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CAPTURE THE EMOTION (DESIGN COMPETITION, sponsored by www.designsketching.com & www.sketch-a-day.com)


Competition arranged by www.facebook.com/CarDesignPage


Are you interested in design sketching? Can you capture the essence of words & phrases in a sketch? Well, CarDesign facebook page, the authors of Learning Curves, DesignerTechniques.com & Sketch-A-Day.com have teamed together, to launch a new sketch competition for students entitled ‘Capture The Emotion’. The competition starts on the 16th of September 2013, and runs until the 10th of November, with a winner chosen every week.



The idea behind the competition is simple, we want you to design a truck (heavy goods vehicle) using keywords to influence your design. We will publish the keywords over an eight week period on www.fb.com/CarDesignPage and each week there will be a different one. All you have to do is design a truck that captures the essence of each keyword. Each week a winner will be chosen, and at the end of the 8 weeks, one of these winners will be chosen to be the overall grand prize winner. Prizes include copies of the book Learning Curves, Sketch-a-Day T-Shirts, a Wacom Pro and the opportunity to have your design folio reviewed by Kristofer Hansen, the head of design at Scania Trucks. As with any competition though the details are important, so be sure to read on to find out how you can be a winner!



For full details on the rules and deliverables go to www.DesignerTechniques.com/. To give you a brief overview of them; when submitting your entries remember these important points. Each entry must be submitted as a JPEG 2000 x 1200 pixels in size. You must post your entries to the CarDesign facebook newsfeed that will be accessible from the 16th September 2013. Each entry must contain a side view of your design sketched over the vehicle package available at www.cardesignpage.com/package.pdf or at www.designertechniques.com/. Each entry must also contain a key sketch view of your own choice of your design. (E.g. Front quarter view). In your presentation, include the keyword your truck design is based on.


You can use any medium you feel comfortable with; Pencil, Biro, Marker, Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, it’s all good. However, we are not asking you to produce CAD models.


We have some cool prizes to give to the weekly and an overall winner so happy sketching!



'Capture The Emotion' sponsored by www.designsketching.com & www.sketch-a-day.com


Download high resolution poster here: http://www.cardesignpage.com/capture-the-emotion-print-poster.jpg




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