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    I am a product designer from the Netherlands and started a blog section where I will share new developments along design and technology, applied to product design. There is now a first article about 3D printing. Upcoming are posts about materials, composites, drones and footwear design. https://designsoulblog.wordpress.com
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    Alias Revolve Tutorial

    Continue tweaking the CV's to try and match the top profile. Now I go in and start tweaking some of the CV's on the rear face to scuplt the back surface. This is where I decide to stop (for times sake) but in a real modelling experiment this is where you can start to evaluate your surface, decide if you like where its going, and if you've messed up too bad just go back to the beginning and start again - the nice part about working quickly is you can rapidly scuplt your surface and if you decide you don't like it starting over only means losing 5 minutes of work. In almost any real world project you'll probably model the same geometry at least half a dozen times, however each time your surface will wind up cleaner because you'll learn where you have too much or not enough geometry for manipulation. It's scupltural objects like this where Alias can really start to shine. Base surface finished and ready for detailing.

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