighting and highlights. I have used the Eton Axis radio for this tutorial. This product is absolutely a great object to practice your sketching skills. It has basic geometries like cylinders and boxes. Actually I did a sketch demo for this one too, but I don't think I should cover that, as there are many good sketch demos available online already. By the way, my sketch is not perfect (ellipses are off), but it should be good enough The following 4 Photoshop tools are the most important ones for this particular tutorial: - Layers :separate the different materials/colors - Polygonal lasso + Paint bucket : color large surfaces - Brush : color smaller surface - Dodge + Burn : lighting and shading surfaces All right, so here we go.
  11. Just a few months prior to unveiling its first saloon car developed for China and Europe, new automotive company, Qoros Auto Co. Ltd, shares insights into the design of its future generation of cars. Gert Volker Hildebrand leads the design team in developing the brand’s unique and highly expressive style. The first production representative model, a compact saloon, will be unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show alongside two concept cars that give a glimpse into the future of a b family of Qoros models. Vehicles from the Qoros brand will be developed by an international team of experienced specialists and new, young talent. European automotive industry expertise underpins their creativity and they symbolise the dynamic growth of the modern Chinese metropolis represented by Shanghai. Under the direction of Gert Volker Hildebrand, Executive Director of Design, Qoros designers have developed an individual style characterised by the fresh appearance of this family of new vehicles. Hildebrand runs the Qoros design studios in Munich and Shanghai with unparalleled creative freedom. ”Designing cars is one of the very best jobs in the world. But very few designers have the chance to design the badge first, and then go on to reflect a completely new vision and dream by designing a brand’s first family of cars. This is an exceptional opportunity, and I don’t believe there is anything more exciting for a designer,” says Hildebrand about his work at Qoros. ”We are not subject to the constraints of further developing a fully-fledged style, but rather are in the early stages of moulding our own tradition. It will just follow the new brand philosophy which is also in its infancy.” The three Qoros vehicles will be distinguished by ”desirable elegance” according to Gert Volker Hildebrand. Their unique brand identity and exceptional product quality will be immediately recognisable. Long wheelbases and short bodywork overhangs will form the perfect proportions of these Qoros models. Subtle styling details emphasise the overall featured themes, and will always be functional and remain unobtrusive. Highly individual: proportions and lines of the Qoros design The well-balanced proportions of the first Qoros saloon create an elegant look. Graphical elements highlight its horizontal lines. The light-catching contour from the front headlights to the tail lights makes for a longer profile. The rear door section runs deeply into the C-pillar to provide comfortable entry to the rear seats. The comparatively high front section ensures a highly visible presence and the dynamic contours of the bonnet show that stringent demands have been made in terms of crash safety and the protection of pedestrians. The chassis’ horizontal lines emphasize both the length and width of the first production Qoros. Its relatively high waistline and sloping roof line characterise its dynamic look and underline its solid premium build quality. The headlights and radiator grille are at the same level. The light clusters at the front and rear stretch along the quarter panels. Its sporty lines are also evident here with its wheel arches boldly projecting over the wheels – up to 19-inches in diameter – and the comparatively wide wheel tread. Unmistakable: typical features of the Qoros brand design The Qoros car brand is unmistakable. All vehicles will feature a consistent frontal ‘brand look’. Their proportions and premium materials are distinctive and exude high quality. A vertically slotted radiator grille contrasts beautifully with the front end’s fundamentally horizontal theme. It forms an isosceles trapezoid accentuated by a chrome upper edge. A second chrome bar in the lower air duct continues the theme. The Qoros brand logo is centrally and confidently positioned between the radiator grille and the upper contours. The logo itself was also developed under the leadership of Gert Volker Hildebrand and bears a horizontally elongated, three-dimensional letter Q, which gives the impression of quality. The brand name Qoros is shown in upper case and together with the logo makes up a graphic. ”Our brand logo is a symbol of solidity and confidence,” Hildebrand explains. Even when designing the daytime running lights, Qoros forged its own solution. Broad illuminated LED strips at the top edge of the headlight clusters ensure optimum visibility, which is beneficial to road safety and are a distinctive feature of Qoros models. Similarly, the LED rear lamps feature horizontal illuminated bars. The alloy wheels boast an exclusive design that contributes to the unmistakable, distinctive appearance of Qoros models. The triple spoke design features the brand logo in the wheel centre. The elongated front section is reflected in the horizontally themed dashboard that will feature in all Qoros model interiors. Even here, the layout provides generous proportions and is technically designed to generate a sense of generous space for passengers. The infotainment system – designed by Qoros in-house with a unique integrated touch-screen – not only ensures close communication between driver and vehicle, but, in particular, also between the passengers and the outside world. The extensive features can be intuitively controlled using the centrally located eight-inch colour screen. Devoid of switches, it is controlled by finger movements in an identical way to the latest smartphones. The Qoros design team also created the graphical elements of the multimedia user interfaces, in addition to the display itself. Independent, dynamic, success-oriented: the Qoros company Qoros was founded in 2007 as a joint venture between Chery Automobile, China’s largest independent car manufacturer, and Israel Corporation, a global industrial holding company. It is headed by Chairman and President Guo Qian, and Deputy Chairman Volker Steinwascher, supported by globally-renowned suppliers such as Magna Steyr, TRW, Continental, Bosch, Microsoft and Iconmobile, Qoros develops vehicles with an individual identity and a high level of quality. The headquarters of the company are located in Changshu, a region of high importance for China’s rapidly growing automobile industry. A new state-of-the-art, highly efficient and environmentally-sustainable production facility is currently under construction in Changshu. It will have an initial production capacity of 150,000 vehicles per year, and a maximum capacity of 450,000 units per annum. In the growing Chinese automobile market, Qoros has an exceptional position, with a market presence and product positioning clearly distinguishable from domestic car manufacturers and international joint ventures. The first series production Qoros model – an elegant C-segment saloon – will be shown for the first time in March 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show and again in April 2013 at the Shanghai Motor Show. Thanks to an extensive focus on vehicle safety, it is expected that this first model in the Qoros line-up will be the first China based brand expected to be awarded the maximum five-star ranking in the Euro NCAP crash test. Sales are planned to start in China at the end of 2013, with the first cars arriving in Europe shortly thereafter. Further models will be launched at approximately six month intervals after that as the Qoros range develops into a full family. Details about the first Qoros model will be published just before the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. In the meantime, further information about the Qoros brand, the company and its products is available at www.qorosauto.com. Visit the official site of Qoros View the full article
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    The Lan Xi Curtilage

