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  3. Food material packaging is very much related to product flavors. The texture, color and even images of flavors like natural elements dominate high-end food or bakery packagings. Here are few examples for inspiration, created by Packaging Design Services Bizzmanweb. You can also share some inspirations created by you.
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  5. desallcom

    Name the ADV – Call for entries!

    IGPDecaux and Desall invite you to propose new names for a series of advertising products sold by the company, classified by category according to the area they target. In particular, they are looking for a new set of names to identify their own products dedicated to communication and advertising (surface transportation, urban furnishing, subway, etc.), suggesting intuitive, self-explanatory names, easy to remember and to communicate to their own clients. For all the details, you are required to download the Material files available on the contest page. Read all info about the contest at the official page on http://bit.ly/IGPDecauxContest Deadline for submissions: 18th October 2018 Awards: €4000 Participation is free of charge and open to all creative people (at least 18 years old).
  6. Hi guys! My name is Artem Sinitsyn, I am a car designer from Russia. My specialization is the modernization of the exterior of cars (tuning, styling). New aerodynamic body-kit, splitter, spoiler, hood, diffuser, wide body - this is what I am I special about. If you are working on your project, and are wondering how your car should look like in the end, feel free to contact me. My website: artracecardesign.com (from here you can write to me directly in WhatsApp or Telegram) Instagram: instagram.com/artrace Email: artrace1@artrace1.ru I will post my new projects here. I invite everyone to the discussion! What do you think about my projects? Do you have ideas for upgrading your car? Do you have difficulty in imagining how the project will look like in the end? Infiniti QX 70 “Tokyo”. Renegade redesign. Porsche Cayenne JDM style. Bentley Bentayga. New aerodynamic body kit with carbon elements. BMW X5 (G05). - Default - Carbon + ADV1 - Bumpers in the style of BMW M2 + M2 wheels Honda Civic TypeR Artrace Fire styling BMW X6 Mars Edition. New body-kit & wrap
  7. Artrace

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    My car design project, body-kit design for Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Electric version, road version and time attack. What do you think, which of the options is better? www.artracecardesign.com instagram.com/artracecardesign
  8. Hi, I am Linh. Currently, I am doing a project for a competition with topic is "Innovation". I am looking for the needs to innovate iPhone case packagings. Can anyone give good suggestions about what need to innovate the packaging? Or any problems with the packages need to be solved. I saw many iPhone case packages were made with a lot of plastics. Also, mostly all of the packaging were designed with a typical forms. Nothing is distinctively special. Also, I also plan to make a multifunctional package that could turn into an IPhone stand. For some people who prefer to use simple iPhone case, or non-functional (because some with functions look bulky), they could use the package as the stand to hold up their phone. Do you think this is a fine idea? I am still looking for more problems or the needs to innovate the packaging. Hope to receive your suggestions. Thank you for your supports.
  9. Parisa Jourabchi

    Product Personality Design

    Hi dear designers, My friend and I are Industrial Designers. We are conducting a research on "cultural perception of products' forms". We would appreciate your help in answering a few questions for us at: https://goo.gl/forms/JlfSjvgEChIV4N5y1 We will share the results here Prior to anything thanks for your time dedication. :-) Art , Engineering , Design , Industrial , Product , Personality , character , form
  10. Mikhail Luzjanin

    Fanuc-like Industrial Robot

    LINK to the APPLICATION This is the Fanuc-like Industrial Robot demo that I made with Verge3D engine. You can view the 3d directly in the browser, rotate, change color and nozzles and run some it's functions. All interactivity was made without any line of code using only visual logic system of the engine. Soft used: Blender, Substance Painter, Webflow for UI, Gimp and Inkscape for icons and some textures.
  11. Dear product designers, We'd like to develop two products, but could'nt find anything in a more detailed web search on this topic. Our point is that we want to develop a product designed for the Apple Pencil and a product designed for Nintendo DS consoles, but we do not know what it is about licensing or anything like that. Also, what about gadgets for smartwatches or cell phone mounts or charging stations? Could you possibly help us further? Do we have to pay licensing fees to one of the big companies? Kind regards Florian Meise from manugoo
  12. Hey guys, It is interesting to know you opinion. What do you think about that question - How 3D Product Animation Can Increase Your Business Sales?
  13. benjamin Redford

