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    01 February 2012      01 May 2012

    The objective of this contest is to discover and award the best soccer collectible design work.
    The contest is a supporting event of the ETNO 2012 Soccer Culture Festival, which in turn is a side event of the EURO 2012 Championship, hosted by Poland and Ukraine.
    It is open to any and all professional and amateur designers who produce minor designer pieces, preferably (albeit not necessarily): designer toys, mobile device cases, fingerboards, pop-up books, etc.
    The collectibles may be inspired by Slavic folk culture, although it’s not a requirement. Your work must however relate in an entertaining and clear way to soccer culture and various rituals in which fans and players engage.
    All submitted works will be displayed in May 2012 on the ETNO 2012 website (http://www.etno2012.com) as a virtual gallery. Visitors will then vote for their favorite pieces, as well as have the possibility to purchase them. The awarded works will be displayed in June 2012 as a real-life exhibition at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, situated at a close distance from the stadium at which the EURO 2012 Championship will be concurrently hosted at that time.
    The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2012.
    The contest is organized by Animation Found, a Polish NGO.

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    01 March 2012      31 May 2012

    Reece are looking for the finest bathroom product designers in the country as the esteemed Reece Bathroom Innovation Award officially opens for 2012.
    As one of the most prestigious product design competitions in Australia, the Reece BIA opens doors to international recognition, career launching opportunities and invaluable industry experience. Open to both students and professionals, the Reece BIA’s dedication to the Australian design industry sees local designers compete against the best in their field – with the successful entrants being generously rewarded for their design excellence.The winner of the professional category wins $20,000; student $10,000 and an additional $5,000 is awarded to the institution at which the winning student is enrolled. Now in its seventh year, the BIA has long-term commitment to promoting established and up and coming talent, providing them with acclaim on a global scale, industry accolades and the tools to further their career.
    Entries are now being accepted on
    Winners will be announced at Saturday in Design,
    August, 2012.

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    12 March 2012      15 April 2012

    GrabCAD, an online community of over 120,000 mechanical engineers, has launched a design challenge tasking members to model an urban electric micro vehicle.
    The winning design, as chosen by automotive design experts and speakers at Auto® 2012 Automotive Design Conference (including Frank Stephenson, Design Director, McLaren; Gordon Murray, Gordon Murray Design and SébastienStassin, Kiska) will receive worldwide promotion as well as prizes directly from GrabCAD.
    The urban mobility market is booming. By 2015 thirty million scooters will be sold annually. This niche is so big that manufacturers are starting to create vehicles just for this demographic. Motorcycle companies are experimenting with larger and more feature-filled motorcycles while automotive companies are shrinking their vehicles. These companies are all fighting for the same consumers.
    GrabCAD has created a challenge where engineers can upload concepts in the form of 3d models. For more information or to view submissions, visit: http://grabcad.com/challenges/urban-e-v
    GrabCAD is a community founded by mechanical engineers. It is also a place for engineers to share their talent, expand knowledge, find a dream project and work with tools and features that make life better.
    More info:
    + 1 (857) 366 6780

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