    Shanghai studio Archi-Union used differently sized bricks to make waves across the exterior of this restaurant and members’ club at a cultural heritage park in Chengdu, China The architects used an algorithm to specify nine different brick types, which were laid by hand to create the wave-like texture across each wall. Via Dezeen View the full article
  13. DeTao Studio Esslinger will organize an open day on Saturday 15th of December, 2012, to meet some designers, leaders and design students. Mr. Hartmut Esslinger will be there to share his design experience with the audience. The mission of Studio Esslinger is to build a sustainable, creative elite community both with Chinese and global talent by educating, training and mentoring our future leaders and entrepreneurs in design and global business. Visit the official site of DeTao Studio Esslinger View the full article
  14. Clever idea! But perhaps not convenient to watch if a ceiling is too high?
  15. China is quickly and fiercely pushing it’s way to become a global leader in many fields, exhibiting new and astounding feats including their newest monument now reaching completion. As the name suggests, the mammoth ‘ring of life’ in fushun is a 157-meter diameter metal ring made using 3,000 tons of steel, illuminated by 12,000 individual LED lights in what will most likely be a very coordinated impressive light show, complete with four elevators to help visitors to the top. the 16-million dollar structure has been recently receiving much attention on social media sites and online publications due to to its function: a site-seeing monument. The project, apart from its absurd use of material and money, raises a more important question about the appropriateness of generic, iconic mega-buildings that lack any specificity to site and offer, as in this case, little to no real social value. Via Designboom View the full article
  16. Sponsored by the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government and endorsed by the Ministry of Commerce, the 6th Guangzhou Design Week, and its parallel event, the Design + Brands Fair (D+B Fair), will kick off on December 7 to 9, 2012, at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. Billed as the most influential and largest annual commercial event in the Chinese design industry, Guangzhou Design Week expects to host a gathering of China’s best design-oriented companies spanning industrial, interior, fashion and graphic design products, innovations in architectural and interior design fields and home/office decor and materials, in over 50,000 square meters of exhibition space. Visit the official site of GDW View the full article
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    Yuanfen~Flow is unique among incubators. It is a collaborative environment of experts from the worlds of art, technology, business and sustainability. Yuanfen~Flow provides an atmosphere where innovative web-based solutions and platforms grow. And where the virtual and the real flow back and forth in a feedback loop of problem-solving and creativity. Yuanfen~Flow funds web-based solutions that combine technology with art. The Yuanfen~Flow environment allows participating business people, technologists and artists to work together in a creative community within Beijing’s 798 art district. Core Values The community at Yuanfen~Flow believes that in order for people and companies to excel, they must work from a foundation of values, and build those values into their corporate DNA. ~ Fairness and Equity ~ Transparency ~ Excellence ~ Innovation and Creativity ~ Trust and Mutual Respect ~ Sustainability ~ Art ~ Free Thinking YUANFEN~ FLOW Yuanfen is a Chinese word generally translated into English as “destiny” or “fate.” Its origins lie in an ancient Taoist concept of the cosmos as fabric with people, time, places, things and events running along the threads of the warp and weft. At the intersection of the weave is where yuanfen occurs. “Flow” is the mental state of an individual fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus; action and self merge into a state of concentration, purpose, and enjoyment. These intangible elements of yuanfen and the Flow provide a framework to nurture the Creative Process in ourselves, our membership community and with our clients. We have sought to manifest this “DNA” in our physical structure for all who enter Yuanfen~Flow Consulting Studio.ing. Visit the official site of Yuanfen Flow View the full article
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    T&t Table

