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    19 December 2018 11:00 PM      17 March 2019 11:00 PM

    Desall and Bolton Food invite you to design a new packaging for a line of ready meals by Rio Mare.
    Participation is free of charge and open to creatives of any age or nationality.
    Deadline for submissions: March 18th, 2019
    Official award page: http://bit.ly/RioMareAward
    Award: €3000
    Bolton Food is the Bolton Group company that produces and markets canned fish under the Rio Mare, Palmera and Saupiquet brands. We are an Italian success case history and European leader in the canned tuna market.
    Our mission is to be the leader in sustainable and high quality production of shelf stable canned fished products, thought to make consumers’ life easier and healthier. With this in mind, since 50 years, we produce canned tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerels sold in more than 45 countries worldwide.
    Desall.com is an open innovation platform dedicated to design and innovation, that offers to companies a participatory design tool involving in the creative process an international community coming from all over the world. To date Desall gathers more than 100000 creatives from over 210 countries and has collaborated with international brands like Luxottica, Whirlpool, Electrolux, ALESSI, Enel, Leroy Merlin, KINDER, Barilla, illy, Chicco, Mondadori and many more.
    Thanks for the contamination of different cultural backgrounds and creative industries, the Desall community is able to provide high-quality project solutions for every product development phase requested by the client, from concept to product design, from naming to packaging.

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