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    New Products :)

    Welcome back Mark. Glad to see your success!
  2. Classic ones. Add ground shadows and shading to the object to create more depth.
  3. admin

    Hairy-Egg Photo Studio

    There is a lot of local Chinese Photographers, that appear in to pop out with their aesthetics. The reality of ones, that emerge with a new vision and approach to Fashion and Documentary, seems to moving the borders of a “perfect fashion photo-shooting” to the area of real art. The one that I met was Viko Wu, young Chinese-Canadian photographer that amazed me with a touch of raw reality in the street style photography. Please feel free to check the website: www.hairy-egg.com and her tumblr: www.hairy-egg.tumblr.com. With her co-operation with fashion designer Yutaka Onozawa (Silent Voice) they bring the new level to emerging Shanghai fashion scene. Here is the “Press Release Silent Voice Men SS2013″. View the full article
  4. China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) (CIFF) is committed to build the most valuable trading platform for the furniture industry. It presents the new trend of the industry based on the upstream and downstream industries in the furniture industry chain. The 31st edition of CIFF will be held in China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou in 2 phases on March 18-21 and on March 27-30 respectively. CIFF focus on three phases: Home furniture, home décor and outdoor living, while the Phase II presents innovations in working spaces. Visit the official site of CIFF View the full article
  5. admin

    Timeless Eames

    Timeless and Built to last are the ultimate goals Carl Liu has been pursuing for his designs. Charles Eames (1907-1978) was one of the best and influential furniture designer in America. Eames’s products were functional, aesthetical and ergonomical. Even though most of the designs are over fifty years old, they are still being mass produced all over the world. It is Carl Liu’s tribute to his design idol Charles Eames for reconstructing on his Shell Chair. Stainless steel is a tough material. He chose it to replace the original fiber glass in order to make this classic design even more ” Timeless”. Designed by Carl Liu View the full article
  6. admin

    New Heights Restaurant

    The elegant post-renaissance building, No.3 The Bund, has become a chic Shanghai destination since its recent renovation. The building has been filled with sleek new dining spots such as Jean Georges, Mercato, and Neri & Hu’s striking new top-floor restaurant New Heights. Partners Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, along with their creative team, collectively make up Shanghai-based design firm Neri & Hu Design and Research Office – who elegantly simplified the spaces’ industrial design features to create the lively modern brasserie. The restaurant has 160 degree city views, which can be seen through the frosted glazing or on the L-shaped terrace. Neutral-toned materials such as Terrazzo, wood, and bronze, gives the space a harmonious feel, only small punches of color make their way into the space with bright green columns in the restroom. The restroom, is perhaps one of the more exciting features at New Heights, where floating bronze partitions with large number graphics on the door create the bathroom stalls. Above the playfully designed restroom stalls is a metal-mesh ceiling that gives patrons a glimpse of the pipes and duct work above, which is painted bright green to add another element of depth to the design of the space. Via KNSTRCT View the full article
  7. admin

    Concrete Twist

    It would be easy to make eyes at the recently built Lafayette 148 building in Shantou and not expect much play. To think, however, that it is simply another fashionable façade wrapping a dumb box would be a mistake. The building is not just a fling, and may be a long lasting affair. Completed in 2008 by Mehrdad Hadighi of Studio for Architecture and Tsz Yan Ng, the building houses all of the functions of the Lafayette 148 clothing label and is organized around the flow of production, literally from conception to shipment of the final product. Office and design studios are placed at the top. Each stage of production is stacked on the floors below. The entry level functions as showroom and has the ability to transform into a runway. The building is, however, much more than a diagram of production. Throughout the building the architects deftly carved into the block to allow light to penetrate into the core and even provide exterior spaces that one is able to occupy. These spaces also help to mitigate the use of artificial cooling by drawing hot air from the building. Post-tensioned beams span the entire width of the floors, thus removing any need for interior columns. The result is a truly free plan that accommodates the wide variety of programmatic needs as well as offering bright and open workspaces. It is difficult, however, not to catch yourself staring at that façade. Composed of a series of free flowing concrete fins, the façade flirts with the viewer offering a peek here and there. At night it becomes even more revealing. But is this simply another exercise in the recently fashionable façade wrapping? The Fabric Tower by Atelier Maferdini (Guiyang China, 2008) offers a telling counterpoint. According to Manferdini’s website, the 14,000 square metre housing tower is, “an articulate response to the site’s natural landscape and its minority cultures, expressing a contemporary, progressive, creative, and original vision of local traditions.” Via Domus View the full article
  8. admin

    Brad's Sketchbook

    Impressive thread! Nice artwork
  9. admin

    Bowl's Sketchbook

    Keep it up bowlofnoodle! Certainly not easy to keep sketching and show them here. Work on your perspective and proportions for the car sketches
  10. admin

    How Good Does My Portofolio Have To Be?