    T&T is the handy small table that can double when you need! T&T is a high design piece you can use to make your house more trendy and stylish. What if you need a bigger surface? The innovative T&T structure makes him able to double: T&T table is made by two small tables and usually one is located inside the other; when you want to invite friends T&T double its surface for your drinks or snack or everything you want. The new and easy design makes T&T suitable for modern rooms. Available in a lot of colors! Designed by Xixi Wang View the full article
  19. This straight-backed armchair has some resemblance to a fauteuil, a style of open-arm chair with a primarily exposed wooden frame that originated in France in the early 18th century. However it is several centuries older than a fauteuil and conveys much more. With its elevated height, it gives a solemn and magnificent impression to whoever sits in it. The traditional furnishing of the central hall of Chinese houses, whether in the quadrangle courtyards of Northern China or in Huizhou style architecture of the Yangtze River basin, presents an air of grandiose and magnificence. The question was whether or not furniture made of transparent materials could convey the same impact in a central hall. After many attempts, July finally made this set of ‘Impressions of a Grand Central Hall’, and fulfilled one of his dreams of replicating the ancient beauty of this setting. Designed by July Chow View the full article
  20. Christmas is just around the corner! The standard tradition is to share gifts – but share designs? That’s the idea behind this Design Challenge. ZW3D wants you to come up with the ideal Christmas Gift. Don’t just make a model of Santa Claus – think of something unique and original. A mechanical Reindeer? A Christmas Tree Star made completely of gears? And for all of your ideas, you will receive a 3DConnexion Mouse and a little prize money to buy those real gifts. Or perhaps get your design 3D printed instead? Prizes will be judged on a variety of criteria, including quality (of course) but also creativity, popularity and ease of manufacturing. To know more info about the contest, please visit http://grabcad.com/c...holiday-edition And please check out also the video: Ranged Event From: 01 Nov 2012 To: 30 Nov 2012 View the full article
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    Global Sustainability Jam

    Hi Marcel, I am not the organizer of that event...
  22. CBi China Bridge has teamed up with Shanghai Design Week to host the Shanghai activities of the 2012 Global Sustainability Jam. This is an event that happens all over the world where designers, artists, architects, sustainability experts, product designers — really anyone with a creative mind and something to say — get together in teams to solve a specific sustainability issue. The issue in question is revealed to the world at the start of the weekend and teams work to devise solutions that could be anything from services to new products, virtual resources or more. If you’re interested in sponsoring or taking part, contact info@shcbi.com or call 5059 6066, ext. 884. Visit Global Sustainability Jam View the full article
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    Fang Lei Graphic Design

    Fang Lei from Wuhan, who we have previously seen on EightSix has created an identity for an annual ceramics competition in China. Using simple ceramic forms as the main graphic component, it is interspersed with Chinese typography to create a well thought out project. Via EightSix.co View the full article
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    Staying Motivated

    Browse through some great portfolios on coroflot or behance that contain some inspiring designs and sketches. That might motivate you.
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    Hugging Root

    Hugging Root, a design by Miracle Hui, Kenneth Hung and Sam Hui, year 2 students of BA(Hons) in Design (Environment & Interior), has recently received “The Most Innovative Use of Space Award” at the Nurturing Interior Design Talents competition organized by The Mira Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Interior Design Association. The competition was organized to provide a platform for future designers to showcase their talent in hotel furniture design. Hugging Root is a furniture design project that demonstrates the most imaginative and interesting interpretation of spatial arrangement. It was selected among the projects from subject SD3531 E&I Design Studio 2.2 earlier in Oct. Special thanks to the teaching team: Horace Pan, Peter Hasdell, Sjoerd Hoekstra and Manfred Yuen. The Hugging Root together with other award-winning projects can now be found on the 3/F of The Mira, Tsimshatsui, until tomorrow (21 Nov), and will then be showcased at the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards gala at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 22 Nov. Via Hong Kong PolyU Design blog View the full article

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