    Desktop vacuum former completed

    Hey all, just (finally) finished the design and manufacture of the FormBox. Would love to know what you guys think of it.
  14. The most important issue of industrial factory design is to carry out the plan complying with the production line. This job needs architects and engineers to study technology line diagram, technical characters of machines, relations and connections of manufacturing industrial products in the factory from raw material input to finishing products. That is a non-stopping and closing process, ensuring right production line, non-far-walking space that wastes labor, not-intersection of internal traffic, or just one way direction production line is the best. Sapporo beer factory construction Industrial factory is often designed as prefabricated steel factory with long span or truss without support in middle. It is called “prefabricated steel factory” because its columns, trusses of steel structure framings had been manufactured and shaped in steel workshop before they are installed and connected at construction site. This method saves the construction time of industrial factory so much, and the factory can be operated as soon as planned. Basing on requirements of production lines, prefabricated steel factory structural design engineers select truss span and column pitch that are optimizations of function and construction cost. Adjusting these two factors of prefabricated steel framing affects construction very much. In some cases, using or not using a column in middle of a steel can make prefabricated steel truss cost change 50%-100%. Prefabricated steel factory design consultancy Industrial factory design are not only to optimize the prefabricated steel framingto reduce the construction cost, but also to design the best solutions of architectural finishing materials and MEP systems to ensure professional standards in manufacturing such as clean room in medicine or HACCP in food industry, seafood,… As requested by selling markets, industrial factory design consultants must study professional standards of those countries. Some well-known and trusted international groups have their own requirements that are higher than common standards and main materials and equipments must be imported from abroad appointed suppliers. Woodpellet factory design consultancy For large scale industrial factory design, architect does not forgetting to design green space, car park, canteen, sport and entertainment areas for factory labors. To arrange these facilities in an limited area of the factory land, which is mostly for factory building, is a creative and challenging work for architect because the design must comply with construction regulations of the industrial park or local authorities. With educated and experienced experts, Song Nam is known as a trusted consultancy company for domestic and foreign investors in design consultancy, construction permit services, site supervision, project management and bidding consultancy for industrial factory, prefabricated steel factory in Vietnam. We carry out the best solutions to save the time and money of the project for investor. =========== Gemini Project Developer Company Limited - Hotline : +(84) 1269 861 168Head Office: 98 Tran Quang Khai Street, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City - Tel: + (84.28) 3848 4995 Email: songnam09@gmail.com Website: http://www.songnam.net
  15. yonisit

    Please help me ASAP

    Hi there! these images are from Maple Story (The popular game), I wanted to know ( I tried to ask a lot of people nobody knows ), What are these mobs designs? Are they pixel art? vertical art (made with illustrator)? made with photoshop? inkscape? Please let me know as soon as you can & if you can direct me to some guides to this specific design tutorial I'd much much appreciate it! :) Thanks so much for even taking your time to read this!
  16. Online education is necessary because most of the time you never go to that place for education where you want to go for study so online education UK Dissertation Help is the best way to educate yourself without any problem and you can give time easily.
  17. Wow, thats great, im never seen nothing like that tsymbals.com/3d-services/product-design/
  18. If you want to found job look here tsymbals.com/architectural-animation/
  19. How strong is IoT industry in job market?
  20. desallcom

    SZIDF 2018 Gadget Design Award

    SIDA, the Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association, and Desall.com, invite the international community of designers to design the official gadget/souvenir for all the attendees of the Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair 2018. This partnership between SIDA and Desall will give the chance to all participants to get in touch with the "Silicon Valley of hardware" - as Shenzhen is often dubbed - and will provide an exclusive opportunity to take part in the largest Industrial Design event in all Asia. The winners will be invited to showcase their works at the event with a free booth, free advertising and other services specified in the brief, equal to about EUR 11,000. The official award ceremony will take place in Shenzhen on the night of November 05th. All travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the organisation. The theme of this-year edition of the fair, "Design drives [knowledge] drives design", will also represent the topic of the award. Participants are thus invited to leverage on the great technological expertise and consumers products tradition of the area and design an electronic gadget/souvenir that will be produced in time for the fair and offered to all attendees, as a portable and easy to carry item for frequent travellers. All projects will be evaluated by a jury consisting of high-level representatives of SIDA and Desall according to several criteria as specified in detail in the brief. Participation is free of charge and open to any age or nationality. Deadline for submissions: September 13th, 2018 Official award page: https://desall.com/Contest/SZIDF-2018-Gadget-Design-Award/Brief
  21. arash jahani

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    HelloYou can see the best skeches in website belowhttp://arashjahani.com/en/home/
  22. arash jahani

    Blow Me!

