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    Popular Science

    yeah thx, but pls post your comments on the right section, it has nothing to do with popular science
  2. That's a nice tutorial for concept artists
  3. admin

    Transportation Futuristics

    Another driving licence to get I hope I can experience that. You think the city would look like as in the movie 'The fifth element'?
  4. admin

    Some toasters illustrations

    I know, it's too long I'm glad it wasnt a final design, just a drawing and rendering exercise
  5. admin


    Well, I am a industrial design student of the Delft University of Technology. I am almost done with my final school projects before starting a graduation project. These days I focus on making this forum a lively place and updating my portfolio. I love designing and watching designs from other designers. So, meet you on the forums!
  6. from: http://netdiver.net Well, we're very happy of course and hope that we can get more of this great promotion!
  7. admin

    My Website

    no problem
  8. admin

    My Website

    ur website is looking good, i think a games section is not a good idea. focus on your profession. and dont make the site too long to scroll, ppl dont like that. ur still welcome here to get critiques if it is product design related. good luck
  9. admin

    Some toasters illustrations

    by the way, those are marker renderings, and the background is photoshopped
  10. admin

    3D visualisation software?

    2 years ago I followed a computervisualisation course, where they taught me to use Maya 4.5. It was an easy to use software, which could render quite well, but not photorealistic. That was my first touch with computermodeling. After 1,5 year, I tried Rhinoceros 2.0 and I was more happy with it, because of its simpleness and speed.

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