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  1. Nod Young created this “future” letter to give to his past self, separately enclosing puzzlement, blessings, genes, codes, messages and photos, and from these clues and pieces of information “the other Nod Young” can reopen and reorder these revelations from the future, and when he believes that this letter comes from a parallel world, the letter then becomes a mission from the “future”—to “prove the future.” Via NeoChaEdge View the full article
  2. Despite poor reception from previous Chinese automotive brands exhibitions at what is arguably North America’s most influential auto show, the Detroit Auto Show, Chinese carmaker GAC showcases several concepts in Detroit. While Chinese branded car designs have vastly improved in recent years, they still struggle with international acceptance. It doesn’t help that, even at home, Chinese car brands are often overlooked in favor of more established industry leaders from the United States, Europe, Japan, and Korea. Automotive industry experts, J.D. Powers, predicts that China won’t be ready to go head to head with foreign automakers until at least 2020. Read more at The Fiscal Times. View the full article
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    Voting Closed. Winners Announced!

    Congrats to our winners! The grand prize winner is j-drummer ! Our sponsor gave the last vote to mart2010uk who is the 2nd prize winner. 3rd prize winner goes to burnout21 Thank you for participating.
  4. Thank you for participating in this 7th Design Challenge. Also thanks to everyone for giving feedback to the participants. We hope you have enjoyed this Design Challenge! You can now start voting for your favorite entry until the 11th of January 2013.. All entries that have shown development and a design are included in the poll. Entries that only show research work are not included. Click on the member name so see his/her entry. Entries with 5 or more progress images in their thread might receive a bonus vote. The way we do this will be in the end of the voting. If we have a tie, this might sway the score one way or another. The top 3 winners will be announced on the 14th of January 2013,. Feel free to post your comments in this thread.
  5. Hong Kong design gallery, ilivetomorrow, presents Fragment(s), a series of porcelain vases designed exclusively by Julie Progin and Jesse McLin of Latitude 22N for the LIMITEDunLIMITED Editions collection. Located in the Jiangxi province and known as the porcelain city of China, Jingdezhen has a history of over 2000 years in porcelain making. Artist and designers Jesse Mc Lin and Julie Progin have been working there for over four years during which they have established a production studio and developed several porcelain collections for their own brand, for private clients and for special commissions. Julie and Jesse’s investigation of Jingdezhen also lead them around the city where the landscape is undeniably shaped by the ceramic industry with mountains of remains composed mainly of broken molds and porcelain pieces. these residues bring to light the entropy of the processes in ceramic production and revealed themselves to Jesse and Julie as a poetic decay, offering a kind of ‘real-time’ archeology of the city that inspired FRAGMENT(S). at ilivetomorrow G/F 43 Tung Street Sheung Wan, Hong Kong More info at Ilivetomorrow View the full article
  6. Ritchie Chan is the founder of Triple Major, the massively hip Beijing-based design studio and fashion store that recently made the move south to Shanghai’s Shaoxing Lu. As well as own-label items and fabulous collaborations, the shop stocks the likes of Danish talent Henrik Vibskof, British brand Lazy Oaf, Finland’s Daniel Palillo, and closer to home, Beijing’s Digest Design Studio. As designers and retailers, Triple Major has turned heads far and wide, and has already proved a hit with the capital’s creative crowd, showing twice at Beijing Design Week. Read the interview at CreativeHunt View the full article
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    Questions & Answers

    Only when there is a draw, and 5 images should be a progress between different dates.
  8. admin

    Questions & Answers

    Post your questions about this Design Challenge here. Check previous design challenges for reference.
  9. admin

    Voting Closed. Winners Announced!

    All right, thank you for voting. It seems that we do have grand prize winner. But we need to make a decision who is the winner of the silver prize. I'll discuss this with the sponsor and get back to you early next week.
  10. admin