    Hi EgyptianDesigner, did you ever reply or comment on other members' posts here? Btw, don't worry about your sketches too much. Everyone can sketch an idea to communicate thinking. I agree with Kovalex27
  11. Designed by Simon Kwan and recently launched by Shanghai based startup, lgcldesigns, the SIMPLcase is a sleek iPhone case that discreetly and safely stores up to 3 SIM cards and the iPhone’s SIM eject tool and also turns any credit card into a kickstand to allow iPhone to be used hands-free. Recently launched on popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, it’s now available for pre-orders starting as low as $12, including free worldwide shipping. SIMPLcase lets you keep your iPhone’s SIM eject tool and spare SIM cards with you when you travel. The card slot lets you use any standard credit card as a stand. The iPhone’s SIM eject tool and spare SIMs are safely and securely held in by a soft rubber insert, but are also easily removed for use. Any credit or membership card can be used as a stand in landscape mode You can also stand SIMPLcase in portrait mode SIMPLcase works – and it looks good doing it Despite the added utility, SIMPLcase adds hardly any noticeable thickness, and keeps your iPhone thin. SIMPLcase adds only 3mm of thickness to the back of the iPhone at the center, but tapers to a mere 1mm at the edges Initially available in white, black, and a very limited Kickstarter grey edition, more colors will become available In what colors would you like to see SIMPLcase? Drop us a line and let us know! View the full article
  12. admin

    Design In A Box - Id / Webdesign Portfolio

    Hi Andreas, First of all, i would consider removing the marker renderings from your portfolio, as they are not as good as your other work. Always show your best work. Secondly, perhaps there is a way to categorize or separate your graphic design work from your product design work. I understand that you made a change in your career/education, but maybe you need to focus in your portfolio. Think abou how you want to present yourself. Anyways, I think it is a great combination of 2 educations that might make you a better designer!
  13. admin

    Chinese New Year Break

    We are enjoying Chinese New Year holidays and will be back after a week. View the full article
  14. http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=event&attach_id=19366" title="GlassHouse-Collection_banner-ext-1.jpg - Size: 25.56K, Downloads: 0"> Re-Craft Design in collaboration with Vetrerie Dal Pian presents Glass House Collection '13, a craft design contest. The aim is to design a furnishings or an interior design product using flat glass and its several processing techniques. http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=event&attach_id=19367" title="Vetrerie-dal-pian-wood-banner-fb.jpg - Size: 40.72K, Downloads: 0"> Vetrerie Dal Pian is a Venetian artisan enterprise, leader in the flat glass working, that has established itself thanks to several prestigious partnerships with national and international brands in the furniture and lighting industries. Almost 50 years after its establishment, it has decided to face a new challenge: creating its own collection of furniture and interior design products. Glass House Collection '13 calls on participants to represent the company identity through this collection, designing unique creations that combine tradition, excellence and innovation. Participants are invited to design a piece of furniture or an interior design product using flat glass as the main production material. The object submitted will have to be consistent with the following guidelines in order to be selected by the client and be part of his five-piece collection: 1. It must be to manufacture it through one or more processing techniques in which Vetrerie Dal Pian is specialized: 2. Participants can use flat glass alone or combined with different materials, either natural (wood, stone, iron, paper, cardboard, etc) or artificial (e.g. plastic); 3. Thickness of a single sheet of glass: 3 – 19 mm; 4. Participants can submit either innovative interpretation of traditional pieces of furniture / interior design products or unpublished concepts related to the contest theme. 5. The project must be feasible, reproducible in a limited series and potentially marketable; 6. The main theme is flat glass and its processing techniques: its technical properties and potentialities should be expressed and highlighted; 7. It will be positively evaluated every project that will mirror Vetrerie Dal Pian’s values: elegance, essentiality and distinctiveness; 8. The target customer has a medium to high spending power, refined taste and he loves to surround himself with design products that mirror his personality. He values handicrafts, excellence and limited series. 9. The project presentation has to include project name, technical drawings and renders. It will be very appreciated if the presentation is completed by a short description of the creative process which lead to the final object. It will be used to create a short story about each piece of the collection. Eligibility and submission Participation is free of charge and is open to designers and creative talents of any nationality and age. Go compete: http://des.al/GlassHouse13 Selection criteria The selection of the winner by Vetrerie Dal Pian will be the result of an unquestionable evaluation and it will take into account originality, innovation, feasibility, presentation and consistency with the brief. If necessary, the client reserves himself to require additional material to some participants before proceeding with the final selection. Award and royalties 1st : € 1000,00 + royalties 2nd : € 500,00 + royalties 3rd : royalties 4th : royalties 5th : royalties Royalties will be assigned to the designers of the selected projects in case of production and commercialization of the five-piece collection. Ranged Event From: 07 Feb 2013 To: 14 Mar 2013 View the full article
  15. admin

    No Strings Attached

    Beautiful and very unique Chinese tea packaging. The name ‘No Strings Attached’ explains everything about the tea bag concept. Designed by ‘No Strings Attached‘ View the full article
  16. admin