    Hello You can see design like this in website belowhttp://arashjahani.com/en/home/
  23. arash jahani

    Package Design

    Hello Im a book cover designer please take a look at my website and tell me my issues http://arashjahani.com/en/home/
  24. Lilia1996

    3D Printing

    Our firm was created a few project for 3d printing, company that print our projects always lot of time check project, than they only start to print. They used MakerBot Replicator+ Mini its good to make small detail. And it cost not so much like an analogue
  25. Lilia1996

    Prototyping Company For Designers

    We are 3d Design company. In our portfolio (https://tsymbals.com/portfolio/) you may see many intresting project, but as for me this one the best: This is cutting edge playbag. One of the craziest project on my memory.
  26. https://tsymbals.com/contact/ - contact us
  27. Kwds: Video game 3d modeling, 3d game design Video game 3D modeling has evolved tremendously over the past decade. Today’s graphics intensive games are driven by high detailed models with variables that mimic real-world physics. Three-dimensional 3D models by their very definition are comprised of three dimensions what that means is you can spin the object up and down or around with the ability to see every aspect of it. For instance, in most modern games you can walk around a castle, tree or another character and examine every aspect of it. Modern day video games are a graphics intensive affair. The process is a lot like a city planner and a team of architects designing a conceptual city. 3D game design usually kicks of by defining various shapes of ordinary objects, followed by injecting colors and textures. However, the guts of the game (so to speak) is when the 3d models are placed in the scene. Though before that can happen a team of 3D modelers need to craft a highly realistic 3d model. The most common video game 3d modeling software To create a 3D model, you’ll need to use a modeling software. The good news is that there are many to choose from and the latest versions are a lot easier, with more features, and yet they still require that you understand their ins and outs. Most video game designers or model designers will use any one or a combo of the after-mentioned software: Blender: A lot of today’s video game 3D modeling is done using Blender. One reason for this is that it is open source and free to use. However, it is more complex to learn and relies significantly on keyboard shortcuts as opposed to point and click style modeling. 3Ds Max: Now this one has been around since the early days, and was amongst the first 3D modeling software used by game designers: As a matter of fact, many here atstarted with mastering 3Ds Max. Lightwave: Anyone who is serious about learning 3D modeling and does not want to incur the high costs associated with the software mentioned above can start with Lightwave. Maya: It is by far the most expensive, professional modeling software used by professionals for movie special effects and game development. Though there are scaled down versions too which happen to be more affordable. How we design a 3D model? Now, this is not a comprehensive tutorial on 3D game design or modeling. However, it is a simplified overview of the process followed regardless of the software used. 1. The first step to any model is laying out the skeleton. It is the joints and bones of that model. Though it is not visible when playing a game but they are working in the background just as it is with the human body. 2. The next step is layering the skeleton with a texture-less and colorless skin giving the model a bit of shape. 3. The skin is then colored to provide the model with a more realistic look. We will add things like the clothes, eyes, and a few other variables. 4. Once the model looks the way we want, it is now time to make it behave the way it should. We have to tell the joints how to move. Modeling software saves us a great deal of time with this step by filling in the preliminary details. Conclusion Video game 3d modeling is a process. It takes time to design a detailed model. The more detail you want, the longer it takes. However, it is worth every bit of effort as today’s graphics-intensive games demand a high level of detail. Description: We demystify the secrets behind the software and processes used by 3D design professionals at companies like Tsymbals Design https://tsymbals.com/3d-services/
  28. desallcom

    Lavazza - New vending creativity

    Take part in the new international call for entries launched by Lavazza on Desall.com! Participants from all over the world are invited to create the new graphic design for the Lavazza vending machines, to be installed in any work environment or public space, capable of conveying the Lavazza values and quality in every place. The history of Lavazza is that of a business which, for over 120 years, has pursued a company vision based on passion for work, for the product and the land in which it operates. These values have been ingrained in Lavazza’s DNA since its foundation in 1895, and upheld by four generations of entrepreneurs. Read all info about the contest at the official page on http://bit.ly/LavazzaContest Deadline for submissions: 23rd July 2018 Awards: €5000 Participation is free of charge and open to all creative people (at least 18 years old).
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