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  1. Liyang

    Usb Flash Drive With Flash Light

    great idea! love the design as well, but how does the tongue stick out? is there a sliding thing?
  2. Two Formula1 cars and one shouty NASCAR, how to wipe the smile off my face?

  3. Had a nice game of car spotting on the M1.

  4. The eyes of a cat could melt your heart.

  5. 已經記不住上次准時下班是什麽時候了,超煩,丟雷樓某。

  6. spent a long time to cook some salmon but the salmon remained uncooked when i was eating it.

  7. i hate dissertation!

  8. Its snowing!!!!!!!!!

  9. Santa with state of the art technologies, gifts delivered in a military fashion, with a tear droppingly happy ending, Arthur Christmas has to be a must see and is already on my all time favorite list together with Top Gun and Life is Beautiful and Taken and some others.

  10. Had a lovely drive in the morning, and my instructor told me, I quote, 'I can't see any reason why you were failed'.

  11. So I am the only person in the entire screen 5 at Cineworld watching Arthur Christmam.

  12. Milton Keynes on 10th December!

  13. Feeling sleepy and that is extremely annoying!

  14. I wake up every morning with a plan of going to bed early at night, and I finish everyday with planing going to bed early tomorrow.

  15. We were asked to design a 10ml Paul Smith Rose perfume bottle and here is my work,I took the inspiration from the original design of the Rose bottle, please have a look and comment. I used SolidWorks for the model making.
  16. Why am I so useless at drawing? :(

    1. admin


      Keep practicing and you will improve

  17. Forgot to bring my glasses.:-/

  18. RIP my classic Walkman HD5 T_T Thank you for the good time.

  19. Why do people in the western countries care about some coffee bean producers in Africa yet no one seems to be worried about people who make your daily i-products in China have been pain only about 100 pounds a month? Is it because our government kept telling everyone we are rich by throwing loads of money on the Olympics and those idiotic high speed trains which had crushed so every westerner thought we were all rich?

  20. I forget about many things but I do remember the surprise I got when the first time I saw a BeoSound 9000, alone with some other Bang & Olufsen products. Just heard that the man who designed many of those had died. R.I.P David Lewis.

  21. here comes my monthly tooth ache period and it's so bloody annoying! i hate it!

  22. So sleepy now but I guess I need to do more work tonight.

  23. When I grow up, I wanna be a HALO jumper.

  24. It's actually not that cold.


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