    Hairy Crab Packaging

    This is an interesting packaging design for the popular Chinese hairy crabs season. Designed by Zhu Chao View the full article
  11. While much of the attention paid to China’s emerging young designers tends to lean towards the apparel market, the country’s up-and-coming fine jewelry makers too are showing a keen eye for design. Among the handful of rising stars on the “designed-in-China” high-end jewelry scene is Central Saint Martins-educated, award-winning designer He Fang (何方). Working in 18K gold, Swarovski crystals, silver and white gold, He creates designs both whimsical and classic, with designs inspired by everything from snowflakes to stars. Affordably priced in the 1,100-2,200 yuan (US$177-353) range, He’s pieces — including some exclusives — are available at one of our favorite multi-brand retailers, Dong Liang Studio. Via Jing Daily View the full article
  12. “Injection Design Award” is a design contest made up of 4 development phases. The aim of the first one was identifying new concepts of office accessories which include the use of injection moulding as production technology. The winner was Wave, a desk pad that works as a desk organizer and a mousepad. Now participants have to design the winning idea in a detailed and engineering-related advanced way adopting One Shot as production technology. One Shot is an innovative technology developed by Uniteam-Italy. Compared to the traditional injection moulding process, it allows to produce objects made of different materials and textures in a single moulding phase. Thanks to this patented technology it is possible to avoid assembly work and/or the use of several moulds. More information about One Shot technology and the technical requirements are available in the contest page: Go compete: des.al/InjectionDesignAward Eligibility and submission Participation is free of charge and is opened to designers and creative talents of any nationality and age. Participants can choose to present one or more projects, but only projects published on the web site www.desall.com via the upload page devoted to the “Injection Design Award - Product design” will be accepted. Timeline Upload phase: 20th December 2012 - 20th February 2013 at 23:59 Community vote: 21st February 2013 at 00:00 - 28th February 2013 at 23:59 Client vote: 1st March 2013 - 11th March 2013 (approximately) Award 1st : € 1250,00 "One-Shot Specialist" The selection of the winner by Uniteam will be the result of an unquestionable evaluation and it will take into account originality, project innovation and feasibility and consistency with the brief. Ranged Event From: 20 Dec 2012 To: 20 Feb 2013 View the full article
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    Voting Closed. Winners Announced!

    Oh ok, then lets keep it visible.
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    Voting Closed. Winners Announced!

    I have made the poll result invisible. So you have to wait until the announcement to see the final votes.
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    Chilli Pepper Ale's Toolbox

    (i have included this last post,as it was submitted right after I closed this entry) Finally had some time to finish up some sketches and a quick mockup. Although my final results are still very rough and perhaps not as innovative/modern as other designs, I'm pretty satisfied with my end point and what I learned through this design challenge. Especially given that this was my first attempt at any kind of product design by myself. My final design is a messenger bag style toolbox with a couple of added elements. I decided to go with a messenger bag style because as I mentioned in my previous posts, I'm often on the go and don't bring too many design tools along with me aside from a few essentials. A hardshell or briefcase style toolbox would be a bit too rigid and heavy for my use. I wanted to include a modular element to my toolbox and went with a roll-up bandolier style holder, similar to what I have sketched up below. The messenger bag will come with a few bandoliers, each one a bit different allowing the user to put different items in each one. One main bandolier can hold some essential or favorite tools: pens, pencils, a couple of colors. Another bandolier could hold a larger set of markers or colored pencils, and could be put in or left out of the bag as needed. The bandoliers can be placed in a compartment in the bag and held in place using velcro or some kind of partition. In my bag, shown in the photo below, I would stick the bandoliers in the compartment with the red clip. The second element is the fold up mood board. I came up with a quick preliminary design shown in the sketches below. Basically a board that is able to fold up into the flap of the messenger bag. I came up with two slight different folding methods, and mocked up one on my bag. Sizewise, my mockup was limited by the size of the posterboard I had and didn't come out to the right proportions relative to my bag, but I think you will be able to see the concept that I am going for. My original thought was to lay the pocket of the bag flat and have the flap and attached board standing upright. However, during the mockup I realized that was using up more room than necessary as well the fact that it wouldn't be able to stand up without leaning against something. I decided to stand the bag upright, fold the flap backwards, and have the posterboard held up by the bag itself as a stand. Another problem I came across was keeping the posterboard open and not folding up on itself. For the mockup I used some binder clips to hold up the creases, but I think a more viable solution is definitely needed going foward. Perhaps, a built in snap clip could work? Any suggestions? Also I was thinking the board could be laminated or made of plastic so that it could also be used as a dry erase white board. (Looks like I'm limited in the number of photos I can upload, so I hope nobody minds checking out the photos of my mockup here: http://imgur.com/a/kqYxa ) So there it is! My upgraded messenger bag toolbox design. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, it might not be as innovative or modern as some of the other entries, but I think that my design is an economical and practical tool itself for the product designer on the go. If I had more time I would have liked to continue refining the design as well as refining and doing a better job of laying out my posts. But nonetheless, I really had a good time working on this challenge and look forward to future design challenges. And any feedback would be great! I know my first couple of posts are pretty text heavy, but I tried my best in giving a play by play of my design thinking and process. Thanks everyone for checking out my design!
  16. The question of water dispensers has always been how to differentiate? Realizing the importance of changes in the modern home and consumer preferences, a strategy of minimalism and functionality was opted for. The sleek curved body creates an angled and minimalistic user interface for convenient control and view that earned itself a coveted iF Product Design Award for 2013. Connected to 3M filtration systems, the dispenser provides the user with ambient, cold and hot filtrated water at the touch of a button. The device also has installed a clock, an energy saving function and even a child safety lock. Designed by Speck Design Shanghai View the full article
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    Questions & Answers