    Brass Usb Stick By Then

    Beautiful crafted brass USB stick by THEN. If you are in China and you are interested to support the designers to realize this project, then you can back their project at the crowdfunding platform JUE.SO Designed by THEN View the full article
  17. admin

    Wonderland Lamp

    A lot of Chinese art and literature works are full of imagination. People express their emotion and thinking through poem, drawing and stories. The concept of the design comes from the “Shan-Shui” painting. By extracting the idea and image from the frame, an abstract modern colorful lamp is born. The lighting effect creates an interesting atmosphere which not only decorate the space but also everyday life. Designed by Studio KDSZ View the full article
  18. Or go to the DIY retail shops and buy some samples as a reference. I do believe that most ergonomic dimensions are quite standard for these kind of tools.
  19. With their innovative concept for designing a smart kitchen, four students of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design (PolyU Design) have recently won the Best Design Team Award at the Collaborative Innovation Design Workshop held during the fourth International Art & Design Academic Month organized by Tsinghua University. The PolyU Design team competed against six other teams, which came from Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, School of Design of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology of Taiwan, Department of Industrial Product Design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and other three universities in China. The workshop brief was to design an integrated concept for family kitchen which caters for Chinese lifestyle. The PolyU Design team designed “A Smart Kitchen On-demand”, which is set up to cater for the needs of modern Chinese cooking and dining behaviors. It is designed to enhance the value of the kitchen in a family, providing a platform to communicate, share and show caring. The design provides a solution making kitchen no longer a fixed space at home but part of the living room. The workshop and the fourth International Art & Design Academic Month was held from 10 to 14 December 2012 in Guangzhou, China. Via Hong Kong PolyU Design Blog View the full article
  20. CBi China Bridge will be hosting the world’s largest non-profit innovation event in Service Design – the Global Service Jam, Shanghai Station - a globally organized, 60 country-strong, weekend event where worldwide, teams of professionals co-create real-world solutions in a dynamic environment to share on a global platform. The Jam targets environmentally responsible and effective outreach solutions to trigger socially impactful processes (e.g. paper free voting) products (e.g. reusable emergency housing) and experiences (e.g. indigenous education) to communities in need. A jam is like a fun session of get together so people can play with ideas, just like improvising in a jazz or music jam session. But instead of music, it’s ideas jammers are playing with! Jammers will inevitably bring back rich experiences in design thinking and rapid prototyping, on top of friendships with like-minded people. Mark your calendars and change the world in 48 hours! Spread the word. Support Innovation. Contact Ruby Tsang: ruby.tsang@shcbi.com for registration and Sponsorship/ Partnership details. WHAT IS “GLOBAL JAM”? The bi-annual Global Jam rotates the Sustainability Jam in autumn and the Service Jam early spring. Shanghai’s jam was part of Shanghai Design Week 2012, a UNESCO’s Creative City event that promotes indigenous creative culture. CBi’s passion is facilitate innovation in Shanghai’s professional community and, by the way, have lots of FUN, this time shaking up our brains designing cool service design experiences! View the full article
  21. admin

    Help Making Sketches More Dramatic...

    Did you check out our tutorials in our 2d section?
  22. admin

    Interview With Jinr

    “I don’t think of myself as someone who has done all that much. I look at accomplished people and I’m in awe. I actually think of myself as rather laid-back. What does move me though to the next step is being comfortable with myself. I think of music, for example, as a ladder to the soul, as a way of understanding who we are. Art can lead us to true peace. It can make time stop. As an artist, I’m looking for the moment. It’s the moment which words cannot describe, but I know when I’ve reached it.” Read the interview at GettingHomeDesign View the full article
  23. Hello, We are pleased to inform you of the “2013 Maier S. Coop Colour & Trim Design Competition”. Focussed on vehicle design, this competition is aimed at both professionals and amateurs. This time there are different prizes for both professionals and students. We think it could be interesting for you and we would like to encourage you to take part in this competition. Terms and conditions, in addition to relevant information about the competition, are available at http://www.maierdesign.es The deadline for presenting projects is 25th April 2013. Yours sincerely, The Organising Committee Attached Images Ranged Event From: 14 Jan 2013 To: 25 Apr 2013 View the full article
  24. admin

    Hazardous Air

    Smog in Beijing and in most cities of China has been terrible. China Daily shows the amount of hazardous particles and how it affects everybody. Designed by Guillermo Munro Colosio View the full article
  25. Product Innovation (PI) 2013 is an event at the nexus between R&D, Engineering and IT, providing insight and inspiration into product information creation, development and management. PI 2013 builds on the years of success of the PLM Innovation congress, and brings it together with the exciting developments and applications in CAD, CAE and simulation. Keynote Speaker: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak More Information: www.picongress.com Single Day Event On: 19 Feb 2013 View the full article

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