    Submissions are closed now. Thank you for partcipating. I will create a poll for voting later today.
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    Questions & Answers

    Well yes, let's say I close this design challenge around 23:59 GMT today 6th of Jan.
  19. admin

    Power Laces Help!

    What are the targeted disabilities? What are their constraints? If the user still can user their feet, then perhaps you can think about a solution in which they can use their feet to tighten the laces. You might think of features in certain parts of the shoe that helps the user to tie or untie. If they cannot user their feet and hands, then you have to think about how to activate that pulley mechanism you have in mind. Try to find non electric solutions first, as they might not be reliable or expensive.
  20. The Tricycle House was designed to address the theme of the 2012 Get It Louder Exhibition ”The People’s Future.” The inability to own land is a fundamental condition in China unique from many western countries. The Tricycle House suggests a future where a the temporary relationship and the public nature between people and the land they occupy is embraced. Single family homes can be affordable and sustainable, parking lots are not wasted at night, and traffic jams are acceptable. The Tricycle House is also an experiment with folded plastic as a construction method. Using a CNC router each piece of the house is cut and scored flat and then folded and welded into shape. The plastic we use, polypropylene, is unique in that it can be folded without losing its strength. The house itself can therefore entirely open up to the outside, expand out like an accordion to increase space, and connect to other houses. The plastic is also translucent ensuring the interior is always well lit whether by the sun during the day or street lamps at night. The Tricycle House is man powered allowing off-the-grid living. Facilities in the house include a sink and stove, a bathtub, a water tank, and furniture that can transform from a bed to a dining table and bench to a bench and counter top. The sink, stove, and bathtub can collapse into the front wall of the house. The Tricycle House is also partnered with a Tricycle Garden. The garden can be planted with not only grass but trees and vegetables. The front of the garden doubles as tricycle seating in order to maximize green space. And several gardens can be combined to form a large public green space. Via Gooood View the full article
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    Questions & Answers

    It's been decided! You can submit your work until January 6. Just a few days left, so keep them coming,
  22. admin

    Questions & Answers

    Tomorrow the 4th of Jan is supposed to be the last day for submission, but I am considering to extend it to the 6th of Jan, so everyone got their last weekend to spend on.
  23. admin

    Teca Studio Roadtrip

    As one of the first UK Design companies to establish ourselves in China the experiences and adventures over the years have been exiting and at times bewildering but always memorable. We first decided to drive ourselves in China after years of scary taxi rides, the crunch came when we were trying to return to Shenzhen from Guangzhou one evening 2009 and found the last train had already left. Stuck at the station at just ten in the evening we only had the choice of a private taxi so took the best price we could negotiate to get back home. This was one of the more dangerous journeys in the back of a clapped out little car with no seatbelts and an inventive view of traffic law. We had both experienced frequent near misses and accidents since moving to Shenzhen in 2004 and it was clearly just a matter of time before one of us came of worse from the terrible driving. This time we made it back home in record time and in one piece but it was no longer fun. We had been talking about getting our own vehicle in China for at least five years but never quite had the courage to do it. Maybe now it was time. Read the full story at Product Design Hub View the full article
  24. “Haier has all the potential to be as well-regarded as LG or Samsung, and in purporting to support the creative industries in China the design press is doing Chinese industrial design a disservice by focusing largely on the kind of art and craft design that is interesting to the few rather than some fantastic consumer product design that will appeal to the many. Perhaps it is time we shift our thinking away from the individual towards the wider design community, and broaden our understanding of Chinese design.” Read the full article at Core77 View the full article
  25. Dear Readers, We wish you all Happy Holidays and a Very Healthy 2013. May God Bless You with a Lots of Love and Peace! Cheers! View the full article

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